Why Is Makeup So Expensive?

Makeup is a fun way to spend time. There are many beautiful brands out there, and anyone can create their own makeup looks! With the right tips, you could be creating art with your eyesight!

The average person cannot afford more expensive makeup products, but they can try their best?!! Let’s look at some of the most common makeup products used and their prices.

ACRYLATE: This product is sold as a way to refresh your face during the day. It can be used on top of or under foundation and/or concealers. It can also be applied as a blush or a base for foundation.

PHTHALATE: This product is typically not listed on the container as it may contain fragrance in it. However, this product does not! It is just plain old glue that is used to attach products together.

DETATASE: This product is typically used as a hair masking agent. It can be bought either individually or as a kit.



why is makeup so expensive

Overpriced makeup is often due to poor quality makeup. Buying low quality makeup can lead to breakouts, damage, or even loss of beauty.

Many products are made with cheap ingredients that do not last long or function adequately. Some even contain dangerous ones such as formaldehyde-free preservatives and thickeners.

These additives are often found in large lipstick brands such as lipstick formulas sold at high-end department stores. Due to the high cost, this beauty product is highly regulated by the government to ensure it is of good quality.

Another problem with inexpensive makeup is it may not be of good quality.


why is makeup so expensive

While most products are available online without packaging, some are sold in packages. These include facial oils and moisturizers, eye products and cosmetics, and skin care and cosmetics.

The way these packages are sold or presented makes a difference in the cost you pay. Some are presented as a box set or bundle, which can add more cost to your purchase.

While this is not the biggest cost difference between the two, it is something to consider.

We recommend looking into these packaged products if you are looking for some help with your beauty regime!

Pocket-sized beauty tricks: Looking for an easy way to try out some of the packaged products? Look into one of the above products as a “pocket-sized” product package.

Long-lasting effects

why is makeup so expensive

Even though most products advertised as makeup last only a few hours, people still buy it because of the long-lasting effects.

Many people love the way it creates a longer-lasting look and feel while they are working with it. You can go at your own pace, so you can have some of this for a long time!

Making your looks last longer is definitely worth the investment! Many people purchase this makeup just to experiment with it and how much they need to use before they look like they just ate something good.

The main reason that expensive makeup is successful is because it is hard to figure out how much you need to use. A lot of people reach a point where they do not feel like they are getting enough and must buy more, which decreases efficiency.

Cost of business

why is makeup so expensive

As mentioned earlier, Makeup is a beautiful profession. You get to influence people’s perceptions of you and how they respond to you, which is awesome!

You also have to pay for this profession. As a makeup artist, you must have equipment such as tape measures and an eye chart to create a makeup look!

The trouble is, there are very few careers that require such expensive equipment. As an example, the field of architecture does not require tape measures or an eye chart.

In fact, many architects use nothing but their imagination! The other two fields that require expensive equipment are medicine and law.

Rare ingredients

why is makeup so expensive

As mentioned earlier, most makeup products are made of a mix of synthetic and natural ingredients. Many are made using slave labor, and then forced to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

This is not the case with all makeup products, but many are. Most beauty brands offer some form of alternative packaging to store their products, which is nice!

Overall, beauty brands cost around $10-15 per product, which is reasonable! Once you start paying more than that, you may start noticing changes in your look or your break-out remedies stop working.

Some might say that money is the only thing that counts, but that is definitely not true for beauty products. You can see the difference in your looks when you use better and more expensive products.


why is makeup so expensive

nowhere near as important as titanium, gold or copper, is Mica. This micarfabe element is found in almost every makeup product ever made.

Mica makes up less than one percent of the liquid state of all matter, but it makes up nearly half of every high-end makeup product.

Why is Mica so Important?

Mica is a semi-precious stone that can be found in most professional makeups. It is used to create reflectivity and to add texture to a product. Because it is in so many products, people are always looking for it and trying new products with it.

Some examples of products that contain mica are: eye shadows, blush bases, lipstick bases, cheekbones enhancers, and facial finishing powders. Many people are curious about what exactly it is in these products, so they ask for specific mica-containing makeup brands.

How It Is Used?

When using mica in beauty products, there are two main ways to use it. The first way is to use it as an ingredient itself. An example of this would be adding some brown pigment to a white foundation base to create a deeper look or adding some tiny beads to an eyeshadow base to create texture. The second way to use mica is as an additive. Examples of this would be adding some tiny grains of mica to a blush base or using crystalline silicas like kaolin or ordinace sand instead due to its creamy texture and blanketing ability.


why is makeup so expensive

There are several types of pigment, or colorant, compounds that are used in makeup. Some of these pigment compounds are called pigments, and some are colors.

Pigments can be either liquid or powdered, and they may be natural or artificial. Most artificial pigments are still liquid, as they are simply powdered gold, red, or blue sugar.

This is because it takes a special process to work with the solidified sugar in the way of a paint base. It must be blended with other paints before applying them!

To make the liquid paint easier to apply, it must be mixed with a water-based base like jojoba oil or coconut oil.

The ‘blending’ effect of makeup

why is makeup so expensive

As we mentioned earlier, makeup has come a long way since the early 20th century. Today, there is very high-quality makeup available for all budgets. Most of it is sold in stores by the blend effect.

This is where different colors of lipstick and blush are combined into one product, and you purchase whichever color you want to use.

The popularity of this has democratized makeup apps and systems, making it available to more people. Many people use just one kind of makeup for all occasions!

This effect causes some facial features to ‘blend’ together, making it look more natural than using only one type of makeup.

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