How To Do Chucky Makeup?

Chucky is a nice, feminine makeup look that can be executed in seconds. It is named after the main character from the movie Child’s Play, Chucky. He is known for his soft, rounded cheeks and sharp jaw line. His eyes are the primary feature that distinguish this look from a hard-focus look with no attention to other details.

This look uses very few products and looks great!

The way to do this look requires only a primer, eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. It is very easy to switch products in the container so it does not get difficult to compare them. The base should be light cream or powder instead of heavy butter or oil based ones.

Apply primer

how to do chucky makeup

A primer is a base that helps protect the skin from Shine and sends it back to the skin more smoothly. A good one that does this is EVROPE Makeup Prima Complexion Primer. It costs a little bit more than a regular primer, but it makes a big difference in your makeup look.

To use, apply a little prima-prime on your face and neck followed by a powder or liquid foundation and/or highlighter. Press onto your face and leave for at least fifteen minutes before dressing up or down.

It should be mentioned that not all primers contain alcohol, like EVROPE Makeup Prima Complexion Primer does. This prevents accidents, like getting some on your clothes and/or yourself. If you are sensitive to alcohol, then avoid this one!

Then there are those that contain fragrance-free bases, like GELLIGREEN Sense of Smell Eliminator Base Releaser.

Apply foundation

how to do chucky makeup

When applying concealer, try your best to match the same color under your eyes. If not, then try to find a concealer that is lighter or darker to match your pigmentation.

Pick a primer that matches your natural skin tone so you do not have to use too much of it. And remember, when picking foundation base products, keep them lightweight so you do not overapply and look heavy.

Try mixing and matching the following bases: Maybelline Matte finish foundation, Becca Bronzewise Bronze foundation, Paula’s Addiction Dark Chocolate foundation, and Laura Mercier Silk Road foundations.

Bullet point: Apply blush cautiously

Instead of putting lots of blush on both cheeks, try just one more to show some character.

Set your brows with powder

how to do chucky makeup

One of the most essential parts of doing chucky makeup is setting your brows. Using a brow product is one of the more difficult parts of doing makeup for me. But, it does need to be done!

Many products contain waxes or pigments that fade when applied to the skin, which is what companies use to set their eyebrows. This means that you must pick a powderBrow product that does not require packing on waxes or pigments onto the skin.

Trace your eye shape with foundation or powder

how to do chucky makeup

Many people trace their eye shape with foundation or powder. This is a cool look to have! You can set it or put as little or more on as you prefer.

Bullet point: Makeup artists sometimes use different brands of primer to set makeup a little less smooth than usual. This helps when trying to contour, highlight, or apply some bronzer or contour products on top. When doing blush, fadeprincipe recommends using brush softener instead of strong waxed paper for setting the makeup.

Use a pink color on your cheeks

how to do chucky makeup

This looks nice and soft, so try it! Add some emphasize with some eyeliner and mascara to give it some traction.

Add a mild blush to your skin and you have the look for the evil clown you want!

Use a warm toned color because cool colors look better on canvas cheeks

Lighter colors look better on canvas cheeks so pick one that is close to your natural color

Canvas cheekbones look better in warm tones so do not worry about going all black or deep with them. Canvas cheeks are easier to shift slightly in shape with less of a change in color.

Use really cute products to do your makeup so it looks nice and soft on camera. Some people use brush pens or gel eyeliner and mascara, but personally I like crocheted ones. They are less expensive but more lasting.

Use a black pencil to line your eyes

how to do chucky makeup

Once you’ve drawn a line, don’t color over it. Instead, use a black pencil to line your eyes. This allows you to easily sweep the edges of the eyeliner upwards towards your eye area.

This gives your makeup a very haunted look! If you want to add some shadow or color, try using some fake eyelash tinting product to create your own eyeliner and press it onto your waterline. Or use some fake eyelash tinting product that has been blended with another eye gel.

Try these different looks out! You can get creative with basically any type of makeup, just by using some old products that were never used before!

Using the same tips and lines above, try doing different types of makeup. You can use hot glue guns to do tracing lines on the face, or brush sculptors to create cute shapes on the face.

Use a pale white paint or powder to highlight under your eyes

how to do chucky makeup

When doing black-and-gray or classic makeup, this is not the case. You will need a different color primer to highlight your features, so do not worry about being forgotten in the meantime.

Instead of a darker bronzer or shadow, use a warm neutral one to emphasize your features and add warmth to the overall look. You can also use warmer colors for better contour and highlight portions of your face as well.

Then, pick one or two very bright colors to use for contrast with your base color. This way, you can emphasize more than one color would with just white alone!

Finally, set these colors off with some fun eye makeup looks such as using both black and red on top of normal looking eyes, or using some interesting safe powder blush products to simulate eyeliner and bags under the eyes.

Put on fake teeth (if using them)

how to do chucky makeup

Most restaurants and houses with children nowadays put off wearing any kind of false teeth. Instead, they wear capped dentures, which are essentially fake normal teeth that fit over the bottom half of your normal teeth.

You can do this for two reasons: If you have trouble getting accurate retainer bearings or you are transitioning from traditional false teeth to capped dentures. Or, if you move a lot and need new dental care every few years!

How to Do Chucky Makeup: Create a chucky face with some contour and highlight products that look like natural skin. Add some fake teeth if you want, or not! Either way, post-do!

Start at the top with an outline pencil and work down into the actual shape of the tooth.

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