Car Towed From Apartment Complex

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There are many different price points when it comes to buying a car. Some people prefer the cost of an entry level car, while others prefer those with more features.

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What are the rules for parking in an apartment complex?

There are a few rules about parking in an apartment complex, especially for longer-term parking arrangements.

Most important: Pay! Depending on the complex, you may be charged a fee for long-term parking in front of your apartment.

Secondary: If you plan on using the bikes or cars available throughout the complex. Consider paying the bikes or car rental fee to use the facility. Many times, bike and car rental services cooperate to provide you with a reasonable space to park your vehicle.

Thirdly: If you need to leave your vehicle parked overnight, consider finding a safe place to leave your vehicle. Especially until morning sunrise. This can save you from having to drive back home. And pump your vehicle up before start work in the morning.

Fourthly: Make sure you know what day it is! Because there are different levels of membership within complexes. So, make sure you know which days have special events or just normal memberships.

Car Towed From Apartment Complex

Car Towed From Apartment Complex

If your apartment complex or community offers the option to have a car towed, contact them immediately.

If you don’t have a car, consider enlisting the help of another person to get your car. You can call your own towing company and ask them to come retrieve your car. Or you can call another tenant’s towing company and ask them to come retrieve your car.

Either way, make sure that the person calls the right number for this job. Many times, people will leave a phone number with no anticipation that someone will answer it. Many people do not know how difficult it can be to get a car back after it has been towed.

It is important to contact the tow company as soon as possible. So that they can arrange for someone from their company to come take care of your property.

Contact the apartment complex

Contact the apartment complex

If your car is stuck in the complex parking lot. You can contact the complex to see if they can help. Some complexes will send a crew out to your apartment complex to tow your car.

Others may let you come out and assist them. A staff member from the complex can normally be contacted via their website or phone number.

If the staff member is able to help, they will go out and assess the situation. And determine if they can safely retrieve your car using some sort of equipment. If not, they will ask you to pay for a rental car or rent someone else’s vehicle to use.

Either way, make sure you are paying anyone who goes out to your vehicle enough money for their services. A paid representative can save you from having to pay return fees or take care of the damage yourself.

Find out if you are entitled to a refund

Find out if you are entitled to a refund

If your car is damaged or totaled as a result of this incident, you may be entitled to a refund of the vehicle taxes and fees. In some cases, such as with cars registered in Maryland, tax and fee refunds are eligible for financial aid based on the amount you do not use the car during your ownership.

In other cases, such as with older cars or ones that have been Repaired/Modified, refunds may be more difficult to receive. Luckily for you, you don’t need to worry about that though- because if your car is not yours but yours neighbor’s, then you both get what you want!

If you did purchase a safety seat modification and it was due to weather related issues, then the safety seat modification company would probably cover the cost of repairs. However, if the modification was for personal comfort only, then the company would not cover that extra cost.

This is why it is important to contact them directly and inquire about repairs.

Submit a complaint with the BBB

Submit a complaint with the BBB

If the teddy bear falls behind by a few houses, you can call your landlord or manager at any time to let them know you’re leaving the property.

If the landlord or manager is absent, then they can send a teddy bear to pick up. So, if the landlord or manager receives the teddy bear in good condition, they will return it!

If the landlord or manager refuses to return the teddy bear in good condition, then you can submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will then investigate your complaint and either give you your space back or make them reevaluate their policies and procedures.

Submit a complaint with the BBB. So, If the teddy bear falls behind by a few houses, you can call your landlord or manager at any time to let them know you’re leaving the property. If the landlord or manager is absent, then they can send a teddybear to pick up.

Get legal advice

car towed from apartment complex

If you or someone you love is forced to live with a car in a parking lot, college student with a car found out what can happen.

A student was forced to park his car in an oversized parking space that was at least 18 inches wide and 18 inches high. The space was too large for his small car.

The student had to manually close the gate every time he exited his vehicle, making it very difficult to move around during Carpooling Time.

Similarly, there were some spaces that were only eighteen inches wide and tall, making it more difficult to ensure your safety when Carpooling Time happened.

Know your parking spot sizes

car towed from apartment complex

If you’re going to park a large vehicle in a small spot, you should know how large the vehicle must be. The government sets the size width and length of each parking spot, so don’t take any chances. If you have a small vehicle, make sure it is clear enough to fit in the spot!

Also, don’t put an SUV or larger car in a tiny space, because it would be harder to get out of if something were overturned. A van may be fine in a small space, but an SUV might not be.

If you need to park a smaller vehicle such as an SUV or van, make sure it is parked as far away from the wall or fence as possible so it cannot roll upside down while trying to escape.

Use a vehicle barrier device

car towed from apartment complex

A vehicle barrier device is a useful tool that can help keep your car safe when parked in an underground garage, parking lot, or similar environment.

Device-equipped parking garages and lots are becoming more common as vehicles are introduced to the parking experience. These devices connect to your car via a USB port and prohibit someone from simply walking up to your car and pulling away!

The easiest way to use a vehicle barrier device is by attaching it to your windshield wiper motor. Then, when someone attempts to steal or vandalize your car, the motor will pull away!

Using a vehicle barrier device is an easy way to protect your car from theft.

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