What To Do With Old Cordless Drill

Cordless drills are a pretty versatile tool. You can use them in a number of ways, from remodeling to construction. While they are not available to everyone, this article will talk about some uses for the cordless drill.

The biggest use for a cordless drill is as a impacts driver. Many remodelers and contractors use these because of their quick impact speed and versatility.

The impact driver comes in different sizes, so it is not an easy fit to just get one size bigger or smaller. Instead, this is used as a discipline when building something large or working in an enclosed space.

Using the impacts driver with your drill you can do some cool things like hollow out pieces of wood, granite or concrete, put in some holes for cables or plumbing, etc.


Give it away

what to do with old cordless drill

If you’re willing to give your old cordless drill a new home, you can do some exciting things with it. You can build projects with it, turn it into a toy by playing with the controls, or just keep it around for yourself.

In this article, we will talk about what you can do with your old cordless drill. First, we will tell you what not to do. Then we will tell you what to do!

Building projects: If you are building a project and have your drill, then you are well on your way. First, you need to determine whether or not your drill is an impact or an electric model. An impact model has the faster speed feature built in, whereas an electric one does not.

Trash it

what to do with old cordless drill

If you have an old cordless drill, the first thing to do is to give it a good trash can. You can put it in your garage, storage unit, or even the lawn mower shed where it will stay out of the way for a while.

Then, you can either sell it or keep it but reduce its use. Currently, there is no real need to use this tool. If you do still have use for it, then keep taking care of it by keeping the bag of tools away from children and other entities that may be able to get them trapped inside.

Lastly, if you are going to use this tool for something serious such as building a foundation or another heavy duty task then you may want to invest in a sturdy case or cabinet that will hold it. These things help prevent accidents and dust getting everywhere.

recycle it

what to do with old cordless drill

If you’re not planning to use your drill anytime soon, then it’s time to let it go. You can do several things with an old cordless drill.

1. Reuse It As A Hands-Free Device For The Hammer

Reusing a cordless drill is a great way to save money in the long run by buying new products every so you can test them out and see if you like them. The best way to use a cordless drill is as a supplement to the hammer in your toolbox.

2. Make A Solid-Wood Furniture Projects

If you are planning on making some solid-wood furniture projects with your drill, then now is the time to make sure your tool is up to the task. Diodes are finicky devices, so do not rush into any projects without checking that they will work with your tool.


Keep the battery alive

what to do with old cordless drill

Many drills have a battery that must be replaced every few months. This is to ensure that the drill can keep working. With so many on the market, it can be hard to determine which one has the battery alive feature.

These features are nice to have as they are user-friendly, but also helpful in keeping your work area clear and secure. If you need to replace the battery, do so quickly to avoid being locked out of your machine.

Many have suggested leaving a penny or coin in the battery slot for this reason. It might take a little bit of time and effort, but you will gain some peace of mind in the long run!

The best way to keep a drill running is by using a quality set of tips. You can buy new tips every few months, or you can get replacement tips when they wear down.

Use it as a power screwdriver

A very common use for an old cordless drill is as a power screwdriver. You can buy a new screwdriver every year or two, so if you keep your old one safe, you can make use of the power of the new one to finish projects!

This is a great tip to gi-normous-you-old-hand Cordless Drills. Most of them are no longer sold due to poor quality and/or user error, but this one suggests that you could make good use of it.

Many people mount it on a tool stand or dangle it from their wrist as they work.

Use it as a hammer

what to do with old cordless drill

You can use your old drill as a hammer. Set a few inches of the drill’s handle between your hand and the hammer. Then, you can pick up the hammer and start to work!

This is a good way to learn how to properly use an electric drill. By using a rounded, soft hand with the trigger, and holding on to the handle with your other hand, you can control the power of the drill.

You can do some pretty cool things with a round-end brush like an old toothbrush. You can create fancy patterns in them! Or make ones that match your smartphone or tablet case color.

As with any tool, be careful not to overwork it or damage it beyond repair.

Make jewelry with it

what to do with old cordless drill

If you’re a fan of basic, plain cordless jewelry design, you might be excited to know that your drill can be used as a jewerly press. Using the provided Allen key, you can turn your drill into a lathe where you can manipulate your materials.

You can use the drill to cut delicate materials like gold and green wood but also more robust materials like stainless steel. You can even use it as an engraving tool!

Try creating some delicate earrings or a pendant using a small drop ofwood glue and a solid piece of jewelry metal. Doing this will save you having to buy lots of pieces and worry about losing it in case of accident or disaster.

To create the complementary color for your piece, you must first engrave what color material you want on themanalogous to cutting them out.

Give it to your kids to use with their hobby

what to do with old cordless drill

A lot of people are tempted to give old cordless drills to your children because it would be a great way for them to spend their time.

After all, they could build their own robots or drones or create new applications for the drill. And while you are at it, you could get them started on the science side with the robotics curriculum!

However, there are some important steps your child must take before using the drill. They must be trained using a charger and battery that works.

If your child does not know how to use the drill, then yes, he or she could put it through some rough usage scenarios and break it. However, this would add more cost and time to repair.

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