How To Get Dewy Skin Without Makeup?

Do you know how to get Dewy skin without makeup? Getting warm, relaxed skin is a inherently a nice way to unwind. Being able to easily get dusky or glowy skin is a testament to our beauty-outine-can-be-fun self.

How you do it is your call. But there are some proven ways to get more radiant, soft, and even balmier skin!

Some of these ways included here. These are spending time in a warm bath or shower, sleeping in a soft, comfortable mattress. And doing certain activities in warm weather.

Use a moisturizer with a sunscreen

how to get dewy skin without makeup

You should always use a moisturizer with sunscreen on your body. Even if you do not apply any sunscreen on yourself. This is due to the U.S. government allowing some moisturizers without sunscreen because of its high rate of skin cancer.

However, most people find that a moderate amount of moisturizer with sunscreen works well and is not too expensive. Mangoespring is one brand that offers a richly moisturizing but lightweight formula with broad spectrum protection.

Your skin needs certain nutrients and minerals to function properly. Also, your body does not always have enough of certain ones. Especially when you are trying to protect your skin from sun exposure. Nutrient deficiency can lead to dry, sensitive and wrinkled skin. S that requires more sun protection to keep from burning or breaking out.

Use natural oils on your skin

Use natural oils on your skin

You can use some oils on your skin to help keep your skin smooth, soft, and moisturized. These include olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

These types of oils can be paired with fruits like coconut meat or coconut oil. Or you can mix them into your beauty product routine.

Both olive and coconut oils can be used straight onto the skin as a emolliant. This allows you to skip the costly ally or vitamin E required to put onto the skin.

As for cocoa butter, this must be bought as a solid state. You can not just put it on without first melting it down. It must be cold pressed to get the benefits of the butter.

Try a powdered polymer mask

how to get dewy skin without makeup

As mentioned earlier, makeup removal is key to getting dewy skin. But even though we are talking about makeup here, let’s not forget about it! If you are going without, try a powdered polymer mask. It can work as a hydrating toner and as a mask to get your skin soft and smooth.

This can be done using the same steps as a traditional facial, only this will not result in any makeup being removed. You will need to use slightly more than the recommended amount for your face type and condition, but it can still work!

Why Use A Polymer Mask?

Unlike traditional masks that require you to put something into your face in order for it to become absorbed, the polymer used in a mask cannot be absorbed by the body. Instead of being absorbed into the system, it simply comes out of the skin looking like mud or clay. This method ensures that it is not swallowed or applied to other areas of the body.

Use baking soda as a scrub

Use baking soda as a scrub

Adding baking soda as a scrub is a low-maintenance way to get dewy skin. It works by lifting away dead skin, revealing fresh, soft skin underneath. This process can be repeated daily to keep new clean skin on your face.

This method works for both dry and oily skins. It can be used as a standalone scrub or combined with other products like toners and oils.

According to the study, people with more moderate levels of acne who used baking soda reported better acne results than those who did not use it. However, this study did not look at how long it would last or whether people would continue to use it after their acne cleared up.

It is recommended that you use less if you feel that your baking soda is leaving behind too much dryEWSYSKINscrUBbed surface area that gets scratched or drop in size because of contact with water.

Use whole milk as a moisturizer

Many people use skim milk as a moisturizer instead of water or a gel due to its low fat content. However, this can backfire and cause your skin to dry out!

Too much milk may cause your skin to become oily and thick, which does not agree with most people. An additional tip for getting Dewy Skin is to buy plain fluid or non-skimmed milk so that you can add some honey if needed.

Honey works well as a facial lubricant and could be used either morning or night. Try putting 2–3 drops in your milk and mixing it in before drinking it.

Use of whole milk as a moisturizer may seem odd, but it really is useful for getting Dewy Skin.

Use non-chemical foundation

how to get dewy skin without makeup

Many people who have mud-encrusted skin are surprised to learn that using a non-chemical foundation would help their skin. Many store-bought foundations contain synthetic ingredients such as zinc or titanium dioxide to help match the texture of the skin.

But these added materials don’t affect the pH level of your skin, and when combined with oil content, it can create a sticky and thickened feel. This can be annoying to apply and wear, even if you don’t feel compelled to remove it immediately.

Using a natural, plant-based foundation is one way to get rid of oily patches on the surface of the skin. Plant oils like coconut cream or olive oil make great foundations because they contain little or no zinc or titanium dioxide.

Apply neutral powder to set your foundation

how to get dewy skin without makeup

Setting your foundation is a non-painful way to add some moisture to your skin. Place a small amount of foundation onto a clean, dry hand and then lightly cover the entire surface of your hand with the other hand. This process should take no more than a few seconds to roll thefoundation out and then gently press down to set.

After setting your foundation, lightly apply some more powder over the top to bring up any fine lines or wrinkles and cover any spot marks left by previous foundations.

This method can be used for most skin types as it is not very rich in texture or concentration. Most people find it works well for light to moderate dry skin as there is not much water content needed for absorption.

Shea butter is a popular way to set your foundation as it creates a thicker layer that takes longer to work into place. However, shea butts can be difficult to manage for someone with very limited hands.

use a spray mist of water and serum together before applying your makeup

how to get dewy skin without makeup

This may seem silly, but do it! Using a spray mist of water and serum together before applying makeup is highly recommended. It reduces the amount of time you have to spend working with your hands, and also helps to keep your skin hydrated.

It also prevents any dry patches that may occur while trying to apply the mist on top of your makeup. By using both products together, you are more likely to find a good blend for your skin type and/or concealer needs.


Once morning or night time is finished, gently wash off the products with warm water and a mild soap. This ensures that any residue does not stick to any of your new favorite beauty products.

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