Samsung Gear S Without Phone

Samsung’s latest smartwatch is the Gear S. This device is designed to work with your phone. You will be able to receive notifications and calls on your watch via your phone.

The Gear S is a stylish device. It comes in black or orange with a black band. It looks very nice and set apart from the rest of the lineup. You can buy it at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Amazon again just like you would an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It has some great features however that are not found on any other smartwatch. The most notable ones are being fitness tracker and having a phone contact lens system on-board. Both of these features can be useful for varying reasons.

Gear S compatibility

Currently, Samsung Gear devices are not compatible with the Google Pixel or Apple iPhone. However, this does not mean it is impossible!

Gear S is a sub-brand of Samsung that sells fashion-able watches. They feature special sensors on their faces that connect to your phone via Near Field Communication (NFC).
These watches also have mobile apps you can download and use, making it possible to receive alerts from theses apps.

Some Gear S devices have a special connection called Link that allows you to send and receive messages and app notifications using your phone.

Pairing with your phone

Once your band is paired with your phone, you can start notifications, making calls, sending messages, and playing music.

To receive notifications on-band, you must have the o2 app installed. This app features features such as calling and messaging capabilities as well as keeping track of notifications.

To send a message, go to the Band’s Account section and click on Send Message. Then, select whom you want to message and click send.

To make a call, go to the Band’s Phone section and click on Call. Then select whom you want to talk to and type in a call-back phrase!

If you want to play music through your band, then first download the Samsung Gear S3 mobile app (for Android or iOS) and then connect your band to your phone via USB.

LTE version available?

A non-phone model is also available with a built-in LTE modem, letting you make and receive calls while wearing the Gear S. This feature is not available on all models, so look for it!

If you have a landline at home, this feature is especially valuable since you can still make a call even when you are away from your phone.

Additionally, this makes it very convenient to stay in touch with friends and family while visiting family or friends. You can easily send a short message before making the call and they can easily respond!

Many people choose not to have a phone on them while wearing Gear S. You never have to worry about missing a call or hearing if someone has an unexpected answer when you try to talk to them.

Which phones work with it?

If you are looking to purchase a Samsung phone without a Smartphone, then you should be aware of some important details. First, the S6 and S6 Edge models do not work with it.

The S6 and S6 Edge were designed with a Smartphone in mind, and thus do not work with it. Instead, they offer features such as an app store or proprietary applications you would have to download manually.

The only other phone that works with the Gear is the LG Nexus 6, however, it requires the Nexus 6 smartphone in order to link up the Gear! This is due to how Samsung’s app system requires a connection in order for apps to show on the device.

What about the Galaxy Watch?

The Galaxy Watch is a very interesting device. It has no phone support, just like the fianceed above! This means no checking messages, checking your FaceTime notifications, or adding new calls.

Only messaging and calling are supported!

However, this also means no tracking features either. You cannot add steps, track runs or swim laps, and you cannot receive alerts for them unless you have a phone nearby.

This is a big down side to having no phone support. You would be stuck without notifications and run tracking if your watch did not have a companion device nearby to receive alerts.

Can I use it with my phone?

No. The Samsung Gear S is a standalone watch device. It does not have a phone app, nor can you access your phone through it.

Only Samsung devices can connect to the Gear S via Bluetooth. This includes the regular Gear S, the new Gear 2 Series, and the new Gear V2.

The only way to access your phone on the watch is through an app on the watch or via Bluetooth when paired with a phone.

This is why you cannot send a text or make a call on the watch unless you have a connected phone nearby.

Does it have a speaker?

The answer is yes, it does. The watch will also connect to a speaker to listen to music or watch a video.

While not the best way to listen to music, the Gear S2 can be paired with a wide range of devices including an app-enabled headphones and/or a tablet or smart phone for viewing and listening to music.

To get music or sound on the watch, you’ll need to install the Samsung Music Service which is free. To add a new device, go online and find it under your account’s name. Then, you can sync your watch and add it as a speaker.

This feature is great as it allows you to have control of notifications on the watch but also gives you a second screen for notifications.

Does it have a radio?

If so, does it have a radio? If not, how does it work?

The Samsung Gear S is one of the most advanced smartwatches on the market. It has a built-in radio that allows it to communicate with cell phones.

When paired with a phone, you can receive notifications and make calls via the Gear S. You can also send messages and documents via the watch’s mobile app.

The Radio feature requires a phone connected to the watch via Bluetooth 4.2. When receiving a call or an update from a phone, the watch will transfer any data quickly and easily!

You can still use the gear s without a phone! The Radio feature works even when your smartphone is offline.

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