A Detail Guide About Air Compressor Cleaning Tools

So here is a list of air compressor cleaning tools. Because, periodic maintenance is essential to keep your air compressor in perfect condition. If it has been more than a year since you last removed the dust from your old compressor, it’s time to plan a new maintenance.

Dirty air filters, tanks filled with condensed steam and clogged hoses. These are the most common consequences of lack of maintenance. Today you’ll learn what you should do and which tools to use to leave your compressor as new.

What Are Air Compressor Cleaning Tools?

An air compressor is a device that captures air from the environment and raises its pressure. Depending on the power and output pressure of the equipment, it may vary in size.

The power of the most popular models ranges from 1.5-6 HP. However, there are some much more powerful industrial models. Piston compressors are usually the best sellers.

These devices use a piston driven by a crankshaft, to capture large air volumes and store them in a tank of a given volume. The air outlet pressure can be adjusted conveniently, depending on the user’s requirements.

Why Need To Clean Air Compressor Cleaning Tools?

Preventive maintenance is necessary to extend the useful life of any equipment. Periodic cleaning is included among these maintenance tasks.

The tank, air filters, oil chamber and hoses are critical areas that need constant maintenance.

The ambient air contains moisture and dispersed particles that can accumulate in the tank and hoses. If air filters are dirty or perforated, high amounts of water vapor and impurities get inside and eventually cause corrosion and clogging.

Cleaning your compressor after each use costs nothing and will only take a few minutes of your valuable time. This healthy routine will keep your compressor operational for longer and will save you the money you’d spend on future repairs.

Full List of Air Compressor Cleaning Tools

To deeply clean an air compressor you don’t need too expensive equipment or strange tools. In fact, everything you need can be easily found in your home.

Cloth Microfiber

A clean polyester cloth is perhaps your most useful tool during the cleaning process. Before you begin, identify the compressor areas where dirt is easier to remove.

Mix two cups of water with a little detergent and soak the cloth in the mixture. Rub all dirty areas with the cloth, then scrub in clean water, drain and repeat the same procedure until everything is perfectly clean.

Hard Bristle Brush

Large amounts of dust usually accumulate in the compressor vents. This prevents the compressor from sucking the air properly.

Usually, the vents are bolted to compressor’s metal structure. You’ll need a stretch screwdriver to do this job.

Once the grilles are uninstalled, remove all the accumulated dust with the help of the brush. If there’s still dust residue, use a damp cloth or dip the rack in a water and detergent solution.

Another critical area is the air filter. You’ll surely find quite dirt stuck there. On some models, filters can be removed without difficulty. In others, it’s necessary to use a screwdriver to do so. Take the required forecasts as appropriate.

Verify that the filter isn’t perforated. If that’s the case, you must replace it with a new one. Otherwise, use the same brush to remove the dirt. If the filter is of good quality, it could survive a bath of warm water and detergent.

Air Blower

Surely, you’ll find dust in quite difficult areas. In some models, the compressor motor is usually confined within a metal box. In these cases, you would need to dismantle the entire assembly to clean thoroughly.

If you have an air blower at home you won’t need to do it. Just point the nozzle directly on the engine and let the air take care of the rest. Try using a mask and safety glasses if you’re allergic to dust.

Summary Of Air Compressor Cleaning Tools

Many people make money cleaning someone else’s compressors. You could also do the same by putting these wise tips into practice. As you can see, cleaning a piston compressor is easier than it seems. With cleaning tools that you can find at home you can get professional results. You just have to cheer up and do it for yourself.

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