Smoke Detectors In Enterprise Rental Cars

Today we will talk about smoke detectors in rental cars. Car rental companies such as Rent-a-car, Avis, and National are now offering employees with the needed experience and skills to have a smoke detector inspection.

Smoke detectors are a great way for an organization to observe their employees at work and gauge whether or not they are installing smoke detectors. Organizations can also use this service to check on their local community as well.

In return for an inspection of their smoke alarms, officials from the American Red Cross receive $5 off each alarm they purchase. This is a great way to prevent fires and gain additional insurance coverage!

Today we will talk about smoke detectors in rental cars. Car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, and Enterprise offer this inspection service which includes taking your car into a shop to be inspected for Smoke Alarms.

Automatic smoke detectors could be easily installed it

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

When smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are installed, they connect to the car’s anti-lock braking system (ABS). This ensures that if the car goes over a bump or when you step on the brake, the alarm will automatically alert you of an absence of CO2 in the air around you.

CO detectors are also easy to install. You just plug them into a power source and they will auto-connect. These alerts can save your friend or self from a tragic death!

The biggest tip is to make sure your car is in good working order. A broken window or door may allow access to smoke or carbon monoxide undetected.

Cars need automatic smoke detectors just like homes do

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

A car without an automatic smoke detector can be at risk of being filled with smoke when a burning object, such as acigarette is dropped on the dashboard. This is especially true if the car has no windshield or windows!

Because of this, it is important for rental cars having cars with automatic smoke detectors to have one included. A car without an automated smoke detector can be difficult to spot in a parking lot or easily avoided by having one in the car.

To have a chance at saving your vehicle if an issue does occur, having an automated smoke detector will help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and save your bank of emergency buttons to respond to the alarm with.

Smoke detectors save lives

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

Nearly every rental car company offers a smoke detector in their fleet. Your car may have additional components such as a fire extinguisher or child resistant features to help prevent a smoke in bed scenario.

SMC is the largest provider of smoke detection devices in the US with over 2,000 locations across the country. Most have at least one child safety feature such as an automatic shutoff or indicator if something is wrong.

These devices are very expensive, costing between $400 and $600 for a full set. However, if one is missing or expired, they can cost more than double that amount. Smokers save money by not having to go through the bother of checking if it’s lit before smoking, but being warned that it may be burning might save someone from suffering from smoke exposure.

Fewer fires in cars occur with the presence of a smoke detector

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

It is possible for a smoke detector to detect a fire and alert the fleet leader or driver to prevent damage to the car or person. If a smoke detector does detect a fire, the leader or driver can close the windows and doors to prevent casualties.

A car that has a smoke detector is not as likely to experience a self-reported fire, as there are more potential hiding places. Self-reported fires occur more commonly in occupied rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

Self-reported fires occur more frequently in unheated buildings and cars, which are used frequently.

Renting a car should come with the safety of a working smoke detector

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

There are two major reasons to have a smoke detector in your car: to protect yourself from vehicle air pollution, and to monitor the car while you are driving it.

The latter is very important as smoke detection is an area of expertise for rental car companies. Most will require a smoldering or flicking smoke detector in the center stack, with at least one floor level smoke alarm.

If you are renting a sedan, you should have an extra one in the trunk as the rear seat is a potential hideaway for cigarettes. If you are renting a SUV or truck, look for ones with robust brakes and heavy-duty tires.

Companies should take additional steps to ensure the safety of their customers

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

Detectors can be a beautiful symbol, or grill, that alerts others of an emergency. Having them in your car is one way to protect your customers and guests!

Smoke is a large concern for the elderly and poor, both of whom are more susceptible to lung cancer and heart disease caused by smoke. By having a smoke detector in the car, this saves money on medicine and quality of life declines.

While not ideal, it is possible to purchase smoke detectors for rental cars. As with any high-powered device, make sure it is safe before using it in an emergency.

Governments should enforce the use of working smoke detectors in automobiles

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

Although working smoke detectors are not a law in Canada, they are mandated for new vehicles and houses. All new cars and trucks have a smoke detector, as do most new houses.

Smoke detectors protect against smoke and heat generated by combustion. The average ten-year-old house does not use Smoke Detectors often, so they are not mandatorily installed.

However, at a young age, children understand the warning signs of smoke or fire and need to be aware of this. By having them installed at an early stage, they will be more prepared in case of an emergency.

Smoke Detectors can be wired or wireless, depending on the location where they are required. They should be placed close to the bedrooms and living rooms to detect smoke or heat from combustion.

Customers should demand working smoke detectors in rented vehicles

smoke detectors in enterprise rental cars

When the vehicle is being parked, users should always put the smoke detector in “Sealed” mode to prevent children or other users from opening the window to leave the smoke alarm on.

Seek out a smoke detector® in your trusted car! Smoke detectors can save lives – make sure your vehicle has one by leaving it “Sealed” mode when parking the car. When driving, make sure you have an alarm set and that it is functioning!

You can rent a relatively new vehicle with no signs of wear and tear, but if your car has been around for a while, you know they got you at Smell-O-Vision® filters! Your landlord may require a smoky vehicle at renewal, so having one locally is helpful too.

If you have questions about these Smoke Detectors in Enterprise Rental Cars, please contact us at 800-955-5774 or email us at sales@smokealarms.

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