Best Tar Remover for Car Paint in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for a product that can remove the tar from your car? Well, this best tar remover for car paint article is perfect for you. Buildup of stubborn tar from a long ride is really annoying, isn’t it?

All we want is for your convenience. That is why, we make this article to help you seek for the best tar remover for cars.

These top products are carefully chosen among the best from its high reviews.

Features of Tar Remover for Car Paint

Using of tar remover is not choice but a must if you want to have a good looking car same as your look. There are many features of using the product, and here are some:

It Boosts Confidence

When your car doesn’t have tar in its surface, it increased your confidence level. Even if your car is not very expensive as with others, when it is just shiny, without tar or bugs, it looks decent.

On the other hand, even if your car costs millions of dollars, but tars are left in its paint, it will surely look cheap.

Preserves the Beauty of Your Car

When you always consider tar remover products as part of your car’s necessity, you will surely preserve the looks of your car.

Why there are some cars that even if many years already passed still looks good? The way how we take care of it matters most.

Furthermore, like human car has its own needs. It demands for the best way to clean bugs off car and the best way to remove tar from car paint. If it can only just talk, it will surely ask for that care.

Prevents Further Damage

If you will just let the tar stay on the surface of your car for a long time, it will stick permanently. Moreover, when certain reaction happens, it may cause rust in the surface. When rust is already present, it will eventually become bigger are time goes by.

In other words, always consider tar remover as a need before the further damage will demand more funds.

Top 7 Tar Remover for Car Paint Reviews

We want to pamper your car as much as you do. That is why, we choose the top 7 tar remover with its very honest reviews.

1. Bugs N All – All Purpose Bug Remover

This product cleans the surface of your car with its organic ingredients. It releases and neutralizes the organic acids inside it to remove the tar and bug from its surface.

Moreover, this best bug and tar remover uses no harsh chemicals. In other works, its environmental friendly.


  • Easy to spray.
  • No odor.
  • Very concentrated content.


  • Needs a better container.

If you want to have a hassle free cleaning with your car, check Bugs N All. This product not only helps you removing bugs and tar like a magic, you are also preserving the environment because of its environment friendly ingredients.

2. Rust-Oleum Automotive Wax and Tar Remover

This best tar remover for car paint offers an even and mirror-like finish. Moreover, it takes away not only the tar but also wax, road film and grease from your long journey. Its ingredients give your car the best result without ruining the paint on it.


  • Doesn’t smell.
  • Not harmful to car paint.
  • Dries quickly.


  • Not very effective in removing wax from plastic.

If you love to travel, then you find wax and tar in your car as main problems, let this product handle that for you. The best way to remove tar from your car is through using Rust-Oleum Automotive Wax and Tar Remover. Furthermore, aside from applying it very easy, it promises a mirror-like result.

3. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo

This one take away bugs, bird droppings, tar and tree sap safely. Its concentrated ingredients work even in few droppings. One capful of the fluid works with a gallon of water. In other words, you can save much in this product.


  • Does not smell like diesel fuel.
  • Washes off easily.
  • Easy to use.


  • It works well as shampoo not more in tar.

If you are living in an area that causes your car to easily accumulate bird droppings or tree sap, you can check Chemical Car Wash Shampoo. This product takes away the dirt from your car paint.

4. CarPro Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover

This one is made from a specialized formula that is very effective in removing asphalt, bug, adhesive and tar in the surface of your car. Moreover, it protects your car from rust and paint failure caused by other product’s harmful chemicals.


  • Non-hazardous ingredients.
  • Instantly remove tar.
  • No scrubbing needed.


  • A little bit costly.

If you are looking for the best bug remover for car, CarPro Tar X Tar and Adhesive Remover is perfect for you. It helps you remove annoying tar, asphalt, bud and adhesive in your car without ruining the coating of your car.

5. Adam’s Tar & Adhesive Remover

This product quickly dissolves the stubborn sap, tar, grease, adhesive residues or even glue in the surface. Moreover, this best bug and tar remover for cars promises to easily remove vehicle badges, stickers or track marks.


  • Eliminates contaminants easily.
  • Works in less than a minute.
  • Non-damaging to car paint.


  • Extremely Flammable.

The best way to remove adhesive from car paint is using Adam’s Tar & Adhesive Remover. If you are looking for a product that eliminates even the most stubborn tar in your car, do not fail to purchase this one.

6. MILWAUKEE MUSCLE Ceramic Pre-soak Spray

This product contains a powerful mixture that dissolves and breakdown bugs. MILWAUKEE MUSCLE Ceramic Pre-soak Spray offers more than cleaning. On the other hand, this one also prevents damage from the surface of your car. Moreover, this best automotive bug remover keeps your car from rust, spots and ugly marks.


