What To Do In Dc When It Rains

When it rains in Washington, it can be quite the experience! There are several ways to celebrate when the sun is out, and this happens often during the year.

Some of these events include water sports, festivities surrounding flooding, and celebrations of summer. Since most people are aware of summer as a time to enjoy outdoor recreation, this is not typically a issue.

However, when weather officials issue severe warnings for heavy rainfall, people feel obligated to protect themselves from waterlogging. These officials are very active on social media using @OurWeatherDC and #WhenTheWaterRains to get more people involved in safeguarding their lives and property.

This article will go into some detail about what you should do if it rains in downtown Washington, DC.


Go shopping

what to do in dc when it rains

If the weather is too wet, you can go shopping. The mall is located just outside of the downtown area and it has everything from fancy stores to fast food restaurants to non-profits.

If you are looking for nice, nice things, then it is best to go to one of the few high-end shops in town. For instance, if you wanted a leather jacket, but not a $500+ jacket, then Barneys has a good selection.

There are also some great shopping districts around DC that will take you by appointment. If you wanted some new clothes but didn’t want to spend a large amount of money, then one good place is U Street Corridor where there are some nice cheap clothing stores.

Watch the rain from inside

what to do in dc when it rains

If it rains overnight, be sure to get out early to watch the rain fall from a roof or from another roof. This is particularly important if there is a large storm imminent.

If it rains during the day, go inside and stay under dry blankets or covers as long as possible. This is especially important if you do not have an electricity source or a light to see by.

Stay alert and ready with your emergency preparedness. If there is an immediate need, you can still be ready with minimal equipment. For example, you can make some water and re-supp Span-A-Kak wipes or use an emergency blanket!

Do not hesitate to get out of your house and away from everything if the storm lasts longer than expected.

Make a puzzle

what to do in dc when it rains

A puzzle is a fun way to learn how to make things. You can create a puzzle using all different kinds of materials: paper, tiles, glue, and pieces.

Using the materials listed, you can create a variety of puzzles. By joining the pieces together and figuring out how to put it together, you know what it means.

For example, putting down the paper with lines for a mappand combining those with the tiles creates the flooring for your puzzle. Adding in the glue and putting down your completed puzzle.

By completing all of these steps, you have created your puzzle!

Of course, you can start with simpler ones if you are not inclined to make a complicated one.

Read a book

what to do in dc when it rains

Do not read the newspaper, the magazine, or the online news unless it’s about youarer. It may tell you what is happening around you, but it will not tell you what to do in dc when it rains.

There are many stories of people who bought expensive outdoor gear and gadgets because of this article. Some of these products may even be lifesavers!

The only thing that the newspapers and magazines have is their ads. Unlike TV and Internet ads, which can influence you to buy now or read later, newspaper and magazine ads are for saleable.

Play board games

what to do in dc when it rains

If you are actually planning on playing board games or physical games like chess or solitaire, be sure to bring your gamebookers! These are typically used for organizing and playing board games and physical games together.

If you are more of a video game kind of person, be sure to buy good quality video game playbooks. These will help you get your characters and settings down correctly and create some shared understanding between you and your teammates.

If you have never used a playbook before, be sure to read through the introduction sections. This will help get your characters and settings down correctly and create some shared understanding between you and your teammates.

When using a playbook, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. Be careful of people nearby or above you as well as safe distances. All these tips are for playing in Dc however, do keep these same for any city.

Have a movie night

what to do in dc when it rains

Do you have a favorite movie? If so, make sure you keep your water-safe movie night tradition by attending a game of volleyball or football.

Both activities require little or no equipment, and are a great way to relax and connect with your family. You can even make plans for each day to do fun activities together.

A movie night does not have to be watching a movie. You can make fun things like watch television or play some games. The biggest rule on TV night is noWere-waits-befores. Only let yourself get into the good moods and early morning wake ups if you need to!

Before the game starts, everyone must exchange team names and locations.

Make rainbow art

what to do in dc when it rains

Create a bucket or other large container and fill it with water. Then, pick an area that is away from other people and that has plenty of foliage.

Take your time to cover the water completely with leaves and/or flowers. This adds a soft touch to the area and reminds people of this fun art project.

Now, go to it! You can do this for as long as you like. Just remember to come up for air occasionally to remove the dryness factor.

Do not let this art activity get too big because you will use up all the water. Also, do not forget to cover up your creation when winter weather occurs.

Make dinner plans with friends

what to do in dc when it rains

If it rains a lot, you should make plans to stay at a hotel or in a motel. These are great options because they are convenient to the National Mall and downtown, where it is raining.

Many hotels and motels offer special rooms that are designed for this situation. These special rooms have rainfall protected from ceiling to floor, a waterproof room with lots of space, and a bed that is comfortable.

The best part about these special rooms is that you can go out most days without worry as long as you are prepared with a Plan B (if the first thing to go goes out). You can also go out if the storm has passed because the protected space hasoided any damage!

If you don’t have any plans with your friends, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for this event. Buy some Hurricane Ike supplies such as t-shirt, flippable sign, etc.

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