How To Do Cleopatra Makeup?

Cleopatra is a classic beauty icon. She was a famous ruler in the Roman and Greek worlds at the same time. She was known for her elegant beauty and smooth voice. Today, she is still beloved as a beautician and model. But do you know how to do Cleopatra makeup for herself?

She is typically associated with classic white or cream colored skin. Also with some shadows added, almond or charcoal eyes, heavier cheek and lip color options. As well as a full-bodied natural hair texture.

She is also known for her long natural hair. Which she used to dress up in many ways. Sometimes it was put in a braid, tied up top and bottom, or just let loose.

It is the very expression of herself!

How To Do Cleopatra Makeup (8 Steps)

Doing Cleopatra makeup is not hard once you get it. There are many different styles that use differential ingredients to do this type of makeup.

Move forward for more!

Apply Foundation to Your Face

how to do cleopatra makeup

Once you have selected your Cleopatra makeup look, your next step is to apply the foundation. There are two main ways to apply foundation: a blendable one and a setting one.

The main difference between the two is how they affect your skin. Setting foundation allows it to be spread onto the skin evenly. But still requires you to use a brush to apply it. A blendable foundation can apply with a beauty blender or powder. And can force onto the skin as an effective layer.

Both kinds of setting foundations contain borage seed oil as an ingredient. Boron is what makes the foundation creamy. So if you had no problems with applying normal makeup products, then all you needed was some coconut oil!

To make the change from no makeup to classic Egyptian fashion, try wearing less mascara. And no blush or tinted moisturizers that reduce visible lines and creases.

Use a brush to apply darker shade of eyeshadow all over your eyelid

how to do cleopatra makeup

Once you have chosen your color palette, the next step is to apply the eyeshadow. You can use a brush or pick up a tissue. And apply the same color on top of the same area of skin.

The key is to use a light, soft brush. So that the eyeshadow is distributes as evenly. If you use a harder one, it may forces onto the contour of the eyelid. And not spread out over an entire eyelid and some of its inner lid as well.

To make it easier to blend in with your eyelid, put a little eye makeup remover on the brush. And gently sweep down along both ends of it to take away any dry spots. To keep it soft enough for makeup, do not press too hard with it as that might cause some breakage!

Then, gently place the eyeshadow onto your eyelid making sure not to hit any other areas with heat. Or radiation such as from a computer screen or phone app.

Use a brush to apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow underneath your eyes

A lighter shade of eyeshadow is the key to doing Egyptian orCleopatra makeup. Most pictures of Egyptian women show them wearing very dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, which creates a strong image of Egypt in your head.

But if you want a light look, you must use lighter eyeshadow and eyeliner to reduce the amount of darker shadow and line that sits underneath the eyes. A good way to start using this as a brush. So that can lightly presses onto the eye area, such as a smal l Benefit eye pencil. Once applied, let it sit for several minutes or even hours before applying another layer.

Another way to start is with a matte black eyeliner. Also can uses the light brownish brown shadow. So, that can layers on top.

Use an angled brush to apply darker shade of mascara to your lashes

how to do cleopatra makeup

You can also use a brush similar to an eyelash comb to apply darker shade of mascara to your lashes. The problem is that you must remove some of the heavier mascara from your root to add a lighter one on top.

The good news is that you can! You can buy very soft, fluffy brushes that you could angle and apply both regular and lengthening mascara without removing the top layer. These are called mascaras with range passports and cost around $6-$7 per set.

These range between falsies and natural looking lashes, depending on what look you are looking for. Either way, they all take care of the task!

Use either an eyelash comb or a brush to style your hair

You can use a fine-to-medium length brush to style your hair. And put on some volume or add some movement to it.

Use a small brush or pencil to draw along your bottom lip line

Use a small brush or pencil to draw along your bottom lip line

Once you have yourCleopatra lip line, the best way to extend it is to use a small brush or pencil and draw a line along the bottom lip line. This will give you some contrast between your soft, voluptuous lips and the area where you extend your makeup.

Then, use a rich dark lipstick and/or some pressed powder and create a bit of a circle shape around your mouth with no lipstick showing under the edge of the circle.

Here are some pictures of Cleopatra doing different looks. The first one is wearing no makeup at all, the second one is just rich, natural looking rouge, and the last one is just normal everyday skin tone rouge.

She also suggests wearing this for special events such as weddings or fashion shows so people can see your Egyptian makeup style.

Apply lots of black liquid liner on your eyelids

Apply lots of black liquid liner on your eyelids

Once you’ve determined your cat eye look, you’re ready to apply the gel eyeliner. It should be fairly thick, so do not be afraid to apply a few times.

To achieve a glam look,layer the eyeliner across the bottom of your eyelid and then draw a line up to the top of your lid. This will require some practice, but once you get it, you will love doing it!

Spoon or brush-in some natural looking chocolate or brown eyeliners and then layer the brown on top of the black. If you use a sharper line of pencils or brush products, you can also avoid looking like someone is wearing armor over their eyes.

Draw a curve from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your nose

Draw a curve from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your nose

Cleopatra makeup is traditionally amplified by adding a curve to the outer corner of your eye and extending past the edge of your nose. The other must have is doing a line around the entire face with a circle of cheekbone leading to a curve at the top of your nose.

Both of these looks require quite a bit of preparation as it requires doing two different curves on one face. However, once done, you will be able to tweak the look as soon as it is set in.

The trick to doing both curves is to start with a primer undertones and concealers covering all of the skin except for where you want the curves to go. Then, using an 8-10 sweepable brush, draw the curves out slightly before setting them in place.

Once that is done, paint on some foundation and blush before drawing the line that says, “face” and setting that in place.

Fill in the lower half of your eye with more dark color

When doing a nighttime look with Cleopatra makeup, you can use more color or darker makeup to fill in the lower half of your face. The trick is choosing which color goes on and how much color you want in the space between your veins.

The most popular times for Cleopatra makeup is during the daytime and nighttime. In the daytime, you can use lighter concealer or foundation that has more color in it to cover up some of your darker lines and spots. At night, some people opt to use heavier concealers or funeral black liquid foundation to put over any light pinkish tones that come out with this style of makeup.

How much color you add depends on what type of line or spot you want emphasized with this style of makeup. In this case, more color would help!

Final Words

A classic example of Cleopatra makeup is using very little white cream underline line and spot covers up some dark circles, lines, and spots.

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