How To Do Cheetah Makeup For Halloween?

Cheetah makeup is a popular Halloween makeup category. It is usually labeled as feline orcat-themed makeup, making it a great way to do trick or treat and cosplay! Cheetah makeup is also popular for pre-Halloween events such as costume parties.

How to do Cheetah Makeup for Halloween is going to show you how to do cat and easy cheetah makeup.

Apply foundation to your skin

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

When applying bronzer or contour, make sure to put a little on top of your skin before touching the skin with your face. You want to create a smooth, even base for your contour and bronzer!

The same goes for foundation. Even though it can seem like a lot of product at first, keep putting it on and onto the skin until you get an even dark base.

Keep adding strength to the foundation until you get what you want! Many times people use slightly watered down foundation because they do not have enough money to purchase very strong foundations. But if you have good quality ones, then fine!

General Tips: Make sure to keep your brushes sharpened and use good technique when applying makeup.

Use a dark eyeshadow and brush to create dark spots on your face

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

Instead of going for a bright, Expo-style look, try a very dark shade or two and add some contour to bring them out. Make sure to use at least one light color in your look to keep things balanced.

Use an eyeliner that is slightly darker than your natural eyelid color and draw soft, thick lines around your eyes. Add some fake blood and voila! A scary Halloween makeup look.

These lines can be used as a guide for adding fake blood on top of the other products, such as putting the eyeliner on a small amount of liquid added onto the brush followed by adding the rest of the product.

Add some warm ornatural colors into your color scheme to pull out some more light colors in your makeup.

Use a lighter color eyeshadow and brush to highlight the shape of your face

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

Add a lighter color on top of your warmskin contour palette to highlight the shape of your face. The slightly darker color will show above the warmskin contour to give your face a warmer look.

Add a light brown or beige eyeshadow on top of your warmbelly contour palette to highlight the shape of your face. The slightly lighter color will show above the warmbelly contour palette to give your look a warmer look.

Use cooltonic shadows for your base color and brush them onto the eyelids very lightly.

Use a small brush to apply darker color mascara to your top lashes

When wearing a softer, darker color like black or an Andersonville black, use a small brush to apply the color on your top lashes only.

This prevents you from having to use more product and waste of time adding more color to your other eyelashes. It also allows you to add some length to your top lashes which is beautiful!

The same can be done with the light-colored mascara. Use a very short brush to apply the lighter colored mascara so it only adds some length to the bottom lashes.

Use a small brush to apply lighter color mascara to your bottom lashes

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

When applying the darker eyeliner and mascara, make sure to apply a little heavier on top of the lower lashes to add some thickness. Then, lightly brush a light color mascara on top of those two layers and beneath the natural ones to give your eyes some thickness.

Use a small brush for the eyeshadow base and lightly sweep it onto the eyelids to reach all of the shadowed areas. Add some soft neutral lipstick and/or no makeup dressings required baseline.

Try one costume first and see how much you love it! Once you get what you want, start looking for suppliers and finding costumes that are good quality at affordable prices. There are many internet sites that offer cheap yet low quality costumes.

Use a bright lipstick with your cheetah makeup look

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

When doing the cheetah makeup, start with a base of warm brown or warm red lipstick. The warmer the color, the warmer your cheetah look will be.

Then, use a light bronzer or contour blush to contour your cheekbones and shape your jawline. Add some warmth to your skin tone by using a richer tan or darker color concealer and/or powder blush, and light natural skin tonic or eau de toilette that matches your lipstick color.

Last but not least, add some eyeshadow Sonia Seals that matched your base color and created a soft fall out of them. Make sure to get very fine brushstrokes for this part!

These tips can be done on more than one Halloween type costume, so do not worry about being left out.

Finish with cat eye brows using a pencil or powder and a brush

Finish with cat eye brows using a pencil or powder and a brush

When doing a cheetah makeup look for Halloween, the key is to finish with a brow bone. Using a pencil or powder and a brush, create some shape using the natural hair line.

Then, use the same product but draw thicker lines throughout the brow bone to look like fur. Add some soft color if desired and finish with some natural hair highlights to look like whiskers.

Finally, add some eyeliner and makeup raid them heavily creating a noticeable cat eye. Put fake tears on top if you are doing cute stuff like that!

TIP: To make the brow bones look less obvious, try using falsies or fake-looking eyebrows. Alternatively, you can use regular eyeliner and put just enough onto your eyes to cover up the fake ones.

Finish with cat lip stain using a lip stain pen or liquid

how to do cheetah makeup for halloween

With lipstick, you can do either a traditional lipstick or a lip stain pen. The latter is a clear, e-liquid-like substance that can be put on your lips.

The former is a conventional lipstick that can be transferred onto the pen and then swished around to apply the stain. Once it is in place, you can let it sit for several minutes until it sets.

Final Words

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with this! Try one with red or orange lipstick and one with brown or natural lip stain.

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