Should You Do Hair Or Makeup First?

Do you want to look nice but don’t know how? Then first make makeup is the best choice! Makeup is a great way to get started in the beauty field as it is!

Doing hair first gives you more experience with tools and products, makes you more familiar with them, and allows you time to explore other things. Both are very lovely ways to spend your time.

It also gives you more time to study, since you are done with beauty work early. You can go back to what you were studying before and spent so much time on!

Both jobs give different experiences though. Hires will vary based on what they are looking for in someone, how skilled they are, and what they enjoy doing.


should you do hair or makeup first

Makeup is always more popular so why not do makeup first? Firstly, there are many more looks and features you can do with makeup than with hair. Secondly, most people claim that the beauty of art is in the simplicity so let yourself be more drawn to a lasercut hair look than a elaborate lipstick social media post .

Many people claim that doing makeup first makes you feel better about yourself and more confident in your work so you will want to keep applying and applying until you’re satisfied. Others say that doing makeup first helps you conserve time as you wait for your artist to arrive so you can start working on your client.

It’s your choice but if you want to do makeup or art first then the best thing is to get good at both! You will find it much easier to start again if you have already started training yourself new skills.

It depends

should you do hair or makeup first

There are two main reasons to do makeup or hair first. The first is that you can save a lot of time by doing your makeup or hair first. The other is that you can get more elaborate makeups or more artistic hairstyles than you could on the fly.

The less reason-based reason to do makeup or hair first is that you can get some unusual things done more quickly this way. For example, a hairstylist can offer to do your hair in about an hour and a makeup artist can offer to go over it with a DOI and add some interesting new touches.

The other reason to do makeup or hair first is that it saves you time. When you take longer to finish tasks, they tend to be more efficient-you get out of the habit of starting them late and finishing them early.

When you take longer steps, your body and mind feel less stressed which can result in better health overall.

The way you do your makeup can affect how you do your hair

should you do hair or makeup first

When making a choice between doing your makeup or doing hair first, consider the following.

Do you like to do your makeup on purpose? If so, then you should do makeup first to prepare yourself for the challenge of trying to get ready and in the middle of creating a look with hair and makeup.

Do you like to do your hair on purpose? If so, then you should do hair first to test your boundaries with how you want to style it and what products you use.

Do you like doing both at the same time? Then both should be done at the same time to take advantage of both sets of products and skill levels. You will be more prepared if you have all your tools ready to go.

Do you like doing makeup on a set schedule? Then it would be better to do makeup first as it will give you time to get everything organized.

Try both ways and see what you like better

should you do hair or makeup first

There’s no one way to do makeup or hair. Everyone is unique in what they love and what they hate. You will find some love doing only makeup and only for a short time before they move on to the next thing, tool, method, or discipline.

Many people have made great careers off of offering different ways to do makeup and hair. It is very profitable!

So why not give it a shot? Many times you will discover new techniques that you did not know were possible. You may even learn something new yourself in the process!

Doing both beauty treatments can be more enjoyable than just doing one over against the other. You can also take some nice breaks between them to refresh your skin and muscles needed to do both at the same time.

It takes less time to do your hair first

should you do hair or makeup first

You may think doing makeup first is the more time-efficient way to get ready. But it actually takes more time to do your hair first due to the amount of products and times you need to spend in the bathroom.

Hair takes longer to straighten, curl, and style. Also, a lot of beauty apps and beautician apps require you be in the beauty room or studio setting before being presented with your project.

Many makeup artists recommend starting with foundation and painting skin tone into a natural looking flush. lighter concealers or foundations are better for light skin tones like mine. Once that is done, move onto foundation concealer or blush, toned down slightly so it looks like skin is flush with foundation but still a little bit of a difference in color.

It takes less time to do your makeup first

should you do hair or makeup first

You’ll save yourself a lot of time by doing your makeup first. You’ll also be more prepared before you begin so you can answer any questions properly.

Doing your makeup first will also save you money as it takes less products and time to get started. More importantly, it will give you more confidence to start doing makeup on your own.

Many people start doing makeup on their own because it is hard to find quality makeup products that are cheaper than buying from a beauty supply store or from relatives and friends. Many times, the quality may be lower due to cheaper materials used.

Think about what you are doing for the whole day

should you do hair or makeup first

Doing hair or making makeup first is a matter of deciding what you want to focus on the most.

If you are going to be in front of the computer all day, then you should probably start with creating your look. Trying different products and methods before the actual creation is more beneficial than anything.

The same goes for doing makeup. Creating a look and trying different products and methods before officially putting them on your face is more beneficial than starting first and finishing last.

Why this matters: You will get more out of your work if you try to give yourself the best chance at a quality piece of work.

Are you going out or staying home?

should you do hair or makeup first

If you are staying home, you can do some basics. You can make your bed, organize your supplies, and take care of any loose items or needs. If you are going out, you can prepare some items and get ready faster.

Many people choose to do makeup and hair before anything else. This includes deciding on a lip color and hair styles. You can also pick out the drugs or cosmetic products you want to use like hairspray or deodorant.

Both options are beautiful and help define who you are. Neither is more elegant or glamorous than the other.

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