Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask Review

Are you going to buy a paintball mask? Then you can read this Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask review article.


Do you desire to own a paintball mask that allows you to see more, breath easily, speak louder and even be able to customize it to your taste? The Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask gives you the opportunity to enjoy all these features in just one mask.

This is a product of Virtue Paintball, a company that has dedicated its resources and personnel for the manufacture of quality and effective paintball mask. Its lens is fog resistant and offer a great field of view and can be easily changed using the Hinge Lock.

The new ear pad ensures the player can hear perfectly mainly ensuring there is no echoing. Not forgetting the great venting feature that allows for massive air flow and proper breathing.

The manufacturer has ensured this mask is perfect and serves its purpose effectively while assuring the player both safety and comfort. You ought to get this mask for your paintball competition and training.

Best for:

  • This product is ideal for paintball players who are in need of a mask that guarantees them both safety and comfort.

Product Features

Let’s see what is included with this mask. Yes, we are going to write features of Virtue VIO paintball mask. Hope you can make your decision final by reading this part.

Fitted with New Ear Pads

Do you need a mask that will take perfect care of your ears while assuring you of intense comfort? The Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask has been fitted with the new ear pads that ensure the ears are safe and the player can easily and perfectly hear.

The ear pads are made of a soft foam and additional porting which help improve the VIOs acoustics. In addition, the strap slot has a variety of strapping options that ensure the mask perfectly fits different head sizes.

It has Several Vents

Do you always run out of breath while wearing that paintball mask? Not any more as the Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask has been fitted with several vents that allow the player to breathe properly.

It also allows for massive airflow throughout the entire face mask for comfort. In addition, the vents allow the player to talk easily for proper communication with other players for better results.

Has A Hinge Lock

Gone are the times when the paintball player had to spend a lot of time to change the lenses. The Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask has been fitted with a hinge lock that makes changing of lens easier and faster hence maximum efficiency.

The manufacturer has ensured that this mask suits the customer specifications. For sure with this mask your safety and comfort is guaranteed.

A Low Profile with Better Protection

Are you in need of a mask that is light but delivers perfectly on safety and comfort? This mask is light in weight ensuring that the player does not get tired while wearing it. The low-profile design ensures the goggle is compact and streamlined.

Through this the player is assured of maximum protection of the ears, face and chin. You ought to get this paintball mask and start enjoying the game without risks of suffering from injuries.

A Dual Material Face Mask

The manufacturer has used a dual material in the making of the interior of this mask. The material is sting-free assuring the player of maximum comfort hence high concentration span is realized for better results.

In addition, it allows for projection of the player’s voice. It also prevents the ears and the face from physical injuries that may be caused by any impact during the game.

Positive & Negative Sides

Now we are going to see the positive and negative sides of this mask. Hope you are so much curious to know about these.


  • It is durable
  • It has changeable lens
  • And of course is fog resistant mask
  • It is scratch free
  • It allows for proper air circulation


  • The hinge lock with time grows loose

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more information? Don’t worry, we have a FAQs section. Hope you loved it.

Q. Is this mask fog resistant?
A. Yes, for efficiency, the manufacturer has chemically treated the lens to be fog resistant for proper vision even in foggy environment.

Q. Can this mask be customized?
A. This mask can be customized to suit the player’s specifications as the face mask, goggle strap, ear pad and vents are removable.

Q. Does this product come with any warranty?
A. This mask comes with a one-year warranty for both the mask and the frame that covers all the risks except for intentional physical damages.

Final Verdict

The manufacturer has detailed this mask with features that make it safe and comfortable. The mask comes with multi-layer foam that ensures the eye s are safe and comfortable. Moreover, the light weight makes it easier for the player to move around while wearing it.

The ear pads ensure that they reduce echo hence the player is able to hear the exact voices correctly. If you prioritize comfort and safety, then this the right masks for you. Hurry and get your piece at an affordable price.

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