Types Of Shower Screen Glass – Type of Glass Shower Door & Glass Type

A shower is one of the most enjoyed moments in a person’s day. But, it would not be enjoyable at all if the glass shower screen got scratched or broken. That’s why shower screen glass is essential in every bathroom for a homeowner. There are various types of shower screen glass available in the market, and each of them has its own unique benefits. So, which type of shower screen glass should you choose for your bathroom? Read on to find out!

What Is Shower Screen Glass?

Shower screen glass is a type of safety glass that is installed in the shower enclosure to prevent water from entering the building through cracks or openings. This can help protect people and property in case of a fire, and it also helps to reduce humidity levels inside the bathroom. Shower screen glasses are available as standard equipment for many new homes, and they come in different styles that suit both large and small bathroom.

Why Shower Screen Glass Used In A Bathroom?

A shower screen glass panel is commonly used in bathrooms. People use glass shower enclosure for several reasons like

a bathroom remodel, elegant bathroom design, and for a unique look. Besides, here are the most obvious five reasons to use it.

  • To prevent water from seeping under the shower screen and flooding the bathroom.
  • To prevent injury from slipping and falling.
  • In addition, to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.
  • By using shower screen glass you can also avoid mosquitoes from breeding in the water.
  • To keep pets and other small creatures from entering the bathroom, people use shower screen glass in a bathroom.

Types Of Shower Screen Glasses

When it comes to shower screen glass, there are basically five types to choose from: anti-fog, impact resistant, polarized, water repellent, and scratch resistant. It’s important to select the right type for your needs.

For example, if you’re a heavy shower user, you’ll need an anti-fog shower screen glass to prevent water droplets from forming on the glass. The thickness of this glass will also affect the price.

Additionally, different types of glass shower screens/ bath screens have different benefits and drawbacks. So, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and preferences when making a purchase. It’s a good choice.

For instance, scratch-resistant shower screen glasses are great for people who are prone to dropping their phones. Once you’ve selected the type of shower screen glass that suits your needs, be sure to keep it clean and protected from scratches!

5 Most Hyped Shower Screen Glasses In Market Now

Many people appreciate the feeling of privacy that a framed shower screen provides while bathing. Shower screens are becoming more popular each year because they offer this type of privacy while still giving you access to water spray. Here are 5 most popular shower screen glasses on the market today:

1. Shark Waterproof LCD Screen TV Glasses

2. The ORBIS Crystal Clear Shower Screens

3. The Streamline HD Shower screen

4. The 3M Privacy Screen Glass

5. The 8×8 Inch HD Waterproof Glass Shower Screen.

Types of Shower Glass Shower Screen

There are a few different types of shower glass available on the market today. The most popular type is clear glass, which gives you an unobstructed view of your shower. Another popular type is frosted glass, which provides privacy while still allowing light to enter the shower. Finally, there is tinted glass, which can provide a bit of privacy while still allowing light to enter the shower.

There are also few more shower glass type in the market. As like as frameless shower screen glass, textured glass shower, pattern glass, low-iron glass, frameless shower enclosures glass, etc.

FAQs About The Types Of Shower Screen Glass

People often ask the following FAQs about types of shower screen glass. Take a quick look at the answers to get additional information.

What type of shower glass is easiest to clean?

Ceramic shower glass requires less cleaning because it does not contain any chemicals and iron particles.

How safe are shower screen glasses?

Shower screen glasses can be dangerous if they break. If a screen breaks, shards of glass may enter the shower and cause injury. Otherwise, it is safe to opt for shower door options.

What is the safest glass for shower doors?

The glass that is used for new shower doors should be tempered glass. Tempered glass is the safest glass to use when showering because it can withstand hits from shower heads and shower tiles in smaller bathrooms too.

Why are some people hesitant to buy shower screen glasses?

Some people are hesitant to buy shower screen glass or the sliding door because they are unsure if the glasses will help them see while showering.

Is it safe to use other materials (like plastic) when building a shower screen instead of glass?

The National Center for Home Safety and Environmental Protection (NCHS) states that shower screens made of other materials, such as plastic, are not as strong as glass and can break.

Bottom Lines

Though looking at the different types of shower screen glass can be overwhelming, we hope that this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the popular option or best choice to buy.

Keep in mind the pros and cons before taking a final decision on which one suits you the best. As for us, we like using standard clear glass whenever we take a shower just because they ensure maximum protection from harmful water splashes and dirt.

If you have further queries regarding the glass shower door, do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time!

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