What Is Bed Bug Guardian

Bed bugs are small, brown insects that can live in the blood of humans and animals. They mainly reside in the United States and Canada, where people spend a lot of time asleep.

While they may not show themselves often, living within your household does not mean you do not also harbor them. Many times, it is just in your bedroom where you sleep and move around.

Because they feed on people during the night, people with bed bugs often suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders. This is why it is important to find a way to control the bed bugs in your home.

This article will talk about ways to manage the bed bugs in your home without using harmful substances.

Who uses bed bug guardians?

what is bed bug guardian

Few things are guaranteed to get you out of a bed bug attack, but being attacked can be scary.

Being bitten can be terrifying, as it feels like your skin is being put on fire or slowly sucked into a vacuum cleaner motor.

It can also be extremely uncomfortable, with the severity of the bites varying based on where you are bitten.

Some people find them annoying, while others find them beneficial and even funny (in the case of certain types).

For some people, having bed bugs present in their home is just a reminder that good hygiene is required. For others, they see them as an opportunity to learn more about bugs and how to prevent future ones from entering someone’s home.

In this article, we will discuss who uses bed bug guardians and why! When appropriate usage is needed.

Do bed bug guardians work?

what is bed bug guardian

Despite what the name suggests, do bed bug guards do nothing to prevent a bed bug infestation? It depends on how you look at it.

Do bed bug guards work if you have an established infestation? Not really! Because humans are the spreader of bed bugs, a washing machine is not necessary. Instead, use a heated blanket or a hot water bottle to help your child stay warm during winter nights.

If your child has already been bitten by a bed bug, then no guardian can prevent the infection from spreading. Luckily, with regular treatment by an epidemic medicine professional, the infection will go away.

Do bed bug guardians work if you have no infestation? Not really! Because humans are the spreader of bed bugs, having no guardian is recommended.

Are they expensive?

Not unless you are very careful. Most bed bugs will not go more than a week without feeding. Though they can be found in dried blood, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a bed bug and an insecticide treatment.

Most times, the insecticide will be included in the dry blood pack as tabs or liquid. If it is a powder, it will be fine! Look for UPC numbers or labels that say product name and number.

These chemicals are expensive compared to live bugs, but they are extremely cost effective if you are seeing lots of them around your home. They may also cause some allergic people to have trouble with finding them, but look for them closely!

If you want to know if you have an infestation, look for visible signs such as reddened areas on furniture or beds, loud chewing sounds from pants or jackets when lying on the mattress and floor, and general spread of the infestation.

Can I do it myself?

what is bed bug guardian

No! As mentioned earlier, these bugs are very smart. They will use all sorts of products to get rid of you! Most infested houses have a bed bug guardian that travels the walls and spots to determine where the bugs are.

Once inside, it checks its territory and if there are any gaps, it’ll come through. Once it sees you, it may leave as there is no longer a need for protection.

As mentioned earlier, these bugs are common in peoples’ homes. If you see one, you can contact your local pest company to get rid of them.

What about the chemicals?

what is bed bug guardian

While it is tempting to believe that any bed bug repellent will work, there are some things to know about the chemicals that are used.

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While many products contain a chemical called DEET, this is not the only one. Some brands of oil-based bed bug repellents include imidacloprid or thiometonide, both of which are approved for treating epilepsy.

Imidacloprid was recently found to be ineffective against bed bugs and has been removed from most products, but some people may still use it because of its approval as an oil-based repellent. People with epilepsy may still want to protect themselves from bed bugs, since they can spread seizures.

Should I get professional help?

what is bed bug guardian

Despite being called bed bugs, these insects are actually blood sucking Cimex lectularius. They are also known as Book Wyrm because of their resemblance to a bookworm.

It is difficult to detect when there are bed bugs in a residence because they do not look like bed bugs. They are brown or black with small white spots and can be shaped like a long oval or circle. They can also look like a leaf or spot on the leaf.

Once they enter a residence, they can hide anywhere including behind clothes, books, folded objects, and other items. Once the bug is inside someone else’s body, it travels through the veins and into the circulatory system where it moves into the brain and stays hidden.

Since they are hard to spot, people may go somewhere else to get help with infestation. A good place to go is your doctor or local pest control company.

What happens to the bugs?

what is bed bug guardian

When bed bug guardian was introduced, people were excited! They had a chance to try it and see if it worked. Many of them were confident in their purchase as they saw or heard that it helped previous customers.

This is a promising product that people are lining up to buy. However, before you buy yours, make sure the ones you are buying from you are bed bug guardian!

This is because the bugs are sent back to the manufacturer and may be paired with your old ones. This may cause problems if your new bugs do not respond well to bed bug guardian. If this happens, then the manufacturer can send you out new bugs which would hopefully work better!

Another reason to purchase yours from an official store is safety.

Will my home be damaged?

what is bed bug guardian

Being warned of the menace of bed bug guardian cologne is a good idea. Having a clear understanding of the perks and cons of the product can help you decide if it is for you or not.

Cologne has become a way for bed bugs to find their human host. They coat their bodies with cologne and wear it for hours at a time. This is very apparent when they return to visit your home after an inspection at another location.

When they travel, they use cologne as a conveyor belt to ship their cargo to your home. This can be problematic if your home is not invaded immediately. The bacteria in your bathroom can create an unfavorable environment for the bugs to invade your home.

They may also travel in aerosol cans or spray containers which are difficult to detect unless they are present in large numbers. Using these items, you can tell if an individual has been affected.

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