  • Easy to use.
  • Time saving.
  • Shining effect.


  • Works best with fresh tar and grease.

The best way to remove love bugs from car is through using MILWAUKEE MUSCLE Ceramic Pre-soak Spray. Do not let ugly bugs put you into shame. With its easy to use feature, it will surely manage to clean your car even you are in hurry.

7. Mothers Bug & Tar Remover Aerosol

This one neutralizes acidic bug guts including bird droppings. Mothers Bug & Tar Remover Aerosol removes bug and sap problem in your car in no time. Furthermore, this best bug remover for cars reaches the most difficult to reach areas through its foam.


  • Works in less than a minute.
  • No need to scrub just wipe.
  • Doesn’t harm the car paint.


  • Works well in bugs but not so in tar.

If you are seeking for the best way to remove bugs from car, grab Mothers Bug & Tar Remover Aerosol. This product preserves the color of your paint while removing stubborn bugs. With just a spay, then wait for less than a minute, wipe and see the difference.

Buying Guide

If you find it hard to choose what tar remover product you will purchase, we will give you some wise tips to consider. Here are the factors that you should carefully look at before purchasing the tar remover product.


Since we know you want to preserve the beauty of your car, look for the ingredients a product contains. Tar and bug remover need not harsh or harmful ingredients to be effective. Pick a product that will not ruin the color of your paint.

Moreover, enzyme-based products are better since they will not harm the surface of your car. If you want the best way to get bugs off car, go for an organic one.


Of course, we want the best product for our cars. We want the best quality that will effectively meet the needs of our cars. That is why carefully look for the pros reviews of the costumer.

Additionally, do not waste money for a product that is not yet proven to be effective. Always put it in your mind that since you are paying for a product, make sure to pay for the best.


Aside from the quality of the product, you must also consider its price. Best bug removers are anywhere but it must come together with a reasonable price. Always weigh it in your mind whether to pay for an expensive remover but with higher effectivity or settle for a price friendly yet quality is low.

We’re not saying that all expensive products have the highest quality and those with lower cost are not. What we mean is the cost must be reasonable for the quality.


What is your problem at the very first? Is it the tar, the bug or the grease? You must identify what you want to remove from the paint of your car. It is the same as with the idea of buying a medicine when you have illness. You need to identify first the kind of illness so that you can purchase the best medicine to cure.

Even though there are tar removers that also takes off bugs, a product has its own specialty, or shall we say an excellent feature. In other words, if your problem is the tar, look for product that is really excellent in removing tar. Do not expect that it will also get rid of bugs. Be very specific.

Shelf life

You should also consider how long will the product likely to last. By that, you can conclude whether the product worth the money that you spent. It doesn’t mean that bigger bottle last longer all the time.

Additionally, there are products that are highly concentrated and need to be diluted in water, so little amount of the product is only needed. This gives as an idea that some concentrated products may somehow last.

Time it Takes Effect

We surely want a product that only needs a little time to see the result. Choose those products that will go with your hectic schedule.

There are tar removers that will take less than a minute to take effect. You will just apply or spray the product and leave it for a minute or less then wipe.


How frequent you use the tar remover? You need to ask yourself that question so that you can decide how many products you will purchase.

Moreover, some products offer discounts when bought in bulk. If you want to save that much, do not forget to buy in volume.

Tar Remover for Car Paint FAQs

Maybe you have your questions in your mind this time. That is why, we prepare possible frequently asked questions with its answer hoping to make things clearer to you.

Q1: How often will I use tar and bug remover in my car?

Answer: You can apply that product in your car when you can see bugs and tar on its surface.

Q2: Does tar and bug remover damage paint?

Answer: There are tar and bug remover products that can damage your car’s paint because some uses harsh chemicals. Check for the contents of the product.

Q3: What fabric will I use to wipe the car after applying tar remover?

Answer: Microfiber is the most advisable kind of fabric in wiping your car. It will not scratch the surface.

Q4: Where will I store my tar and bug remover?

Answer: Store your tar and bug remover in a place that is not that hot. Some products evaporate easily when the place is warm.

Q5: Is it okay to use ordinary towel in pair with tar remover?

Answer: As long as the texture of the fabric is soft, it is safe to use.

Q6: Can I use tar remover in my car’s mirror?

Answer: Actually most tar removers are also effective with mirrors since both have shiny surface.

 Q7: Is it safe to place tar and bug remover inside my car?

Answer: Not all. Some tar remover products are highly flammable. If the machines inside increases temperature, it may put your life in danger.

Final Verdict

Grab a tar remover you think is best for you. We want to see you with your shiny and flawless car. You deserve the best that is why we carefully choose the promising tar remover just for you.

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