What Are The Gopro Voice Commands

The gopro voice commands comprise of a set of commands that allow you to interact with your device using your voice. These include launch and capture phrases, change recording mode, and edit audio and video data.

There are a few different voices for the gopro voice commands. You can pick and choose which one works best for you depending on your style of communication. Some users find the natural sound more effective than others.

The gopro voice commands were designed to work with the gopro camera. As such, it is necessary to use the correct command for your type of camera in order to utilize the voices.

This article will discuss the different cameras used with the gopro and provide tips on how to use them with the gopro voice command set.


Stop recording

what are the gopro voice commands

Gopro voice commands are pretty rare these days. Most people now learn how to use the voice command system by reading this article.

But, if you do not have a command for your Gopro, don’t worry! This article will tell you some of the common commands you can use.

Here are some of the common gopro voice commands: play video, change channels, pause recording, go back one step in recording, and record again.

Play Video/Video Effect Command: The first effect you’ll want to use when recording is called video play. This allows you to choose from five different playback speeds.

To use it, just say play video or play video effect! It will take you to an app on your phone where you can select and try out different speed effects.

Change Channels Command: The next effect you want to use when recording is called change channels.

Take a picture

what are the gopro voice commands

Changing the settings on your gopro is a pretty simple process. You can access most of the settings via the bottom left corner of the camera screen.

The first section you can access is sound. Here you can adjust the volume and balance of your recording, as well as set either silent or slow motion mode.

Next up are image and video modes. Here you can decide if your picture will be still or motion mode, as well as choose between high or low resolution.

Then there’s GPS mode, which decides if your gopro will use its accelerometer and gyroscope to determine direction or not. And lastly we have face detection, which decides if your camera will try to identify faces in your pictures or not.

Review photos

what are the gopro voice commands

To use the features, you must first set them up. To do that, go to your settings and then account creation and select from the list. Then you will have to send an email confirmation of your new account which will link it to your gopro account.

These features work without having any video or photo taken. When these features are turned on, the camera takes a quick video and then it stops taking pictures and recording audio. You can use this footage to create infographics or other content!

Some of these features require a certain gopro version so do not worry about making changes while in camera mode.

Delete photo

what are the gopro voice commands

For some shots, like taking pictures of your feet while walking, you’re better off without the Gopro voice commands. The easiest way to delete a shot is by using the touch screen on your phone to navigate to the photo, then selecting delete from the phone.

The problem with this is that some phones don’t recognize certain shots as being deleted. If you’re having trouble finding a shot you like, try deleting it later when your device allows it more easily.

For other shots, like taking pictures of something interesting or fun, chances are you already know what shot you want to take next.

Delete video

what are the gopro voice commands

Another way to make your footage more dynamic is to delete a video and start over. This adds time to import into your video as well as corrects any mistakes you made during the first attempt.

This can be done in the Gopro app, under edit videos. You can then manually edit the video again, or add animated effects and transitions.

When doing this, be careful not to change the color of the ground or anything that could be considered solid. You want these properties to remain intact so they are recorded properly.

Scan barcode

what are the gopro voice commands

Gopro voice commands are not supported on most phone apps. Instead, you will need to use the device’s touchscreen or keyboard to give your command.

This is due to the fact that there is a barcode-scanning feature on the Gopro app. This requires you to have the app installed and open in order for the barcode command to work.

If you do not have the app installed, then you can give your command by scanning a box or group of boxes that appear on your screen. These boxes represent the settings and features that are available on the GoPro application.

Start livestreaming

what are the gopro voice commands

Next, type the voice command that you want your gopro to perform. For example, start broadcasting by pressing the green start button on your Go Pro.

Gopro now associates your voice with the appropriate voice command. So, if you say how much fun you are streaming, Go Pro will know to start showing content!

You can also add an additional command to your gopro. For example, you can say stop filming when you’re done filming, or add a new feature such as recording during a livestream.

The last step is to create or edit a broadcast. This allows you to set up who can watch your video, how long it will be, and whether or not it will be live or recorded.

Turn on mic sound suppression

what are the gopro voice commands

Gopro voice commands are pretty basic. You can say things like Go pro, or Call back.

Go pro is a mode where you can set yourself to speakerphone mode and have your device listen to you. You can then ask for actions such as changing the angle of your camera, or adding a flash.

Calling back is same as going pro, just without the phone call. You can also add a reminder before making the call, or take it off after you receive an answer.

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