How To Make Laser Cut Acrylic Jewelry?

Laser cutting is one of the most popular methods for making acrylic jewelry. There are many websites and app apps that offer free lasercutting services, making it easy to get started. Most people start by creating a shape you want to cut out of your acrylic, then going to the app and creating your own cutting style.

Laser cutting is not for the faint of heart. It can be very painful if not done correctly. But if you have beautiful craftmanship or are advanced in your crafting, then this tool can make you more expensive pieces!

This article will talk about how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry using a table top drill bit and some easy tips.

Send the design to a laser cutting company

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

Before you can make your jewelry, you must send your design to a laser cutting company. The cutting company will cut your acrylic into shape and size for you.

Many companies use online services to design their pieces, so you do not have to go to the trouble of creating the piece in the first place. You can also call many companies and ask if they have had any success making jewelry with them.

Laser cutting is not for everyone. Some people cannot see well enough to use a computer or phone-based software, and some people do not like the process of cuttings. However, if you have no other way to make jewelry, this is the best way for you to start!

Remember, when making jewelry by using cutting machines, that your fingers and hands be careful! They must be able to handle the heat of the machine in order to make any beautiful pieces.

Purchase acrylic and other materials

When making laser cut acrylic jewelry, you will need to purchase some materials. These include acrylic paint, paper templates, and a laser machine.

Acrylic Paint is a medium to high grade product that is painting or printing with art. Most artist’s acrylic paints are made with either oil or water based materials and are sold as paint. Some artists use colloidal Silicon liquid paints which are neither painting nor printing but rather layering of colors. Regardless, all good artistry comes from having the right material used properly!

Paper templates can be purchased as negative or positive versions. If you want your products to be handmade looking, purchase the hand-made version of the paper template. If you want your products to be easy to produce and make fast, buy the ready-made versions. Either way, have them handy so you do not have to spend time changing them when preparing your work.

Create the design using the laser cutter

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

Once you have your acrylic, it is time to make the design. You can use a desktop laser, or you can use a power-dazzling one. Both give you the same results- a clear, cut line that easily shines.

Either way, remember to set your computer and computer software to scale for this project. If you use a power-cutting laser, set the size of your paper as well.

Your jewelry will look beautiful if done right. Use heavy gauge wire to avoid being forced to purchase thinner ones that break more easily.

Clean and polish the acrylic

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

After you have cut your material, it is time to clean and polish the acrylic. You can do this at home, or in a beauty salon depending on where you have yours.

Many times, salons will prep the acrylic by pulling off any hairs or marks that may be on it. They will also clear away any trace of glue that may be holding it together.

Once these steps are completed, they will put down some strong scentless agents to protect the acrylic from damage. The beauty professionals will then add nail polish or skin care products to fill in any gaps and create a shape or pattern on your jewelry.

You can also do these at home by washing the pieces with warm water and drying them with a hair dryerhatteniceor by using a waxing technique such as waxing over antique furniture instead.

Acetone bath

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

Acetone is a common household ingredient. It is an organic, liquid chemical found in many places. It can be purchased at grocery stores and drug stores as a liquid antifreeze.

Acetone does not directly affect the body, but it can strip paint from shelves and cause it to break down, which is why it is often used in crafts like painting or embroidery.

In very small amounts, acetone does not affect the skin, so it can be used as a beauty product. Acetone does not have any scent or beauty benefits itself, however.

Make Acrylic Jewelry by first tracing your hand or another object with a pencil.

Put the piece in an acetone bath

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

When the acetone is dry, you can then ad another piece of acrylic to it! This process is called cutting a piece of acrylic into shape and then making it round or square again.

You can use the same cut or fold method to cut new acrylic pieces. It is great for creating new shapes or extendings of your jewelry.

This method can be used for cutting all kinds of jewelry- ring, pendant, and necklace. Even chandelier style necklaces are a way to make new pieces with your jewelry.

It is very cost-effective to do this as it takes just a few minutes per piece and it will help your next project.

Polishing pads

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

When completing your purchase, you will need to give your client a way to clean and care for their new jewelry. Some jewelry stores offer you the option of having your new piece polished at the store, which is great!

But if not, there are several ways to help your client care for their new laser cut acrylic jewelry. You can use vitamin E oil or balm on your hands to buff out any tangles or imperfections. You can also use a stone brush or soft cloth to remove any excess polish.

And lastly, you can use a damp wash cloth or tissue paper to prevent future clients from pulling off the acrylic gemstone shapes and putting them in their own mouth.

Steel wool with polish

how to make laser cut acrylic jewelry

When looking for ways to make your jewelry, you will come across a few methods using steel wool and a polish. These are:

Lasered acrylic powder mixed with water and then mixed with steel wool to create an abrasive surface to polish the metal

Use an electric drill and create a pilot hole for the metal

Mix some acrylic powder with steel wool and use that as the polishing material. This requires more effort to put into action, especially if you have to buy a round piece of jewelry or something large.

The last method is using an electric drill with no plastic cover. You can now safely use aflatacolor or another polish that will match your skin tone to make your jewelry. Just be careful doing this during the winter because you will be in close contact with the machine all day.

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