Does Walmart Make Car Keys?

Car keys are a vital part of having a car. If you cannot find your car key in the dark, you can have a scary situation where you are locked out of your car because you don’t have the key.

Many people lose their keys often times while carrying a bag or while trying to open the door for someone. That is why it is helpful to make your key. You can make some good quality ones at Walmart!

Making your own keys can save you some money in the long run. They are also fun to make and do with family and friends.

How to get car keys made at Walmart

does walmart make car keys

If you’re unable to access the auto shop in your community, there are several companies that offer car key making services. These companies typically offer their services at local Walmart stores, so you can go and have them made!

Most of these companies offer similar services, but some add design features to keys such as accent colors or shapes. Some also add devices to track the keys’ movement while in your vehicle!

It is very important to remember that your new set of keys must be programmed into your new car before you can use them. This is to make sure you have a proper fit for your new keypad and vehicle!

These devices are very helpful and worth looking into if you have trouble getting to the auto shop or programming your keys.

Take your vehicle key to the customer service desk

does walmart make car keys

If you’ve lost or destroyed your car key, the next step is to go to the store to get another one. Most major chains have customer service desks at which customers can go to get a new key.

This is a process that takes a few minutes to calculate if you don’t have your key, so don’t rush it! Once you get your new key, go ahead and lock your vehicle and enjoy!

Does Walmart Make Car Keys has also done the work for you and made an informative article for those who need help with this.

Provide the associate with the vehicle information

does walmart make car keys

The associate should give the customer the following:

The associate should explain how to find the vehicle information online, through Walmart App or through a dashboard camera. The associate can also explain how to do this through a phone app or computer program.

If you need help with this, you can send an email to [email protected] or call (800) 521-0939. Once he or she checks it out, you can send your car keys!

Using a dashboard camera is an option too. If you have one, you could use it. If not, you can use a phone app or computer program!

Many people struggle with finding vehicles that are in good condition and not too expensive.

Cost of having a new key made at Walmart

does walmart make car keys

Having your car key made at a local auto shop can cost as little as $3-5. If you go to the Walmart brand key aisle, you will see many brands of keys there.

Many of them are only $2-3 at most auto shops, so it is an affordable way to have a new key made. Many store brand keys are not making your car feel safe and secure, and that is a big no-no!

Many owners complain of having to hunt for their new key every time they start their vehicle, or having to constantly re-insert it into the vehicle in order to secure it. It seems some owners have trouble sticking with this habit and getting their keys done at least twice a week for a month or two.

Cost of having a new key made elsewhere

does walmart make car keys

When you purchase a new key made at Walmart, you are paying a cost that is passed on to the owner. This cost can be substantial.

Some key makers charge more to create a new key from their original plan. They may charge you for additional material or layers of the key. These additional costs may be difficult or impossible for some people to pay.

The cost of having a new key made at another location can be significant as well. If you need a different letter or function, you will have to buy the appropriate part of the key.

It is recommended that people make their own keys every few years due to costs being higher and materials needed being different.

What are the benefits of having a new key made?

does walmart make car keys

Having a new key made means you can easily go back to your car or home if something happens to your original one. Since the key is replicated, if you lose it, you can easily go back to your home or car!

Others may also benefit from having a new key made. The locksmith can create a new key that fits into the correct slot on the car and prevents someone from opening your vehicle with another type of lock.

Having a new key makes sense as soon as you receive it! Most locksmiths require delivery of a new key within three days of ordering it.

It cost me $25 to have my new key created, but it was well worth it! I would recommend trying to make your own keys if you can- they are fun and rewarding.

Is it easy to have a new car key made?

does walmart make car keys

Most automakers offer their keys to companies like Key4Cars. This service allows you to have a new key made at no charge, as long as you have the original key.

Many times, the keys will be exactly the same as the car you just purchased. If it is a major change in design, then they may require a new key. Having a new key made is an easy way to update your car key.

Costs can vary by how many keys you need and how big of a box they want them in. Some businesses even allow you to exchange ones if they are lost or damaged.

What if my only set of keys gets lost or stolen?

does walmart make car keys

If you’re like most people, you buy a regular set of keys. Most people have a house, car, or bike and that’s how they get into their property.

However, there are some areas where you need a key to access things. For example, places that feature key cards to access locked doors and interior features.

So, while Walmart doesn’t make car keys by default, many of their stores do.

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