How To Get Makeup Clients?

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Makeup is a very popular cosmetic product category. There are many high-standard makeup products available in beauty stores and online.

There are also lots of ways for your makeup artist to get new clients!

This article will go over some ways for your artist to get new clients. Read on!

How to Get Makeup Clients: The Key Elements

When it comes to getting makeup clients, there are a few things that most people do wrong. Most people spend a significant amount of time going over old work and finding new things that impresses them about the person putting the makeup on.

They also spend a lot of time trying to convince themselves that they are worth spending money on and that their makeup is doing its job. These kinds of habits can keep people from ever thinking about someone else when they use their products and services.

Have a consistent branding

how to get makeup clients

A brand is something that makes people recognise and connect to your products or personas you represent. A makeup client has a makeup brand they trust, a website they go to, and products they use and trust.

A customer has a hard time ignoring a company’s branding. It’s how they get in contact with you, what site they visit, and what products they use.

People know when someone is honest and trustworthy. A dishonest company cannot be associated with their product or personas you represent. Your customers will ultimately make this decision on their own whether or not they believe in your product and/or want to use it on themselves.

Having a solid set of branding standards will help get more clients into your shop! It is also helpful to look at other companies to see how they branding varies for different products.

Offer trial sessions

Offer trial sessions

If your new makeup client is a total stranger, offer them your phone number so they can call you to get more tips or join you for a trial session. This helps them feel comfortable contacting you, and it also gives them a chance to see how professional you are before they pay for their makeup.

If they are a family member or friend of the client, then let them introduce themselves as soon as possible. This creates trust more quickly and saves you from having to explain yourself later. It also helps build trust in your work as people need to know who did the makeup to get feedback or acceptance.

Many clients request or request during the trial session so that they can see what products they are applying for and compare them with their new makeup look.

Share your schedule with clients

It’s a good idea to give your clients a heads-up about when you’re open and how long you’ll be out. This way, if a client comes at a time that works for them, they can schedule a visit with you.

It also helps them plan their visits around your availability. By telling them what times and days of the week you’re open, they can make appointments with more confidence.

Of course, this information should not be shared for free- it should be charged as an add-on to the service or as an extra item sent in the package that the client buys.

Having this information out in publically available to people is also for getting more clients. Because everyone knows who owns this company charges are higher to get customers, people will want to have access to them.

Have pictures taken of you working with clients

how to get makeup clients

Make sure your clients have a chance to see you in person. You want them to get a sense of who you are and what you’re about, right? They also need to be able to trust that you’re working with them because they’ve been photographed.

Your pictures can help seal the deal as well. Your clients look forward to seeing your work and trust that it is quality work. Not only that, but they may be able to use the pictures for reference when trying to find someone new or when trying to pass on your business (since they look forward to your work).

Using digital images or photos that were taken with film still holds true for getting clients as well. Just make sure it is good quality digital photography in order for people to trust what they are getting.

Get reviews from clients

how to get makeup clients

Doing makeup reviews is a really good way to get clients. Many times rich people will sponsor people for a chance to work with them. You can also do make-up reviews.

These are usually done online and in person. Most are held at art studios, beauty supply stores, and/or online.

The best ones get their clients to ask other people about the products they use. If one client loves the look of your makeup, other clients might love it too!

Of course, this takes time and effort, so do not rush it. You want this to be a fun, relaxing experience for both you and your client.

Share your work online

how to get makeup clients

You will get more makeup clients if you post your work online. There are many makeup Twitter accounts, Facebook groups, and YouTube channels that feature ongoing makeup demonstrations and tutorials.

Many of these individuals have families and other commitments to keep up, which is why they provide only a brief overview of the process. You can still gain new clients after watching this short video!

Your new clients will be able to look up information about you on your online profiles, like your pictures and reviews. This can help them choose someone who looks good in front of a mirror, is friendly, and can convey a certain style or theme.

Overall, try to provide your customers with great service and good quality products to improve their customer experience.

Speak at conferences or events

how to get makeup clients

At conferences and events, you can get people to try your makeup by speaking at the same time. If you are a presenter, you can speak at a conference or event and get people to come to your event looking for your product!

Many professionals give back their product feedback by giving a seminar or speaking at an event, so why not combine those with your product?

Many people are eager to listen to other professionals and build their brands, so this gives you great exposure as a professional and your product as well.

It also helps build relationships between you and your clients, who may become clients again – all for free!arshall wilkinson has some great tips on getting clients on his website. He discusses how he builds relationships with his clients through social media and snail mail, which is also very helpful.

Get press coverage

how to get makeup clients

Press coverage refers to media coverage of a product or services. Most major news outlets have a section devoted to product profiles and reviews, so if you create one, you can get more clients!

Even if your clientele are not visible to the public, you can still attract attention with your makeup artistry. Search online magazines and sites dedicated to makeup artists to find modeling opportunities.


Since most modeling agencies work with creatives, they may choose the artist they see first! Many people are attracted to artistic talent without the same expectations of professionalism seen in other fields.

Buzzvertising is a paid platform that connects artists with editors for freelance gigs. Once connected, the editor can request features on specific products or general reviews.

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