Best Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew Reviews in 2023 & Buying Guide

The bathroom is a very special room to the family, even more so to the parents. It’s the place where every member of the family will go to, at least once in a day to take bath and clean up. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the bathroom is clean. Shower curtain, while being functional to keep water from splashing all over the bathroom, is also the easiest to get dirty. We are here to guide you through to buy the best shower curtain liner no mildew.

It may seem easy to buy just any shower curtain liner, but it is greatly recommended to look for the best mildew resistant shower curtain liner.

Top 5 Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew Reviews

We have done comprehensive research to compare thousands of products available in the market and will list down 5 top models. We will also put up a buying guide to assist you to decide which one is worthy of fixing to your beloved bathroom.

1. EPICA Strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner on The Market-100% Anti-Bacterial

This EPICA strongest Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain is a heavyweight and heavy-duty shower curtain liner, so much so that it doesn’t need magnets at the bottom to make it stay in place.

It is specifically treated to prevent development of mildew over time. This is good news to those who are allergic to mildew. Besides that it stays and looks as good as new.

This curtain liner is manufactured using durable materials. The curtain header is made from nylon mesh and the eyelets will not tear since it utilizes metal grommets.

You don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects or existence of mildew since it comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • No magnets since it’s heavy enough to keep it in place
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Strong and durable plastic – it can go in the washing machine
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Strong factory smell when new

2. LiBa PEVA Shower Curtain Liner – Non Toxic & Eco-Friendly

First of all, this LiBa PEVA shower curtain liner is our TOP PICK. The specialty of this shower curtain liner material. Yes, it is PEVA, and not PVC. Therefore it is non-toxic and most suitable for usage in the bathroom. We would also recommend this model as the best shower curtain liner with magnets.

It undergoes a treatment to resist mildew to make it last 4 times longer than the average shower curtain liner.

It is made from PEVA and not PVC. Therefore it is non-toxic and chlorine free to avoid respiratory problems.

It fits any shower or tub easily. The header is reinforced and comes with rust-proof metal grommets. Likewise, the bottom part is fitted with magnets to make sure it stays nicely in place.

Includes a 12 months warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.


  • Made of PEVA – chlorine free and no chemical smell
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Can last longer than average shower curtain liner
  • Value for money
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty and 90 day money back guarantee


  • Too many hooks to hang
  • Hard plastic tend to stick to your body during bath

3. Maytex Super Heavyweight Premium 10 Gauge Shower Curtain or Liner with Rustproof Metal Grommets

This is another super heavy water resistant shower curtain. Therefore you don’t have to hang magnets at the bottom to make it stays in place nicely around the shower or bath tub. If you have small bathroom, this is probably the best shower curtains for small bathrooms.

Also it is very convenient to hang with any kind of hooks. Furthermore, the header is reinforced with mesh and comes with rust-proof metal grommets.

It is treated with Mildew-resistant agent during production.

Care and maintenance is very easy with a simple wipe with a clean cloth or towel.


  • Very heavy and therefore requires no magnets
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Available in 4 color options – Clear, White, Frosty, and Beige
  • Can last mildew-free for a long period


  • Comes without hooks
  • Creases can take time to disappear

4. Utopia Bedding 10 Gauge EVA Shower Curtain Liner, 72 by 72 Inches, Mildew Resistant, Antimicrobial, Eco Friendly with Anti Corrosion Grommets

This one features probably the best shower curtain hooks in the market. The hooks match with the rings made of rust-proof metal to prevent it from getting ripped.

Made from imported vinyl and from PEVA but not PVC. Therefore there is no harmful manufacturing chemical odor.

Yes, the curtain header is reinforced with nylon mesh. Hence, preventing it from stretching as well as ripping.

It is clear plastic and waterproof. Therefore making it looks brand new all the time.

Produced to fit any standard shower or tub size and can be used as a shower curtain liner but looks great just by itself without a proper curtain.


  • Has strong hooks
  • Looks great to use as a stand-alone without shower curtain
  • Waterproof and clear plastic
  • Can last without mildew development for a long period


  • Curtain blades can stick together like being glued
  • May even stick to your body during bath

5. N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain Liner Solid White with Magnets, Hotel Quality, Machine Washable,70 x 72 inches for Bathroom, 70″x72″

Great news for those who still prefers fabric rather than plastic or vinyl in the bathroom. This shower curtain liner made by premium polyester fabric. So if you use it for your bathroom its look luxurious.

It gets dry quickly even though it’s made from fabric material. Because the water stays on the surface.

The curtain header is reinforced and has 12 holes to prevent it from tearing. Also there are 2 magnets at the every corner at the bottom to make it stays in place.


  • Luxurious look and feel with fabric material
  • Fabric also means no PVC and therefore no smell
  • Waterproof even though made of fabric
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning


  • At times, water may pass through the curtain blades

Buying Guide: Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew

You can just pick up a shower curtain liner, see if it will fit your shower or bath tub and it’ll probably get the job done. However, you’d be surprised to discover that there are a lot of factors to consider before buying one. Even more so with choosing the one with has resistance to mold and mildew.

