Dog Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Sinus infection is an almost inevitable part of dogs lives. Most dogs get a little bit worse every year, and some never get past it.

When a dog has sinus infection, it can be hard to know what kind of treatment is enough. Some dogs do better one type of medicine than another, or one route of medicine than another.

Some dogs only need repeated antibiotics, while others need new medication and/or new treatment. New therapies like nutritional supplementation can sometimes help restore normal sinus function.


Hot tea nasal wash

A number of cold and flu treatments are designed to soothe your nose and sinus system. Some of these therapiesmassaging your nose and throat, while others directly affecting your sinuses.

Sinus infection home remedies include using a damp cloth to wipe your nose and mouth after each sniff. This can be done several times per day to ensure you are still removing nasal debris each time.

Try a packet of saline nasal wipes or moist heat tea baths as remedies. Use very small amounts of hot water so as not to cause boiling or burning of the skin.

Weigh down a clean, dry soft washcloth until it’s large enough to cover your face and neck. Then, use the washcloth to wipe away the evidence of the infection-including your face, neck, and feet with daily attendance.

Chlorophyll tablets

A non-profit organization, chlorophyll tablets can be found at most specialty grocery stores. It is typically not available in larger stores, but instead at health care providers or at the Chlorophyll Tablets Nonprofit Association website.

chlorophyll is a plants color which comes from its use of quantum dots to absorb sunlight and grow. When dogs suffer from dry skin or hair, this supplement can help.

Some dogs do not respond well to the active ingredient carboxymethyl cellulose, also known as CMC. However, with a small change in product formulation, it can be made work.

It is recommended that two tablespoons of chlorophyll per one dog should be applied daily. Dried hair should be gently brushed out and then inserted into the applicator slot of the supplement.

Garlic oil nasal drops

As a human, your nose and mouth are always full of smells. While some smells are unpleasant, we need to be aware of them for self-care and for healimg purposes.

For dogs with nasal infections, the recommended oil is garlic. Garlic contains an antibacterial called allicin, which prevents other bugs from growing.

When applied to the dog’s nose, the allicin causes it to crust over in an unnatural way– like a peel off mask. This action forces the infection away from the blood vessels and into nearby tissue, where it can be flushed out more quickly.

Unfortunately, many dogs do not have enough wall structure around their noses to receive a dropperful of oil.

Hyland’s homeopathic throat tablets

A number of pharmaceuticals are designed to treat sinus problems. While none of these will prevent a dog from developing sinusitis, they can help you save your dog from severe pain.

Many of these medications are not recommended for dogs, so it is important to know what to look for when they are present. Some dogs may not be able to take some of the stronger medications.

Because this is an area where homeopathy can be helpful, there may be a homeopathic approach that works for dogs. A good place to start looking is in the veterinary office, where the doctor can check the medicine tolerance of the dog.

Some symptoms of Sinusitis are: burning or stinging feeling when passing air; change in breathing pattern when air is passed; change in breathing pattern when nothing is passed; increased voice raspiness; and change in weight gain.

Rest your voice

Your dog may have a sinus infection, which is when the lining of the nose and/or sinuses are infected. This can happen due to:

1. An allergy to medication or something in the medication

2. An infection that has spread through the nasal and/or oral cavity (sinusitis)


Keep the heat on low

If your dog has a heatstroke, cooling him or her off is the best method of treatment. This includes putting a sweater or sweatshirt on them to cover them up as well as placing a sheet or towel under them to cool them off.

A fan can also be used to blow air onto the dog, letting her or him feel more comfortable.

Never leave your dog unsupervised in a hot vehicle, even with the windows down. Even just a few minutes can be too much for a stressed out dog who is not feeling his temperature.

If your dog is sick, do not take them out of the house directly into the warm temperature and open window setting that they are conditioned for. Rather, take them to the vet where they may be appropriately treated.

Dogs are sensitive enough to heatstroke that even short outside temperatures can cause it. Keeping your dog inside until it has cooled off is the best way to prevent further damage.

Use a humidifier

This helps to cool down your dog’s air conditions, which in turn reduces the amount of moisture in their air. This also helps to reduce asthma symptoms in your dog.

If your dog has a dry sinus environment, then using a humidifier is a must. It can be difficult to know if your dog has a dry sinus environment without a humidifier, so this is an affordable way to help!

Another tip that may be used is to use warm wetted towels to mop up any excess water from the dogs body. This helps to reduce water hardness and preservability, which would prevent proper drying of his skin.

Using a warm moistened towel every day may help keep this up! Last but not least, check your dogs nose and mouth for pinkness and/or soreness.

Eat spicy foods

As mentioned earlier, spicy foods may increase your dog’s temp. When this happens, his body needs to cool down a little bit due to the peppers and spices used in his diet.

This can make it difficult for your dog to maintain a temperature, especially if he is running around a lot during his recovery. If your dog has a fever, eat some wagyu beef or steam some chicken before putting him in bed.

Sour milk can be helpful as a lubricant when bathing your dog. Try one of the newerkin sour milk brands such as Onegaiontekken instead of the regular one he is currently using. An old rule was always to use cream and water together to bath your dog.

Try all of these things out before making any huge changes to his routine to ensure there are no negative effects.