Car Shakes When AC Is On

Sometimes when your car is heating or cooling, it won’t work as smoothly or automatically as the car algorithm would normally tell it to. This is called system out and system in, respectively.

System out occurs when a part of the car’s system needs to operate but is not currently engaged. For example, if the fan was using power but not sensing temperature, then system out would occur.

System in occurs when a part of the car’s system is currently engaged and requires power to operate. For example, if the processor needed to operate but did not have enough power to operate due to a low battery, then system in would occur.

Both systems occur more than occasionally, especially while cars are cold or during summer months when heaters are required more often. When this happens, either your vehicle may sound like it is shaking or it may cry out in pain due to the lack of power.

This article will talk about some common System Out situations and how you can intervene with a workaround.

Check AC hose connections

car shakes when ac is on

If your A/C isn’t working, you may need to check the hose connections. Some models have A/C lines that connect to the compressor, while others do not.

If the line does not connect to the compressor, then you can remove the hose and physically check it for proper connection. If it does connect to the compressor, then you have another problem (such as a leaks or worn out rubber washers).

To make sure that you are checking all of them, some model’s lines include a tube that connects to both an AC condenser and an evaporator. This gives you additional places to rule out a leak!

Other signs of a failed AC unit include bare metal pieces showing signs of heat and heavy sweating on either person or furniture. If this happens, look for cooling tags or insulation covering those pieces to determine whether there is a failed unit.

Replace leaky hoses

When your car is driving fine, but you can taste air in theSHAKEy Ac system, there may be a problem with the hoses that connect your Ac system to your electrical system.

These leaky hoses are what carry hot water and power to your ac system. When you turn on the heat or AC, these leaks are taking some of the energy and letting it escape as heat or cold.

This is something professional auto mechanics will notice when they check it out, as well as people who have their Acs changed by someone else.

A repair cost can be around $10-$15, which makes this a cheap fix. Many people just replace them every few years anyway, so this does not affect them too much.

Check AC pressure

car shakes when ac is on

If your air conditioner is under pressure, you can feel it when you turn the unit on. A little bit of heat will be released which will add to the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

You can check this by putting a few fingers in cold water for a few minutes and then checking the water temperature. It should be warm enough to hold its own water!

A low pressure AC will let warmer air go through the filter faster than one with higher pressure. This may mean that one with a low pressure may last longer than one with a high pressure.

Watch out for signs that the air conditioner is not working properly. If it does not seem to be pulling enough coldness, then you may need to replace it. An air conditioner that does not work can put big financial strain on your wallet.

Recharge AC system

car shakes when ac is on

If you notice your ac system draining quickly, you can charge it by running the ac system while you are sleeping. This helps preserve power while you are asleep and provides another way to maintain your system.

You can do this anytime during the night, as long as there is power available. Simply leave the unit on and monitor battery life. You will need to be awake to do this, so do not try this if you are already asleep quickly!

We recommend doing this just before getting up in the morning to ensure your system has a chance to recharge. You can also do this before a long day of practice or competition to save on battery life, and maybe even help avoid disappointment if your practice or competition is late in the morning.

After using this tip, please let us know! We would love to learn more about how it works and how you use it.

Tighten connections to the compressor

car shakes when ac is on

If the ac doesn’t seem to be blowing as cold as it should, then the connections to the compressor should be tightened. The connections can be loose or not, it depends on how old they are.

If they are old enough to need replacing, then do so. If not, then check to see if there is something blocking the connection. This may be a wire or a plugging-off piece of plastic.

If there is nothing there, then you can loosen the compression housing on top of the compressor and check to see if anything is blocking the flow of air. If so, you need to replace it. Be careful when doing this though because you may lose some pressure in the compressor!

\|> There are several different kinds of compressors and they all have different features that set them apart. Make sure you know what kind of AC unit your house has so that you can properly fix it.

Have the compressor checked

car shakes when ac is on

If your ac is working properly, you might not need to check the compressor. The problem could be a short, failed warranty period or a recall.

If the ac has failed in the past, then it should be checked out. Checked annually to see if it needs new parts. And replaced if it does need new parts.

Have the warranty company called the manufacturer to ask if there is a recall? If so, when did that happen and what was done? A recalled product could cause a carrshake or noise which looks like an ac problem. You would want to have your ac checked by a professional though to rule out anything wrong.

Bullet point ended and added pdf below: Read all of this blog post again through again if you would like to take away any important messages for yourself.

Change the oil in the front end gearbox

car shakes when ac is on

When changing the oil in your car, it is important to be accurate with the ratios. When changing the oil, the ratio between the gears and engine speed needs to be changed.

The front end gearbox has a high and low ratio, or engine speed change range, feature. When using this feature, it requires a small tool called a crank sprocket wrench. This wrench can be purchased at your local hardware store or automotive supply store.

When changing the oil, you must put new oil on both sides of the crank sprocket wrench. This prevents any catastrophic errors when trying to re-install the oil on the crank sprocket wrench.

Have a mechanic check the alignment of the car

car shakes when ac is on

If you have a car that seems to be wobbly when you accelerate or brake, your mechanic can check the alignment of the car.

The wheels must be on straight and the car must be on level ground to correct this issue!

If your car is tilting or jumping when you drive or walk, it may have a CV joint that is not lining up with the other four joints. This can lead to problems with alignment and breakage!

CV joints are small gaps in a vehicle where its two halves connect. When one part of a vehicle touches another, there is a small gap where they meet to create that connection.

If one part of the vehicle has a problem with alignment, it may also affect the others because they do not line up correctly. CV joints are small gaps in a vehicle where its two halves connect. When one part of a vehicles meets another, there is a small gap where they connect to create that connection. If one part of the vehicle has a problem with alignment, it may also affect the others because they do not line up correctly.

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