Different Types Of Makeup Styles

Makeup is a medium that allows us to express ourselves. It can give you a way to connect with your surroundings and make you more noticeable! There are many styles of makeup that you can try, and create look great with or without it!

There are major style transitions, like from natural looking natural features to heavily edited and augmented ones. There are also long lasting styles that do not change too drastically over time, like classic looks.

This article will talk about some types of makeup and how to use them successfully. These articles will vary in color, soft or strong makeup is used on the skin, solid or liquid products are used, and what looks best on the solidified cosmetics.


Soft pink lips

different types of makeup styles

There is a trend emerging that calls for soft pink lips. minimizing the shape of the mouth, but not completely removes it. These looks are called soft dimensional lip look and shape of the mouth is key!

There are many ways to wear soft pink lipstick. You can go for a sheer tone with it, or you can go for very strong and noticeable. You can also mix it with slightly darker shades, or ones that have more saturated colors in them like candy colors.

Semi-transparent fake-blood colored lipstick is another way to wear soft pink. You can create a more natural looking pink by using some lighter colored foundation and less heavy bronzer or contour. You can also use some warm cream contour and spot-apply some blush to add some color around the lips.

Dark black eyes

different types of makeup styles

Very few people have dark black eyes. They are usually linked to something horrific that happened to them, or they get addicted to dark eyeshadow and other cosmetics looks.

These people may not want to let people see how much makeup they use because it looks like you are paying attention to it!

Dark brown or espresso colored eyes

Light brown or hazel eyes look nice too, but not as well as dark ones. A light eye color complimented with a darker complexion looks nice!

Some people prefer the shape of their eyelashes, so that is what they should choose to shape them with.

Bright pink lips

different types of makeup styles

A bright, strong pink is the perfect color for this season. The deeper flavor makes it even more desirable!

How to Experiment? Try mixing different colored lipstick and blush with great results. Or try a very bright color with a slightly darker shade of lipstick for an experiment-proof look.

Smokey eye

different types of makeup styles

A classic look that can be created in a few minutes is a smokey eye. This look can be creatable every season, although spring is the best season to experiment with it.

The basic look of the smokey eye consists of using slightly varying shades of brown and graytones in your eyeliner, mascara, and shadow. An alternative look is to use none or very few colors for the eyeliner, or only ones that are neutral or light color.

Using a soft, moderate amount of mascara, and applying a slight amount of brown eyeliner contrastwise, this style creates a very natural looking eye makeup. Due to the nature of this look, people usually do not ask for it by name.

Neutral eyes

different types of makeup styles

A very popular look that can be done in a few minutes is neutral eyes. This look looks great with either natural or artificial colors and looks great every way.

In this look, you put some mascara on your eyes, then brush away some color onto one end of your eyes, then pick up some color and place on the other end. You have an eye look!

This look can go either natural or fake, both of which are equally cute. Fake is better than natural because when your eyes are looking fake, they must be putting a lot of color on them. A lot of people choose fake because it is more visible when someone new to makeup artistry does not overdo it.

The biggest tip for this look is to use only one type of makeup on your face as a whole. You will waste more product doing the two different looks than you would trying to compete with two different sets of tools and beauty products.

Red lips and dark eyes

different types of makeup styles

If you are looking for a red lips-only look, here are some tips. First, use rich red lipstick with very few lines of color in the mouth. Second, avoid bright or strong lipstick looks such as going full on burgundy or flamingo pink.

For a darker look, choose warm colors like brick red, copper or brick chocolate. Or go for cool blues like midnight or dove gray.

Bullet point: Finding the right blush and powder blush mix

Blush gives you a stronger and more noticeable chest, breast, and skin shape accentuated by your natural tone of skin. It also makes your face look smoother and more Radiant than just using one tube of colored blur.

To use blusher properly, start with a clear sweep over the cheeks to give yourself time to coordinate the color with your outfit.

Bright blue eye shadow

different types of makeup styles

If you are looking for a bright, beautiful look with little effort, this one trick can help you out. Using only one color per shade family or type of makeup is the most common way to switch up the look.

You can also mix and match these colors to create many different looks! All it takes is some practice to get this style into your routine.

Nail art styles such as polka dots or shapes can also be changed easily. You just need to set yourself up properly before you start doing makeup.

The best way to set yourself up for a quick nail art style change is to throw away the old nail art and try a new one right away. Then later, when you are ready, you can put back the old nail art.

Light highlighting makeup

different types of makeup styles

Light highlighting makeup is a great way to refresh your look. All lighting conditions add some color to the skin, so this can be used in either professional settings or a casual look.

Light highlighting makeup includes using bronzer or contour products, toned down by neither powder, gel, nor spray products? Then lightening up the actual eye color is the best way to lighten your look!

left: A brownish toned-down eye color; right: A bright eye color with a slight blush!

deceived by the similarity in appearance? Neither does! Because these colors are slightly different, the eyes are slightly different compositions of lighter and darker shades. The person in this photo used very slight change in eye color to fool people into thinking she was looking more serious!

The reason this style looks more serious is that it contains more heavy makeup on the face and in the hair.

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