What Comes In A Deck Builder’s Toolkit

A deck building tool is called a ledger or a deck construction set. They are typically labeled as being for beginners, but we all have at least one step to becoming a great deck planter!

Mostly known as being for building decks on the ground, uprights are used. These can be purchased as blocks or tubes depending on what kind of deck you want to build.

The important thing to know about this tool is that it is not meant to be used by just anyone. You must be able to read and understand your material and have the ability to build out your boarders and contours!

Many popular websites offer their boards as downloads, but that defeats the purpose of having a hard-copy.


Card sleeves

what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

If you’re like most deckbuilders, you spend your time organized and put everything in its place. But does that include card sleeves?

Sure, for most decks it does. You would typically put your sideboard cards in a sleeve or organizer, and then when you want to shuffle the deck, you simply pull the cards out and shuffle them!

But is there anything else worth investing in for the deck-builder? It may be true that there are more specialized card sleeves out there than ever before, but is it really worth spending money on when there may be a better solution out there?

Today, we will talk about some of the rarer solutions to solve this problem and give the deck-Builder an extra layer of protection.

Tournament packs

what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

Before you start building, you’ll need to acquire some cards. Like any card game, you can get access to some by buying in store or by being sent with your deck box.

How much you pay depends on how many decks you want to build and how well-built they are. The more expensive the decks, the higher the cost!

You can also buy them online; most sites offer free trials, just make sure you get charged once you decide to continue!

Once you have your deck boxes filled, it is time to start building! Start with the basics: playfield & rulesREAD MORE >>

Playfield & Rules bullet point: The playfield is where all of your tokens, monsters, and damage effects go. You can place them wherever you want, as long as they are within line of fire.


what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

Without markers, you’re world without arrows, bars, or other graphics to guide you. You’ll be blindfolded and should the need arise, you’ll have nothing but your hands and feet to help you find your way.

Markers are great for marking down notes or drawings while building a deck. You can also use them to mark up your lumber as you go, if you purchase enough of it. Some brands offer melded labels on each piece of lumber, which works great as a marker.

Arrows are another helpful mark-making tool. Using a sharp knife or razor blade, you can create several different length arrowheads that hold their positions better than just plain wood would.

Bars are another great-looking mark-making tool. Using pen or pencils, you can draw lines to hold information together.

Life counters

what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

paper counters are the basis of most life counter systems. There are many companies that offer paper counters for fight flow, fight flow charts, fight flow training products and services.

In addition to paper counters, fighting system trainers and coaches also use fight flow charts to track progress against goals. fight flow charts are a quick way to update a goal because it is difficult to keep up the pace without a chart.

Another way to keep life levels in your system is by having life stages built into your Fight or Flight response. Having an initial period of calm and distance from danger is essential when beginning this process.

Most people forget about their first defense or two in their fighting system, so having some initial layers of defense built in is helpful.

Pen and paper

what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

Before you start building, you’ll need to set up some rules for yourself. Write them down and tell yourself that they are the rules for this construction site.

You will build with your friends, for friends. You will put your own mark on the deck. You will be allowed to take away what you like and want.

These rules are about being respectful to the land, having fun and creating a culture that cares about this place as a whole. They are about having a concrete plan before we start, but once we start, having a plan will help keep track of what we are doing and why.

Having a short-term memory helps us think back on what we have done, but also helps us remember what we have done in the future.


what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

In case you weren’t aware, dice are used in most games. They give you instructions and control over the game world. In deck building, they are used to assign roles to different people and objects within the game.

For instance, a die can be used to assign a value to a job skill or determine the outcome of a roll in an RPG. Another way to use the die is to re-assign roles or determine whether someone is legitimate in an online role play environment.

Using the die also allows for easy access to tools. For instance, if you had a die that gave you two options, you could create a tool that assigns one of those options as the chosen option. This allows for easy labeling and access of resources such as re-rolls and glitches.

Bag or box for tokens or gems

These are used for tracking progress or collecting rewards. They can be for tokens or gems!

Deckbuilding is a little like building a whole house. You start with a floor and ceiling, and then add the walls, internal doors, & external windows. It is a continuous process that rewards you as you go.

For example, as you add more cards to your deck, it increases your chance of success in card games such as poker or blackjack. As you gain recognition in the gaming community, you can apply for job promotions or store openings.
Whether you build homes, houses or decks in wood, plastic, or something else material, these things are always needed: bag or box for cards; bag or box for tokens; and/or bank of cards and tokens to track them all.

Plastic stands for cards

what comes in a deck builder's toolkit

When you’re design building a deck, you’re going to want to put together all the cards you’ll be adding into your collection. This includes putting together your initial cards, adding additional copies to bulk up your collection, and buying the replacements if they’re needed.

You can buy these cards online or even in some store franchisees. Many times they are sold by manufacturer direct, not card specialty stores like Target or Walmart.

When buying new cards, try to get the latest release. Newer cards have more power and updated production processes can help with those things.

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