Htc One M9 Camera Fix

The HTC One M9 is one of the best-looking phones out right now. It has a sleek and smooth 5 inch size, featuring a light gunmetal grey finish, and it looks beautiful in person.

The One M9 camera is one of its most talked about features, and for good reason! The camera is an integral part to how your photos look and feel about the phone.

Many users are facing issues with the camera on their One M9, which can range from bad photos to impossible photos. We will discuss how to fix the camera on your One M9 using the latest firmware and software updates.

Change camera settings

Changing the camera settings is a fun and easy way to refresh your One M9 camera. There are several locations where you can do this easily.

The One M9 has several modes such as night mode, sports mode, lowlight mode, and auto mode. All of these modes can be toggled between using the main menu or the dedicated camera button.

To access the camera app, go to Settings/Security/Camera and toggle the new features!

Now that you know how to change your One M9 settings, let’s talk about some of the most notable ones!

Night mode is a great way to reduce blue light coming from your device and switching it on and off is a nice touch. Sports mode helps keep your phone more sturdy so you do not have to worry about dropping it or losing control over the screen.

Lowlight mode does a good job of shooting in darker areas without creating overexposed pictures which are difficult to use in any kind of artistic way.

Use the manual camera mode

Tap the button that looks like a camera icon, then tap the advanced mode. This will show you any settings that can be changed with this camera.

One of the most common problems people have running their One M9 is when they want to take a portrait but it looks like someone is photobombing them. This is usually done by setting up one shot and then selecting the focus or flash mode.

In these modes, there are some settings such as white balance or exposure that can be change to achieve a more accurate looking photo. By doing this, you can fix problems such as someone walking in front of the photo or someone turning into a ghost because it looked so realistic.

Close other apps using the camera

Close other apps using the camera is one of the most effective ways to fix the duck feet effect that other apps can cause on the One M9 camera. This trick works for all four major app categories: Messages, People, Photos, and Video.

When you do this in addition to using the full-sized rear camera or photo shooter, it can eliminate some of the bad photos that you take due to this effect.

You can also use this as a way to edit your photos and remove people or objects you don’t want in your picture. It’s an advanced feature that should be used on a need basis, though!

Overall, the One M9 is a great smartphone to use because it doesn’t overbear with features, but ones that affect performance and quality of photos and videos. By only closing apps using the camera with one hand, it makes it easier to carry around.

Update your software

As mentioned before, the One M9 can fail to capture images or update photos when the lighting is poor or when the user is shooting in a low light situation. This is due to an image processor called software that gets installed on your phone.

This software can be updated and managed through the One M9’s settings. To do this, go into Display & Brightness, then Update & Configure Systems (or update & configure for firmware versions). Once done, try taking pictures again and hope for the best!

As mentioned before, cameras have their limits when it comes to what they can take in light conditions. If you are having trouble getting shots in weak lighting conditions, increase the ISO value or decrease the aperture of the lens in order to let more light into the camera.

Restart your phone

If you’re struggling to take good pictures with the HTC One M9, this guide will help you do so. Even if your camera is working fine right now, add these tips and you could potentially fix the camera app bug and make your photos even better!

When the camera app bug occurs, it may cause the phone to lock up or shutter when taking a photo. This is due to an issue with the One M9 where when taking a photo, the device may snap its photo immediately and then pause as it processes the image.

This happens because of a new feature called HDR that was introduced with Android 6.0. When this happens, your photo may look fantastic for a short time, but after that it begins to break down.

As stated before, this feature is called HDR and doesn’t appear on other cameras, making OnlytheOne use it. OnlytheOne uses it because of its special qualities in post-processing photos.

Change to a better location for taking pictures

Changing the location at which the camera takes pictures can make a huge difference in the pictures you get.

Some people find that shooting in low light or with low lighting is more enjoyable or meaningful than others. For example, shooting in daylight instead of nighttime is thought to be more meaningful or spiritual than neither.

Similarly, some people may prefer photographing under artificial light than no lighting at all. Other people prefer shooting in complete darkness without any help from a flash or anything else.

In these cases, using none nor only a faint hint of light can produce beautiful photographs without overburdening the camera with information or overexposing them.

Use the flash when taking a picture

When taking a picture with the HTC One M9, you should use the flash feature. The One M9 has a flash button on the side, just press it to activate it.

The flash can help fill in some shadows or lighten up some areas in your picture. However, if you do not have a flash installed, then you can still use the One M9’s default camera.

To turn off the flash completely, just disable it on the camera app.

Use HDR mode when taking a picture

When taking a picture in automatic mode, you can use the HDR feature to create a more vivid and realistic picture. This feature works by determining the contents of the photo and then combining those elements in order to make it appear more dynamic or rich.

When this feature is activated, it will display a preview of the picture in white and dark red zones. These zones represent light and shadow, respectively. When these areas are combined to form one image, it will look more pronounced and realistic.

This feature is very useful when video recording or posting online. If you have a video event planned, using HDR mode will help people be able to capture a better picture than they would without it.