Gas Oven Broiler Not Working

If your oven is not heating or cooking properly, it may be due to two things being misaligned or broken. One way to diagnose this is to check the temperature of a baked good when it is sent in to be cooked. If the temperature is low, then one of the elements is malfunctioning.

Another way to diagnose this is by checking the broiler. The broiler can turn out to be problematic if the skin does not get crisp and brown on an item when it is hot. This can be corrected by using a different method of cooking such as roasting or grilling instead.

Luckily, there are some ways to fix the broiler if that is the issue.

Check the control knob

gas oven broiler not working

If the grill control knob does not turn, check it for dirt or a mark that it was recently removed.

If the knob does seem to be broken, you can replace it. A grade-accurate replacement is hard to find, but not impossible! A good resource is a website called Good Housekeeping Tool lineup.

Replace the control knob only if the grill is functioning properly due to having a functioning knob. If the grill seems to be heating and cooking better without a knob, then chances are it needs one!

If one of these components is found missing, you can still cook on your grill! Many sells offer sales on grills and roaster setups that include an oven and oven controller. Luckily for you, we have them here at GQS!

If all of this does not help, call your local fire department or grill manufacturer for help in assessing what has failed and replacing it.

Check the spark generator

If the grill is not working, check the spark generator. This is where the metal part that connects to the grill works. If this part is broken, then you will not be able to fire up the grill!

A spark generator can cost less than a hundred dollars, so this does not have to be trusted as a replacement part. However, it can save you time and money in the long run if your grill does not work.

In this case, it would have saved you time and money to buy a new one instead of looking for a replacement part. This could help you save some money in the long run!

The spark generator works by creating an electrical charge when it comes in contact with something such as meat or wood. When this happens, it fires up some hot metal that burns food and wood.

Make sure there is gas coming into the burner

gas oven broiler not working

When the gas oven broiler is working, you can safely put food in it and grill it! This means that the burner is getting gas to work.

If the burner is not working, then this may mean that there is not enough gas in the unit. This would require that the oven was taking enough to cook something! If you still want to use it, then make sure that the thermostat is set correctly and that there is enough gas coming into the burners.

Another problem could be a faulty burner. Make sure that you check your settings to make sure that they are correct before using any kind of heating appliance. If a burner does not seem to be working, check the Thermometer first to make sure it is setting correctly.

Take a match and hold it close to the spark generator

gas oven broiler not working

If the grill does not seem to be heating or cooling properly, check the spark generator. This is the part that generates electricity to run the grill and monitor temperature.

To check it, place a small piece of paper or match in its center and then pull out an end. If it lightens in color, it is working fine. If it gets darker and doesn’t light up again, then something is wrong!

If your grill has a power cord, look on both sides of the cord to see if there are any wire traces. If there are, those must be connected properly to the grill. If you can see them, they are wrong.

If you need help finding your grill, look for a handle that looks like a square tool with a rounded top and an oval base.

If there is not enough gas coming into the burner, then you will need to adjust the limit switch

gas oven broiler not working

If the burner is not heating enough food, then you need to adjust the limit switch. This switch controls how much gas is in the burner.

When this switch is on, it takes a small amount of gas to operate the cooktop. This helps maintain a steady temperature for the food being cooked. When this switch is off, it will not maintain a temperature for long because there are no gas left in it.

If your grill does not have a limit switch, you can cut back on how much gas you use by using a slightly smaller burner or using less firewood. Both of these things would reduce the burners useage slightly!

Both of these things would reduce the burners useage slightly! You can also contact your electric stove or oven manufacturer for maintenance recommendations on how to keep them working good.

Check the pipe connections

gas oven broiler not working

If your oven is working, check the connections on the pipe that goes to the gas line. If there are any breaks or loosens, you will need to repair or replace them.

Your oven may be receiving too little or too much gas supply. A working oven may seem lit from the gas line, but a breakdown may look like it is cooking, but not heating food.

A bad furnace can cause this out-of-shape heat and temperature regulation. Your baked good will taste burnt and/or sweet, which is not great if you really wanted to enjoy it!

Make sure you have a sufficient supply of gas for your oven by checking the lines. If yours seems low, try increasing the tank size or adding more burners on your stove top to create more space. Both of these help maintain your oven properly.

Turn off the gas and check for a leak

gas oven broiler not working

If the grill is working, you can now check for a leak by turning on the gas. If there is a leak, water will be coming out, you will hear water flowing, and then it will stop. This is because the gas keeps heat in and water out.

If the grill is not working, then you can check for a leak by turning off the gas line. Then, try to turn on the grill by removing and reinserting the hoses leading to it. If that works, you have found the problem!

Hopefully this article helped to explain how to fix an oven that does not broil or grill properly.

Replace the spark generator or ignition module

gas oven broiler not working

If the spark generator or ignition module is failing, it can result in poor heat distribution and a fire. A failed spark generator or ignition module can also cause your oven to not function.

To test if the ignition module is working, place a CD in it and turn on the oven. If the CD works, then it must be functioning to give you validation of an error in the module.

To replace the whole module, look on the inside of the oven door where the pull tab attaches. You will need a tool to remove and replace this, but don’t take it out unless you do so first!

Replaceable modules have heads that are separate from the body, making it possible to determine which one needs replaced. An old head can land in there and stop it working properly again.

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