How To Do Cheer Makeup?

Let’s move forward to know how to do cheer makeup.


Because, being a cheerleader is an amazing experience. You gain respect from everyone around you, you feel great when you do the exercises and do the cheers properly, and you make a lot of people happy in the process. It is also very cute to do makeup for a party or Ronald Reagan day!

8 Steps of How To Do Cheer Makeup

Many people request cheerleader makeup for aesthetic reasons.

Apply Foundation

how to do cheer makeup

Setting foundation is actually a very difficult function. Most people start by placing a light layer of skin-correcting primer on all of your face areas, then setting that down with some amount of powder or oil-based foundation.

But, let’s talk about that for a second.

How to: Set foundation

So, first off, put your hands into your skin-conditioner/oil base and moisten your hands until they feel soft. Then, place a small amount of foundation onto one hand and apply the other hand to it, working the foundation into the shape of your face and into the top of your nose and mouth. Wait five minutes before applying another layer or removing!

Why? Because if you try to apply too much within a short time period, it will not set! It will just dry out or melt off as it sits on the skin.

Second, keep in mind which areas of your face need more coverage.

Apply Blush

Once your face is warmed up, let it be! Most makeup designers recommend setting your blush with a bit of moisturizer and then painting some blush on your face. This prevents too much rushing to work out the result, but also gives you some time to look at yourself before you apply the rest.

To get the most out of setting your blush, do not skip the first few sections of your cheeks. Press down firmly with your brush and then lightly tap away until almost all of it is gone. Let this sit for at least five minutes before applying other products.

To get the most amount of product on each cheek, start off with a small amount and then increase the amount by how much you changed shape and thickness in the paragraph above.

Mix Together Your Favorite Eye Shadow Colors

how to do cheer makeup

Looking for a new way to do makeup? Try mixing together your favorite eye shadow colors. It will give you some nice variety and fun shapes and island effects.

Many artists use all sorts of products and mixes to achieve their own signature look. You can do this too!

To test out which color best matches your eyes, try testing out two shadows together first to see if you like the texture of one more than the other.

Create A Wing with Your Eyeliner

how to do cheer makeup

Adding a wing to your eyeliner is a fun way to do makeup. It gives your eyes some shape and space, which is one of the reasons doing this is so cool!

Sometime names like soft wing, smokey, or flames are used for these wings. They are very popular looks for night events or casual attire.

They can be painted on, glued onto, or printed on. The easiest way is to use a pen or pencil and printable material. Or use an eyeliner brush and transfer the line to the eyeliner.

They can be done low-key or with some really elaborate techniques. A few tips: use warm tones for the skin tone and cold ones for the ice-themed products.

Apply Mascara to Your Lashes

Apply Mascara to Your Lashes

Once you have applied your eyeliner and mascara, the next step is to put on eye makeup. You can choose either or both, depending on your preferences.

Many people opt to use a soft brush and pencil to apply eye makeup. The problem here is that you have to maintain the angle at which you brush your eyelashes. You must keep moving the product along your lashes until they are all covered.

With e-commerce sites like Amazon, you can create very quick looks that you can take with you!

How to Do Cheer Makeup: Using Eyeshadow as a Backdrop for Other Makeup

An alternative way to do cheer make up is use just eyeshadow as the backdrop for some other makeup. For example, you can put some brightly colored lipstick onto your mouth and only overlap it with one other color.

Blow-Dry Your Hair

Blow-Dry Your Hair

When your hair is dry, brush it as far as you can normally. Then, with a comb or raido, section it off at the bottom.

Next, take a large round brush and fold it in half lengthwise. Then, pull the left side of the brush through your hair and let it pull through until you reach the other end.

Now, repeat this on the right side of your hair until your hair is looked like a blow-dryed top layer of long hair.

Now, grab one of those cheap plastic nose clips you get at festivals and put it in your nose. That way, you can do some complicated blowing out techniques like raising or lowering the head or moving around something to get more volume.

Put on Some Pigtails or A Twist Out

Put on Some Pigtails or A Twist Out

Now is the time to put on some make up. There are a few ways to do twist out or pigtails. You can buy cheap products that are meant for decoration, or you can pick more expensive ones that are designed for makeup.

The most popular way to do this is with a brush and product in the same container. The product dries up the hair, creating space for the makeup to cling to. The beauty artist can then use a tool and/or quantity of product to her liking.

You can also use a bar or tube of make up,depending on how much you have. The difference is in how much you get versus having a brush and trying it out with no more makeup on.

Wear Bright Colors

Wear Bright Colors

When doing cheer makeup, it is important to keep in mind your colors. If you are usually color rich in colors, do not forget to mix and match!

Many people times when doing cheer makeup is to go for a monochrome look. You can do either low or high lights, or completely skip them if you are a more colorful person.

The best way to match your colors is going with your natural skin tone. Some examples of bright colors are red, yellow, orange, and green. These four color couples represent the spectrum of emotions.

Final Words

When doing cheer makeup, there are always competitions so it is important to know how to do practical testing.

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