What Questions Do Insurance Adjusters Ask

As an insurance adjuster, you may be asked some very basic questions about your job, how you work, and what you do. These questions can be simple things like why you get paid to do what I get paid to do.

These basic questions can be more difficult for people to ask. People often look at the job description and say, “that sounds awesome, I would love to do that”, but they don’t necessarily think about how this person would ask specific questions about the job.

This is not a problem though; people are free to ask what they want! You can make sure to give a clear and concise answer to whatever question someone might have. Even if your answer does not feel authentic, it probably wasn’t meant for a certain audience so let that be enough!

This article will talk about some basic questions for any workplace or position.

Who else was there?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

This question is good for anyone who finds a deceased person in their insurance adjuster’s notes. Who was the next person to call? Was anyone else notified of this person’s arrival or departure?

Who else was involved in this situation and whether others responded quickly to the residence is important information for this question.

Who knows about this situation? Who else resides in the same community as the deceased and who might be affected by their death is important information for this.

Who was contacted regarding the death and when they were contacted depends on where the insurance adjuster finds out about it. Some contact dates are hard to impossible to predict, especially with today’s technology!

When asking these questions, it is important to keep an open mind. If a answer does not seem possible, then it may not be asked. Even if a response seems unlikely, it is still worth asking because of our wide range of knowledge.

What did you do to prevent this?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

As the insurance adjuster, you can start by asking questions that make you feel good. It’s your job to help your fellow citizens get back on their feet.

So, when you are doing your paperwork, be sure to ask questions that show your compassion. You can also ask friends and family how they were helped during times of crisis, and see what kind of responses you receive.

Ask yourself hard questions when you do not know the answer. If you don’t know the answer to a question, then don’t give out any information about someone until you do. Having the ability to gather information in a timely manner is key when answering questions regarding persons in need of assistance.

Know what documents confirm or deny a person’s story is crucial upon answering questions regarding aid.

Are there any witnesses?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

It’s very important for property owners and witnesses to your property damage to come forward. If someone was in a house or apartment next to you, they may be able to provide valuable information about what happened and any clues as to who did the damage.

Property owners can also ask adjusters if witnesses or property owners have asked for help with restoration or compensation as a result of the damage.

Adjusters will often ask questions to find out why something happened and who was responsible. This helps them determine who should pay for anything that may be arising from the claim.

What damage occurred?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

As an insurance adjuster, you’re responsible for asking questions when damage occurs. As the person coming to inspect and determine what caused the damage, you should ask these questions.

1. Who was involved in the damage?

If someone was outside making a repair or renovation, such as a roofer or handyman, who saw what they did and who paid them? You would want to know if someone repaired your roof or roofing.

2. Where was the damage occurring? (Was it a window breakage or a door breakage?)

3. Who paid for the damage? (Was it an insured person, someone responsible for property ownership changes, or uninsured persons who caused damage?)


How much damage occurred?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

As a general rule, insurance adjusters do not question claims over $500 orolve claims over $1,000 in value. These questions typically come after the damage has occurred and during the review process.

However, there are some questions that insurance adjusters ask even before this process happens. These include questions about property condition and historical trends.

Condition questions can be tricky because if something is damaged, it may not be visible. If it is not visible, does it still matter? Also, if something is destroyed, does it still need to be replaced?

These are the kinds of questions that insurance adjusters ask to make sure they are covered!

Condition questions should be asked by anyone working on your claim, but especially by an insurance adjuster because of the trends mentioned above.

What is the value of the items that were damaged?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

This is a very important question to ask when a claim is filed. If the items are expensive, then you can expect the insurance company to provide some kind of discount for your loss due to the items being damaged.

An insurance adjuster can take these details and use them to calculate a discount on your policy. This helps ensure that you receive the lowest possible rate when you file your policy.

Results may vary for all users, especially those with little or no insurance. It is recommended that you have a professional assess your situation before asking for help. You do not want to be charged more than what your policy allows!

Having these questions answered quickly will help start crafting answers for claims coming in. It will also help stress out claims workers, who are trying to assist people in their losses.

What are the policies you have in place to prevent this from happening again?

As a security team member, you can ask questions to ensure your organization is prepared in response to threats. This includes asking questions about insurance policies, notifying authorities if needed, and being aware of possible situations that could trigger an insurance claim.

In addition to having these questions ready to ask, members of the security team should also be knowledgeable about what claims are and are not covered under insurance. Having a claim file with updated information is a helpful start to this.

Having a variety of insurance plans available can help prevent claims from being filed in one location. If one plan fails, another one can step in as backup.

What are the steps you took to clean up the damage?

what questions do insurance adjusters ask

When you ask a homeowner or tenant questions about their property, the most important thing is to understand the answers.

As an adjuster, you take time to ask questions that make sense to you, but are not the best for people to answer. For example, if a homeowner says they did a good job cleaning up their house, then an adjuster can assume it was good and do a quick check of items to see if they are new or significant.

It is important for people with insurance needs to be prepared for anything. An adjuster should always be asked how many claims they have settled and what percentage of those were from their company.

Also, when checking out property for damage or taking photos, keep safety in mind and avoid any sharp objects or situations that could cause harm. You do not want someone with insurance who is not careful enough to respond in kind.

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