How Long Do Cordless Drill Batteries Last

When you need to work in the rush world, you need a reliable and powerful battery. The right type of battery can make a huge difference in your work efficiency.

A drill is not a complicated tool to use. You just need to press the power button to start it! But if you need more features, like a driver or an extra battery, then you should look into upgrade versions.

You can get extra batteries for around $5-$10 and some come with drivers as standard. An upgrade can really help your workflow and make you more efficient.

When purchasing a cordless drill, it is important to know the length of the battery that it comes with. The longer the battery, the longer your drill will last.

Battery usage

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When you need to use your drill for a long time, it is important to keep a healthy battery on it. You can do this by having the battery charged when you need to use it the most, and by not using the drill unless it is fully charged.

The average user should keep a fully charged battery on their cordless drill for about an hour before starting a project. This gives the drill enough time to Fullycharge its battery!

Depending on how frequently you use your drill, you may be able to go deeper into your battery life. We suggest having a full day of work time on a freshly charged battery and then having one hour of work time on top of that.

You can also have one less hour of work time per day if you keep an accurate charge on your batteries.

Charging time

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When you pick up your drill, make sure that the battery is charged. You can do this by wrapping a piece of cloth around the battery to hold it snugly in place.

When you take your drill out of the box, make sure that the batteries are fully charged. Dredge up some cash if you have them!

A common problem people have is putting their drill on a charger, then taking it out. This happens when there is a low charge and the battery needs to be recharged.

When you take your drill out of the charger, give it a good charge by briefly charging it on an equipment AC power source (in theory, your house power might work too).

Then put it back on the charger and charge it for about an hour to ensure that it gets a full charge.

Drilling time

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When you run out of battery power, the drill will only turn on and off when you press and hold a button on the top. This is called a down button and it means that the drill is in charge mode.

This is important to know, because if you turn the drill off while it’s still connected to the battery, it will not charge!

Luckily, most brands have a limited amount of charges per battery so you don’t run out of power all at once. Some charges can be purchased as a pack or as time spent drilling into something.

When charging your drill, make sure that you do not overcharge the battery or risk damage to it.

The time taken to complete the project affects the battery life

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When you are working on a very small project, such as drilling a hole, the battery may last less time than when you are constructing a large project such as construction of an entire house.

The smaller projects require fewer charges whereas the larger projects require more. Therefore, it is important to choose the right power tool for your needs.

Power tools come in various sizes and shapes and people with different frame sizes should look for different power tools. Those who need a quick fix should use a smaller tool whereas those who require more precision can use a bigger one.

The correct size power tool is one that you can feel confident in using. If the tool is big or heavy, then you must be able to hold it comfortably while operating the machine. You also want to know if the machine is a corded or cordless one.

Using the battery for something else after the project is finished

how long do cordless drill batteries last

It is recommended that you do not use the battery after the project is complete, even if it still works. This can be difficult when you have a project that requires the battery due to a condition or situation.

When you use your drill with a battery, it drains the battery by continuously being used. You can see this by having had no response from the tool after turning it on and continuing to turn it on and off.

Drainage of the battery occurs when you continue to use your drill in this manner. Since the tool is not holding a charge, you do not have an emergency backup source. This can be important when having to travel with your drill.

If you needed to carry another power source, then this point needs to be made again. The batteries that are designed for this purpose do not hold up well over time due to how often they are used.

Reconditioning batteries

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When your battery is dead, it’s time to get it back into shape. There are two ways to do this. The first is to use a battery acid solution to clean the internal parts of the battery. The second is to use a battery reconditioning kit.

The easiest way to recondition a battery is by using a charger and stovetop treatment together. You would start by connecting the drill’s power source with the charger, then pouring some batter acid onto the top of the cell. You would then cover and leave it overnight, then remove and charge as soon as you take it out of the housing.

The second way to re-condition a battery is using a laptop or desktop computer.

Charging properly

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When you charge a drill battery, make sure that you do it properly. Most people just plug in the battery and leave it for a few hours or days to charge, but this does not work.

When you charge a battery, you need to be able to slide in the top end of the battery. This is the end where the power comes out and where you can slide in a tool.

The top end of the battery must be fully charged before use. This is because when the power goes in, it may not be completely charged and may harm your other tools or yourself if it gets plugged in too long. When using a drill with your hands, this would hurt!

You must take off the batteries when they are fully charged. This is so that they can be stored until needed again.

Using the correct charger for the battery

how long do cordless drill batteries last

When using a standard charger for a battery, it may not be safe to leave the battery connected to the charger longer than necessary. This may result in being Overcharged and/or Undercharged which can cause [?] or [?] – this is a hazardous treatment which can cost more money to try out.

It is important that when using a charger that uses the same type of batteries that they be charged on the same charger method every time. Using different charging methods will result in different charges being given to the batteries.

When using a battery model with unusually long life expectancy, it is important that the user does not use too much of the battery due to not being able to remove it from the circuit.

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