A Full List Of Hand Saw Sharpening Tools

Hand saw sharpening tools are very important tools, when you will need only. Isn’t it cool?

It isn’t necessary to buy a new hand saw every time it becomes dull. In fact, there are currently numerous tools on the market to sharpen all your cutting tools for yourself.

Hand Saw Sharpening Tools

If you usually pay someone else to sharpen your saws, this information will surely help you save some extra bucks in the future. Here’s the complete list of hand saw sharpening tools that every woodworking enthusiast needs.


What Is Hand Saw?

A hand saw is a tool which can cut wood. You can cut wood, if you have a hand saw too. It’s made up of a trapezoidal jagged steel blade attached to a metal, plastic or wood handle.

It’s very simple to use and when its teeth are perfectly sharp, it’s possible to cut even the hardest wood with little effort. The cutting effect is achieved through a back and forth motion that wears out the material, following a straight line.

Some brands give their personal touch to the hand saws they make adding unusual patterns in teeth’s design. Some jagged blades include semicircular grooves to easily eject timber from the slot and prevent getting stuck.

List Of Hand Saw Sharpening Tools

To sharpen a hand saw perfectly, you need only three essential tools as below:

  • Vise
  • Nail file
  • Triangular file

With so few hand saw sharpening tools to use, you might think that the process is easy. However, you need a lot of practice before sharpening a hand saw perfectly. You also need to follow some useful tips.

Details About Hand Saw Sharpening Tools

Here are few more details about sharpening tools of hand saw. So keep reading to know the sharpening process perfectly.


A vise is a mechanical base. Sharpening tool is an one kind of solid iron. Each piece has notches in the end, like a monkey wrench, for a better grip. A screw and a lever adjust these two pieces.

Usually, vises aren’t large enough to hold the entire body of a hand saw. In these cases, two wooden boards are used to lock the saw’s metal blade like a sandwich, leaving the teeth exposed. Then the complete set is secured in the vise.

Nail File

A nail file is a tool used to remove imperfections from any surface through friction. They’re commonly used as manicure and pedicure tools and that’s the reason for their name.

However, nail files are very useful in other important tasks. For example, before sharpening a hand saw, teeth need to be flattened to the same level. This is done by sliding a nail file over all of them.

It isn’t necessary to apply too much pressure down to obtain an even surface. After two or three passes, the tips of the teeth become flat, forming parallel lines with different lengths (viewed from above).

Triangular File

Triangular files are tools used to sharpen a hand saw’s teeth. It basically consists of a piece of extruded iron with the shape of an equilateral triangle with abrasive faces that gently wear down the steel blade of the hand saw.

The most common technique for sharpening a hand saw consists in applying 2 or more passes in one direction following the shape of the tooth. The main objective is to remove flat tips wearing each side of a tooth.

Following a back and forth motion isn’t recommended in these cases, because it doesn’t ensure the same wearing pattern on each tooth, causing irregular cuts during use.


Every time you use your hand saw sharpening tools, be sure to follow all tips mentioned before to get the best results. Besides of needing good tools, you also need skilled and well-trained hands.

Remember that practice makes the master, so don’t let fear become an obstacle to learning new things. After several attempts, you’ll learn to sharpen all kinds of cutting tools like a pro.

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