A Full List Of Car Wash Tools And Equipment

Identifying the tools and equipment you need is essential to ensure the fulfillment of any objective. The same happens when you wash a car. If you don’t have car wash tools and equipment, you need at hand, you’ll hardly get the results you expect.

If you’re curious to know how to wash your car like a professional, pay close attention. Today you’ll know every single thing you need to turn your home’s yard into a luxury carwash.

Why Need Tools and Equipment To Wash A Car?

Think for a moment about everything you had to work and save to buy your current car. Surely your car is a very precious possession for you and that’s why you do whatever it takes to keep it in best conditions.

However, you’ll need more than soap and water to make it shine. You need specialized tools and equipment to extend the lifespan of your property. For that reason, you need to know this before taking your car back to a car wash again.

Which Tools & Equipment Need To Wash A Car?

Currently, there are hundreds of TV commercials that convince you to buy things you don’t even need. The same goes for tools and equipment to wash a car. With so many different products, it could be difficult to make a decision.

You don’t really need to spend thousands of dollars to make a car shine. In fact, you only need the items on the following list to achieve it:

  • Towel
  • Wash mitt
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Car detergent
  • Buckets
  • Hose attachments
  • Hose

Details About Car Wash Tools And Equipment

Before buying any tool or equipment, consider these useful tips to make the best decision.



There’s no defined rule for towels. Cotton and polyester microfiber ones have very good absorption. Some poor quality towels tend to discolor in contact with some chemical products. To avoid surprises and not ruin your car’s paint, choose white towels.

Wash Mitt

Today, most wash mitts on the market are made of polyester microfiber. The best ones are those that look like an anemone, which are specially designed to trap abrasive particles and avoid paint scratches.


car wash brush

A hard-bristle car washing brush is all you need to reach difficult areas of your car. This is particularly recommended to clean wheels, fenders, bumpers and grills. You need to be careful when using a brush, because bristles could easily scratch the paint.


Try to always use new sponges. Old sponges lose their absorption capacity and accumulate mold and dirt that can stain the paint. After use, squeeze it very well because it tends to accumulate too dirty into its pores.

Car Detergent

Golden rule: “Never use laundry detergent to wash a car.” It contains corrosive components that can ruin the paint. The car detergent is specially formulated to protect paint and preserve its shine.

It’s also a biodegradable product and doesn’t cause adverse reactions on skin. Always follow the water-soap concentration recommended by the manufacturer (usually 15-1) to avoid waste.


Every time you wash a car, you need at least 2 buckets: 1 for soap and 1 for scrubbing. Once scrubbing water becomes dark, discard it and change with fresh water. By doing this, you’ll avoid dispersed substances in water from adhering again to towels and sponges.

Hose Attachments

Hose attachments are gadgets that modify the behavior of a water jet and add new and varied functions to a simple hose, like:

  • Increasing pressure and water flow.
  • Switching between various irrigation modes.
  • Controlling soap dosing.
  • Controlling flow without handling the water faucet.


To reach difficult corners of your car, you need enough hose length to achieve it. A 50-foot plastic hose is more than enough for this purpose.

car wash hose

Some hoses are too rigid and storing them is a real problem. Some new models are much more manageable and resistant than those popular green hoses. You will pay a little more, but you won’t regret it.


After reading this, you now know why it’s so important to know which tools and equipment you need to wash your car. If you know how to choose well, it will become a pleasant and stress-free experience.

If you still don’t know what to buy, you can take a look at several reviews on the Internet with the best tools and equipment to wash your car this time.

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