To guide you with that, we have done an in-depth research on the factors and features to examine. Let’s discover them one by one.


This should be the first thing to find out before buying any shower curtain liner. It’ll be most frustrating to find out the curtain liner does not fit your bathroom.

Most curtain rods are 6 feet tall. So, most curtains in the market should fit just fine because they range from 70 to 74 inches tall. If your bathroom ceiling is taller, then get taller curtain that can measure up to 84 inches tall. Likewise, find a curtain length that can fit your shower. The sizes range from 72 to 84 inches, while extra wide curtain can be up to 144 inches.

Alternatively, you can arrange to tailor-make the curtain to suit whatever dimensions you want. You might like your shower to just barely cover up the bathtub by only an inch, but off course it comes with additional cost.

Materials Used to Make the Curtain

The most popular material used to make shower curtain liner is vinyl, but polyester is also well favored. More importantly every curtain has its own features and characteristics. So there are a variety of choices for you to find the one that suits your own taste.

Vinyl is the favorite choice because it is environmental friendly, unlike PVC that may contain chlorine and other damaging chemicals. Vinyl itself has a few different variations like PE, PEVA and EVA. These materials feels like durable plastic, are waterproof and free of harmful BPA, an unsafe industrial chemicals being used in plastic products since the 60s.

If you’re tired of the plain plastic look, then polyester is a great variation. It feels like soft woven fabric, not entirely waterproof but highly water repellent. It is BPA-free and above all it can be used as a curtain liner or just be great by itself.

Weight and Magnets

Shower curtain liners come with different weight. Some curtain liners are very thick and heavy, usually those made of vinyl and polyester. While others can be very thin, flimsy and lightweight.

A thick and heavy curtain liner is sturdy. Therefore, it is more reliable to keep the water splash inside the shower. Moreover, it doesn’t need magnets to hang at the bottom to keep it in place due to its weight. In contrast, a flimsy and lightweight curtain liner would require magnets at its base to keep it in a stable place.

However, there is another thing that you have to consider when choosing shower curtain liner with magnets at the bottom. Your shower rod must be able to bear the total weight of your curtain liner and the magnet. If it is too heavy then you are in trouble and you might end up spending more money unnecessarily to repair the curtain rod.

Suction Cups

Magnets hanged at the bottom of the curtain liner help to stretch it downwards and therefore keeps it stay in place. Likewise, suction cups at the base will ensure water is kept inside the tub. You don’t have to worry about the bathroom floor getting wet and slippery.

Furthermore, the suction cups ensure your curtain liner is secured to the tub and won’t let air coming from outside the tub. Hence, shower temperature is kept minimal at all time.

Rust-proof Metal Grommets

You must look for a shower curtain liner that has rust-proof metal grommets at the header. These metal grommets will prevent your curtain to get ripped off. Without having them, the curtain will probably tear at some time during the frequent pull when you open and close it.

Certainly, such liners will be able to bear a few hundred or even thousand times of opening and closing during its entire existence.


The main reason why we need a shower curtain liner is to prevent water from splashing on the bathroom floor and outside. Therefore, the liner itself must not catch or absorb water.

Furthermore, it will make it a lot easier to clean the liner by just wiping it with a dry and clean cloth. Also, in this way it will prevent bacteria growth on the liner’s surface.

Mold & Mildew Resistant

The bathroom is a wet and humid place without much air ventilation. As a result it is probably the best place to develop mold and mildew. Shower curtain liners treated with special agent will make it resistant to bacteria to develop mold and mildew. In this way, it will take care of your personal hygiene. This will also lead the curtain liner to have a much longer life span.

Colors and Patterns

Shower curtain liners used to be made only in plain white or clear. It seems like white or clear liner is most suitable to match with shower curtain. However, nowadays liners are made in variety of colors and shades.

The new patterns and designs are available to match and coordinate with the more variety of colors on the main shower curtain. You can now choose the design and pattern that you precisely love because you will need to see it at least 3 or more times in a day.

Preferred Theme

Similarly, you can have what theme that you prefer. Have a thought of the overall appearance of the bathroom and how to put the focus on the curtain.

Maybe modern minimalist theme is the best for your bathroom because it presents simplicity and space. You might want to put up a plain but stylist curtain liner.

However, if you find tropical theme suits you well, then probably you could get liner that has image of a tropical island with coconut trees.

Similarly you could have various other themes available in the market to choose from.

Easy to Clean

A curtain liner is exposed to water very frequently in a day’s time. Therefore it is very easy to get dirty. This is a very important factors you need to consider before buying one.

You need to ensure that it is easy to clean just by wiping it with a clean soft cloth or tower. Some liners can fit a washing machine, so that you can wash it quite thoroughly without having to use your own energy to scrub it.

