What To Wear Under Wetsuit Surfing

A surfer’s wet suit is a special outer garment that is worn under a wetsuit. The wetsuit is then placed on and put in place, before being slid into the scuba tank and forgotten about until the next surf session.

During manufacture, wetsuits are sized according to body measurements. These measurements include long and short lengths, plus all size ranges from small to large. This ensures that the suit is always correct size for the person wearing it.

Since wetsuits are not common clothing items for everyday wear, buying a good quality one will do the person very well. They are also nice and easy to ship since they are in one piece! Purchasing a cheap one can break when the person becomes competent in what buttons to push and how to put them on and fit correctly.

Wetsuit thickness

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

There are two main ways to tell how thick a wetsuit is: it is thicker when wet, and it is thicker when ice-cold water is immersed in for an extended period of time.

When a wetsuit is wet, it will look thick and heavy. It takes several minutes for water to fully soak into and stay in place the way a wetsuit does. When this happens, the thickness of the wet suit will look bigger.

The second way to tell if a wetsuit is thicker when wet is by checking its cold water independence. If a wetsuit shows up warm after being submerged in water for a short period, it may be too thin while the person still can feel warm and comfortable with less heat with more.

Selecting a suitable wetsuit length

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

As mentioned earlier, wetsuit length corresponds to your height. Your wetsuit length should be determined by two factors: how tall you are and how long you want your ride to be.

Most riders who wear wetsuits have a very short one because it is easy to put on and remove. A short wetsuit length usually lasts for one surf season (November through March).

For example, during November through December, the surf is sometimes little bit more rough so boots are better. However, during January and February when the weather is more consistent, most people agree that short wetsuits are best.

Some riders prefer a longer wetsuit because of comfort purposes. If this is why you choose a longer wetsuit, then do not worry about having to adjust to the waves.

What to wear under a wetsuit

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

When you are wearing a wetsuit that is too short for you, it can make you look short or thin. If you are wearing a top that is tight-fitting, you can look like you are wearing a size small dress.

If you are tall or long, dress shoes and a short pair of trousers make the best combination to cover up your feet. If one wears brightly coloured and/or strong patterns, keep in mind that they must be discreet enough to not look silly.

For instance, if one were to wear a long, bright red dress with black shoes and gloves, they would have to keep the sleeves length because of the water resistance of the wetsuit. But if one were to wear a white dress with red accents, those could be worn in public without having to increase the length of the dress.

Another tip: When investing in fashion pieces, buy from sellers that are within your budget but still have quality materials.

Wearing the wetsuit

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

When it comes to what you wear under your wetsuit, you have a few options. You can wear shorts or cut-off pants, or just sleep in them!

Both of these choices are extremely beautiful and helpful when it comes to figuring out your next piece of clothing. You can also wear baggy sweats or tights under your wetsuit, giving you more options in the heat of the day.

The last option is to wear a short top and a long cardigan. This way, you can layer well and keep your warm! These clothes should be washed and dried before they are used in case they get wet or stained.

Both of these pieces are very helpful when doing any water related activities such as surfing, swimming, or fishing.

Keeping it clean

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

While surfing, the next thing you need to do is keep your body and clothing clean. Surfing is very wet, so it is important to shower before getting out of bed and starting your day.

Many resorts have a laundry service, so you can just do that while you surf too! While at the beach, you can get nasty cuts and bruises treated quickly and easily.

You can also buy fresh wipes or soap at the beach, these are great to have in case of an emergency.

Most people choose to wear white or light colored shirts, pants, and shoes for keeping up with the theme of the trip.

Maintaining it properly

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

While surfing, there are some rules that must be followed to keep it in great shape. You will need to wear clothes that are appropriate for working out, and that are not too hot or cold when exercising.

While swimming is the primary exercise method for keeping your body in shape,Excercism is a good way to stay in shape. Part of this is wearing enough clothing to feel comfortable while exercising.

Using a water treatment system is another way to keep your body fit. Buying a water treatment system that has been carefully set up and programmed is an expensive but worthwhile investment.

As with any workout regimen, don’t forget about your feet! Keeping normal healthy feet healthy requires proper shoes and spending time working on yourself with footwear.

Using anti-fouling products on your wet suit

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

As mentioned earlier, wetsuit manufacturers offer anti-fouling products to prevent your wet suit from getting dirty or destroyed while in use. These can be pricey, but you can save some money by not purchasing them all together.

Some companies recommend using their product on your wet suit before the product meets the water to ensure it is fully dryed out. To avoid any accidents, do this prior to swimming!

These products can be expensive, starting at around $10 for a generic brand that works well enough. However, with some hard work and savings, you could make them a very affordable luxury item!

Having these products properly in place and in use is the best way to protect yourself from any damage or embarrassment if something happens off the board.

Buying a new wetsuit

what to wear under wetsuit surfing

When it comes to buying a new wetsuit, you will have two more pieces of clothing you can add to your collection. These can be added to fix up if you ever get stuck in water!

The first piece is tights or shorts. If you are going for a low cut top, shorts will help keep your waste covered. If you are wearing long sleeves, then a white or light colored shirt will help hide any wet spots.

The last piece is the shoes. If you are going for leather shoes, get some nice leathersoles to prevent any water damage. If not, get some soft and padded so that you can still move around but do not have to expose your feet to the water.

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