How To Keep Makeup From Rubbing Off?

An important part of wearing makeup is keeping it from falling off. Underwater makeup is a fun way to learn new makeup techniques, right?

Making sure your foundation and/or blush doesn’t drip or run away with you while you are styling your face is also a way to keep the look in place.

Many times, the biggest culprits of makeup rolling off or getting destroyed is setting it down on a dry surface. Setting your work surface, a nightstand, or any other surface that is not covered in wetmakeup will do the trick.

Thankfully, setting down cosmetic products does not mean they stop working! It may just be best to begin after an hour or two of sleep has begun and beauty work has stopped for the day.

The best way to keep makeup from rubbing off is to properly pack it in! Use at least two different types of cream and powder mixers to ensure one does not lose any moisture due to sharing containers.

Use a good rub-on oil

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

Make sure your favorite makeup product does not contain silicone or waxes. These can cause damage to your skin, especially if you are also wearing tight clothing that presses against the item.

Silicone and waxes can prevent your beauty product from reaching all of your surfaces. When it does not stick, it can rub off on clothes and skin. Your beauty professional will likely tell you how to use it, but make sure you know!

You can also avoid these ingredients in your beauty products by looking for them on the label. Many brands use Zinc Stearate as a ingredient as a blocked oil or carrier, so look for Zn17 Stearthe with any product you purchase.

Your beauty professional can tell you if a product contains these ingredients, as they are listed on the label.

Use a rub-on lotion

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

If you are allergic to ingredients in your regular cosmetics, you can use a rub-on lotion. These are usually labeled as w/o scent or no scent, which is great if you are not sure which one you want.

These can be used on dry skin, wet skin, and combination skin. With most rub-ons, the top layer of skin must be scraped away to reveal the product.

Slightly mothereffyeuses suggest using cocoa butter instead of oil for your rub-on because of its richness. Still others say cornstarch or rolled oats are better alternatives because they do not leave white marks on the face.

Apply your base layer of makeup first

Before applying any other layers of makeup, ensure that the base layer is dry. This includes removing any lipstick, lip balm, and ensuring that the pressed powder has disappeared.

Because concealers and foundations can transfer onto other surfaces if not fully dry, this point is very important. It can be difficult to determine if a product is dry until it has fully dried completely!

To ensure this happens physically, pull off thetainment packaging and examine the product. If there are water droplets or light liquid flowing from the container, it is definitely dry!

Because of the risk of transferring products when cold air comes in contact with hot makeup, we recommend using warm towels to wrap up before we put on our makeup.

Use a paper towel to blot your skin

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

When you remove your makeup, be sure to use a paper towel to blot your skin. This helps prevent any makeup from sticking to the towel and rolling off.

This also helps prevent any makeup removal wipes from getting stuck in the roll on mechanism and leaving you with no makeup on.

Keep up with this tip as well!

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At least now that you know how to keep makeup from rubbing off, try it out! If you have really hard-to-remove spots such as under eye circles or Crows Feet, try using a gentle eye cream or massage oil along with your sunscreen. Or if you have lighter colors that look better on darker skin, try using lighter concealers or foundations to match your shirt color.

Use a tissue to wipe your skin

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

When applying makeup, be sure to use a tissue to wipe off any excess. This prevents any makeup from getting onto other surfaces and rubbing off. It also prevents any leftover makeup from getting onto your skin as it dries.

This is important because some ingredients in makeup, like vitamin actives, can disappear when makeup gets wet. You would be stuck with the only thing placebo effect!

It is also worth noting that keeping a tissue nearby will help prevent beauty products from getting into your mouth. Some brands recommend using a tissue to clean the mouth after applying cosmetics, but remember that some brands may not recommend doing this due to safety concerns.

Use a soft cloth to wipe your skin

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

When you apply makeup, be sure to use a cloth to wipe your skin off with after the product has dried. This way, you do not risk your new makeup setting or lingering on your skin after you Applied it!

You can also use a Takenoko motion activated cleaner to wipe away any new makeup you add to your look.

Try using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean your skin before applying makeup

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

If you notice your makeup starting to rub off, you can try using a little alcohol on a cotton ball and applying it directly onto your skin to protect the makeup from becoming damaged.

This will prevent your makeup from getting onto other areas of your skin, which can cause it to break down, potentially leaving harmful chemicals behind. Or you can try using a solution made for removing grease and oil, like water mixed with dish soap or Taviwater.

Both of these solutions work well at keeping your makeup in place and preventing any cream or liquid makeup from running off of your face. Heavier products like foundation remover does work well as a barrier against hair and skin breakdown, just make sure to store it properly.

Apply powder before foundation

how to keep makeup from rubbing off

If your lipstick does need a primer, be sure to apply some before your foundation. This helps trap all of the makeup in the pores and prevent it from being rub off. It also helps preserve the integrity of your face shape, as some foundations require full coverage while others do not.

Just make sure to not forget about it when you put on your makeup! Foundation should be applied onto skin for at least a few seconds to reach all of the pore sides.

Many products require awindowtime to work into their preparation process.

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