Similarly, make sure you find the one that can dry fast, so that you will not have to hang it to dry up for a long time.

Double Up As A Shower Curtain

A perfect set up for your bathroom would ideally be a set of shower curtain with a shower curtain liner attached on the inside of it. Normally the liner act as the main barrier to stop water from splashing out from the tub. The curtain itself is the one that gives the look and style of the bathroom.

However, most liners now comes in many variety of designs, colors and patterns, so much so that you don’t even need to cover it up with a proper shower curtain. In other words, the shower curtain liner double up as a shower curtain proper. Certainly, this will save you a lot of hard-earned money.

Overall Thoughts

To sum it all up, choosing a shower curtain liner for your bathroom is proved to be fun and exciting. You have the widest range of models, brands, design, colors and pattern to choose from. But in the end, you are going to decorate a room in your house that really shows up who you are.

Firstly, it shows how hygienic you are. A squeaky clean bathroom show that the owner pays important attention to cleanliness and hygiene as a whole.

Secondly, it shows how good you are in decoration. A perfectly decorated bathroom with an awesome liner to complement an equally amazing shower curtain show that you have a high taste in interior design.

Finally, it shows that you are a homely person that loves your family so much by providing the best possible bathroom setup for family use.

Best Brands of Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew

If you know best brands of sower curtain liner, then you can buy the best one for your home. So it is mandatory to read this section.

1. Epica

Epica is an American company specializing in home products including bathroom. It is formed in New York back in 2007 and has since grown into a well-known company providing top quality at a competitive price.

This is a great achievement rooted from the company’s mission to provide homes with great products to improve people’s wellbeing in the house they live in.

Above all, Epica place the priority in providing outstanding customer service. The company ensures full satisfaction to each and every customer by meeting their needs and expectations. Therefore, each customer’s great buying experience will most probably shared with other potential customers.

Above all, Epica is very concerned about the quality of its products that it provides a dedicated warranty support service. Anyone who need assistance about the warranty just need to fill up the form online and help will come quickly. Alternatively, customer can simply call up or email at the contact number and email address provided.

2. Maytex

Maytex is an innovative and progressive home fashions provider. It provides products that offer solutions for every lifestyle needs for over 80 years now. The company’s goal is to strongly develop products through innovative and business-oriented approach.

Maytex is also a global organization with representatives in New York, Montreal and expectedly, China. Hence, it grabs the opportunity to utilize global outreach.

Having said that, the company’s strength is actually the employees. The management plays a vital role in entrusting each employees to embrace responsibility whilst realizing teamwork as the main essence to keep them together. The goal is to have teams of experienced employees who are experts in their respective fields, especially the customer service department.

Certainly, the warranty plays as one of the most important criteria in customer service division. Truly enough Maytex provides warranty to all its products. It also provides lifetime warranty against rust to all its metal products and parts.

Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew FAQ

If you like to know few more details in shortcut way about shower curtain liner, here is the solution: FAQ. Yes, just check these common questions including answers. Hope you can know quickly about shower curtain liner no mildew.

Q1: How to choose the correct shower liner?

Answer: First, find out the size of your shower stall or tub by measuring them. Secondly, think of how frequent the shower is used and cleaned, then choose liner thickness and materials based on those factors. Thirdly, decide on what color and theme.

Q2: What materials are available?

Answer: Vinyl, polyester or PVC – the first 2 are recommended since they are odorless, while PVC contains harmful industrial chemical.

Q3: What is the thickness of curtain liners?

Answer: The thicker the liner is, the stronger and more durable it is. However, thick liner is heavier and therefore you need to find out if the curtain rod is able to hold it.

Q4: How to install my shower curtain liner?

Answer: Firstly, ensure the curtain rod is secure. Secondly, insert the hooks through each grommet. Thirdly, attach them one by one to the curtain rod.

Q5: How to take care of it?

Answer: After each shower, pull the liner close to each other. Wipe it with a damp cloth and let it air dry. Alternatively, clean in using a washing machine if it fits.

Q6: When to replace the shower curtain liner?

Answer: replace it when it stops functioning to keep water at bay, or when it is difficult to clean it to satisfaction.

Q7: How many rings needed?

Answer: 12 rings are generally good enough.

Q8: Will the liner smell when new?

Answer: Shower curtain liners made of PVC will smell but those made from PE, PEVA and polyester have no odor.

Q9: What are magnetic weights and what they do?

Answer: some liners have magnetic weights at the bottom to help keep the liner in place.

Q10: What do you mean by reinforced top hem?

Answer: the top part or header of the curtain is normally reinforced with durable material to provide stronger structure.

Final Verdict of Shower Curtain Liner no Mildew

If we were to choose a single shower curtain liner, it would be the last one in our list – N&Y HOME Fabric Shower Curtain Liner. It is a very tough decision because each one of the liner has its own strength. However this particular liner made it because in addition to having all the great features that all of them possess, it is also made of fabric, which is more vibrant than the rest.

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