Makeup For Close Set Eyes

Very few things are worth trying if you have very long or very short eyes, respectively. Longer eyes can be tricky as well, because when looking at distance, one eye may look longer than the other. But there are ways to make a more immediate fix for this!

One way to make close set eyes more noticeable is to apply more eye makeup such as eyeliner and mascara just a little bit thicker than normal. When applied slightly heavier and blended well, this can look like longer eyes. Just remember to not overdo it or it will not look like real long eyes.

Another way to make close set eyes appear thicker is use heavier eyeliner and/or less mascara, but keep the shape of the eyeliner and/or the thickness of the eyeliner relatively equal.

Use a lighter color eyeshadow on your brow bone

makeup for close set eyes

If you have very dark brow bones, you can use a natural lighter brown or gray eyeshadow to soften them. If you have darker brows, choose a warm toned down color so they look slightly highlighted.

Both brown and gray are popular color choices for makeup. Most of the time, people use warm toned down colors so they look slightly highlighted in the face shape. This is perfect if you want some eyeliner or mascara on top of your natural eyelashes to add some length and eyeliner style.

Use a primer under your powder eyeshadow to prevent any transfer of the shadow onto your face. Then, use the same warm colored eyeshadow that was used for put together with a lighter amount of concealer and Applied Essence has built-in comfort that it will not fade or irritate your skin.

Use a darker color eyeshadow slightly past your brow bone

makeup for close set eyes

Instead of using a light brown or grey color, use a darker color. The warmer your eyes, the warmer the sleeves must be. If you have warm or warm-ish colored eyes, use a gray or brown color for the sleeve to match better.

Why this tip? When making makeup for close set eyes, slightly exceed beauty standards and use a darker color. You may be able to find a black or dark brown color that looks nice on you, and it may even compliment your other makeup perfectly!

This is very true when it comes to foundations and blushies- if you do not like the natural look of your skin with no other foundation/ blush on, then add some highlight/ enhancement products to correct any fallout!

Bullet pointing out these tips may seem boring, but it can make a difference in how beautiful your makeup looks.

Use an eyeliner close to your eye shape

makeup for close set eyes

If you have very long or very short eyelashes, you may find that an eyeliner that is longer or shorter than the ones above may be better for you. An eyeliner that is shorter than the ones above may help make your eyes look bigger or more expressive. An eyeliner that is longer might emphasize how thin your lashes are!

Both of these products can be hard to apply, because you need to get the shape and length of the line correctly. Some people even use a brush to apply it, which some brands offer.

Makeup artists sometimes use a genealger to put on makeup, which is a clear base that stays on all day. When using an editor’s recommended makeup for close set eyes, use genealger so your makeup does not rub off during photoshooting and photo shoots.

Use liquid or cream product close to your eye shape

makeup for close set eyes

Some models have described having a lidded eye shape. This is where the eye shape that is naturally placed on top of the face is also placed on the surface of the eye. This creates a natural look for people with this shape. This requires only changing the angle of the eye to place the product inside.

This looks nice because it put some symmetry in the eyes. When you take a look at both sides, you can see that there are slight differences in shape. A nice way to use this is by setting one side higher than the other and adding moreproduct over that.

Using lower concentration product and putting stronger products over that will create different looks depending on which direction they go into.

Create the shape with mascara

makeup for close set eyes

Many times, eyes look very much like they are wearing no makeup at all. This is due to the fact that most days, they are! You can fix this by using a very short amount of mascara and continuing to add on until there is some shape to your eyes.

Continuing to add on more makeup products will result in more mascara and eyeliner product being applied. It will take a few tries, but once you start, you will be happy. You will feel like you are perfectly ready to go out and do some partying!

The biggest tip is to stay with one brand of beauty products unless there is a really compelling reason for another brand.

Find the right eyebrow shape for you

makeup for close set eyes

There are two main shapes of eyebrows available: classic and contemporary. Both have their benefits and we suggest you consider both if you are looking for a new look.

The traditional look has a wider, denser eyebrow shape with a slight V shape at the top. This is typically more noticeable on thicker eyebrows. The contemporary look has a narrower, sharper brow with no hint of a valley between them. This looks more reserved but can look beautiful!

Either way, either way can be very cute! Check out these new looks to try!

The other shape of eyebrows is called the voluminous style. It looks like someone hired an electrician and told him how to do an iron on transfer.

Apply base makeup properly

makeup for close set eyes

If you apply makeup very heavily or with a brush that is larger than the natural size of the eyelid, you can risk causing the eyes to look slightly irritated or closed. That can make them look even more like a shadowed, watercolor effect.

You can also cause yourself some problems if you use too small of an eyeliner or eyelash product. You may end up having to apply more product to get an adequate cover on your eyes. Or you may have to apply darker or brighter products to match your other face shape and features.

We recommend using either a pencil or liquid eyeliner, and using enough to cover most of the upper lid and some of the lower lid.

Know how to apply foundation for close set eyes

makeup for close set eyes

When applying makeup for a close set eyes look, you must consider how much of the eyelid you have left. Some people have less of the material on their eyes due to eye surgeries or thinner eyelids that need more foundation to set it down.

Other people have very long eyes that require more Foundation to extend the look of the eye area. Either way, you must do some testing on yourself to see if you have enough foundation or not!

To help contour and highlight the top of the eye area, apply a light amount of foundation around the outer edge of your Forearm and then blend outwards. To add depth to your close set eyes look, apply some heavy fake eyelashes that are slightly longer than your natural eyelashes.

To make this look more dramatic and open up your eyes, put some bright colored contact lenses so they catch light.

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