Does Ortho Home Defense Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on human blood. They are also referred to as small blood bugs due to their very fast meal process.

As a pest controller, you may be asked to deal with bed bugs occasionally. When you do, the most effective way to kill them is through Ortho Bug Neutralization. This product works by breaking down and killing the bed bug while it is sleeping.

Ortho Bug Neutralization does not stop bed bugs from re-appearing or spreading, but it prevents new ones from entering their cycle and settling into the walls and furnishings. This ensures your home is completely free of any infestation.

This article will go over how to use Ortho Bug Neutralization for your home defense.

How to get rid of bed bugs

When you are confronted with bed bugs, your first reaction may be to call a pest control company. However, if you do not yet have a bed bug exterminator in your circle of trust, thencallinga pest control companyis the next best option.

Conduct a reconnaissance trip early in the season to see if any bed bugs have descended upon your home. If so, your exterminator will come and check the bugs to see if they have moved or converted into anything else.

If there are no signs of bugs at this stage, then your exterminator will come around monthbreakif they have started.

Treat your home for bed bugs

Once bed bugs have infested your home, it is important to keep them in your home. They need a place to hide and feed on.

Keeping bed bugs in your home is done by treating the place they hide and by using insecticides when they are detected.

Some companies arguage that treating and using insecticides is the better method due to overuse of pesticides and reliance on available materials as helpers. These helpers may not always work as promised and/or can fail if conditions change such as heating or cooling temperatures or seasonal changes.

So, how do you know whether or not bed bugs are present? When they appear in numbers, that’s a sign. They usually leave food and debris behind so it takes some proof before an attack takes place.

Use a pesticide spray

Many times, bed bugs are killed when the pesticides are simply sprayed onto a surface. When sprayed, the pesticide becomes active and moves to where it is needed, namely around the bed bug.

This works very well as most times, because only one or a small number of pesticides brands are registered as safe for reuse. If one did not work, then other ones could be tried that were!

Some pesticides are better than others and when using them, be sure to have enough for good-sized areas and good periods of time of action. When used correctly, it can save you from having to spend a lot of money on different sprays.

Usually, there is a yellow tab that needs to be depressed with a pencil or finger before it can be applied.

Use diatomaceous earth

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs prefer to hide in the leaf layers of furniture and vehicles. Because of this, it is important to make sure they do not leave these places before you catch a bed bug.

If you discover a bed bug hiding place, such as a desk or bookshelf where it could retreat into a bag or cover, you can use a mixture of dry powdered diatomaceous earth and water to create a wash cloth d Protestants d Catholics d water. This combination will kill any bugs that climb on your washing.

Diatomaceous earth was originally used by geology students to teach them about rocks. They would put it inside their homes as pest control because it works like rock dust!

It kills insects by blasting them with strong vibrations. When this happens, the creature is thrown out of its skin and into another part of its body.

Bed bug bites

As humans, we tend to look at them and see small black bugs that look like little pillows. They are commonly referred to as bed bugs.

However, these small pests can be very beneficial for your home. They are known as blood suckers and thus provide valuable services such as flea control and food for other insects.

They also serve as a bio-sanitation method killing off harmful bacteria and transmission of disease. These little guys are super stealthy which makes them a tough bug to kill.

There are several ways to tell if a house is infested with bed bugs because they will travel around on their shoes when they come in from outside. They also will mark the walls with theirpictures or writings. These signs will also indicate when they have landed.

Can I use ortho for bed bugs?

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs are known to frequent mattress and box spring infested housing. Luckily, most sites recommend limiting bed bug treatments to one month so that there is a chance to eliminate them.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to ortho. Tolerance times vary from brand to brand, so it is possible that this product works for something else. Regardless, can you use it for a safe treatment or not?

YES! This product is believed to kill head and wing bugs as well as bedbugs. Since these two viruses do not seem to go together, neither does a combined treatment. Because of this, I discuss both products here so that you can choose whether or not you want to combine them with your Ortho Home Defense.

Read the label carefully

Never assume that aldehydes and ortho compounds will not kill bed bugs. All commercial treatments contain at least an alcohol, which makes the killing process more complete.

Some products contain dewaxed wax instead of alcohol to decrease the amount of bug in solution. Dewaxed wax does not completely dehydrate the bug as equal parts liquid does, so it may remain a part of the bug after it is applied to the surface where it will stay until treated.

As this type of product does not contain liquid, it may also fail to kill bed bugs! If you find that your house is starting to look like a carwash after bedbug season, let the bugs die off before treating with another product.

Do not use excessive amounts of insecticide near the treated area

It is very important that you use a suitable insecticide when doing Ortho Home Defense treatments nearby the bedroom where the bed bugs are located. This does not mean that you cannot use other brands of insecticide nearby the bed bug treatment area though!

To make sure that your insecticide is working, it should disappear in the treated area and not appear anywhere else. If it does appear, then your bug treatment worked.

If it does not, then another one should take its place to ensure adequate coverage. This should always be done by a entomologist so that there are no misapprehensions regarding what they are doing.

Many people have had good success with single-use applicators like Lortamil which they can put into their pocket and apply themselves.

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