Webex Productivity Tools Disabled In Outlook 2010

Webex is a popular collaboration product. It allows you to chat with other people over the phone or via an online chat platform.

Weex is a desktop application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It connects to your computer using an app hub, which is a web-like interface for managing multiple Weex accounts.

Using the app hub, you can create as many Weex accounts as you want and give them different email addresses and/or phone numbers. Each account can have its own schedule and notifications are turned off, ensuring only you see important messages.

Weex has several productivity tools that users can add to their accounts. Some of these are free while others are paid apps.

Disconnect webex connectivity

If you’re using Outlook 2010, you can fix the disableness of the webex tools. Just go to the top right side of outlook, and click on “account”. This will take you to your account page.

There, click on “edit profile” under “about”. Then under “ skills & experience” under “professional experiences”, edit the skill connected to your computer device.

Then click on edit under this skill, and select offline mode to switch it into a mobile app version. Now you can use it on your phone or tablet!

This fix works for both Outlook 2013 and 2016 as well.

Delete webex plugin from outlook

If you’re having trouble using the webex productivity tool in Outlook, you can delete the webex plugin from outlook. This steps can be done in advance, so do it when you see need.

When the webex plugin is installed, it is located in your program files. You can delete it if you no longer need it.

Disable the WebEx extension

If you use Outlook, you can enable the WebEx extension by going to Account | Add/Remove Features | Webex.

This adds the WebEx extension to your account, allowing you to use it in your Outlook 2010 desktop environment as a full-featured productivity tool.

However, if you use another email provider or a phone app, then this will need to be installed separately. This needs to be done on both your computer and the device it is installed on.

By adding this extension, your devices connects automatically, but if someone at work wants to message you or call you, you can easily disable the extension by clicking on its icon and choosing no-button | yes-button.

Remove the WebEx client

If you use Outlook, you can still access the WebEx client by right-clicking on any mailbox and selecting Exchange Online. You can then either connect to the server or open an IM or chat session with your team.

Alternatively, you can download a desktop application such as WebexConnect or MobileWebex that allows you to access the server via a web browser. Either way, your team will need to have a connected account to use the app.

By removing the WebEx client from Outlook, you prevent it from registering new email accounts and automatically connects when someone new joins the team. You also avoid any confusion about which app belongs to whom because both are available.

This also prevents any issues with meetings being displayed as messages between teams, as both apps are connected to the same account.

Reset webex connectivity settings

In Outlook, select the New icon. Then select Connectivity from the list.

NEXT, choose Reset Webex Connectivity in the resulting dialogue box. This will close all of your webex connections and restore your outlook settings to default.

After this, you can use your webex devices again!

This will take some time to apply, so be patient! Once it is done, click the New icon to connect again or open a new outlook account to start using it.

Assign a new default email account

In Outlook, select the Account tab and then select New Email Account. You can now use an existing Outlook account or create a new account to correspond with your computer desktop and mobile devices.

Once you create an account, you will need to set it up as an email account. You can do this by entering your email address and creating a new email account or adding an existing account.

Once this is set up, you can assign apps such as Thunderbird, Microsoft Flow, or Teams to this new account. You can also merge your old accounts if you have more than one device and needed them linked together.

If you decide to use a new app for your personal productivity tools, make sure to set it up as an administrator in order for it to work correctly.

Configure email accounts with WebEx Connectivity

If you’re using Outlook, you can set up two separate email accounts in Outlook. One account will be your normal everyday account, where all of your incoming and outgoing messages will be stored and handled by Outlook. The other account will be a WebEx Connectivity account. This is an additional email account where your communications are stored and dealt with by WebEx, however.

Both the Outlook new user interface and WebEx Connectivity require you to create a new mailbox within your second account, which is the reason both interfaces disable the original inbox in the new accounts. You cannot have a mix of inboxes on the new accounts because of this.

The second important point to make is that neither of these accessories will work if your old mailbox has not been created on the new accounts.

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