How To Make Candy Decorations With Styrofoam?

Making candy is a fun way to do some minimalistic crafts. There are so many different ways to make candy, so there is no wrong way to write off the article.

Candy makes a great subject for creativity classes as well, as there are many different ways to make it. It is always a favorite thing to share a sweet treat with someone!

This article will talk about how to make styrofoam candy decorations. They are easy to do and will last for several days if done correctly.

Mix it with petroleum jelly

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

If you are looking to make some very cool candy decorations, you may want to give this a try. Instead of using traditional fondant or sanding sugar, you can use some Styrofoam. This allows you to create many different shapes and sizes which is one of the reasons this recipe is so fun!

You can also use some petroleum jelly as a binder to your Styrofoam. This helps set the softness of your candy and makes it stay on the styrofoam better.

You can put your desired colorants in your jelly and use them as a glue instead of water. This way, there is no risk of it coming down if the sprinkles are large enough.

Create your candy shape

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

Now that you have your shape, it is time to put your finishing touch on it. You can do either ribbon, writing, or both.

With ribbons, you can attach them to the shape using clear tape or lacing. If you want more detail, add another piece of candy as the ribbon gets thicker.

With contrasting materials such as paper and plastic, you can use double-sided tape for one side and glue for the other.

Either way, be sure to match up all of your pieces!

Be careful with these types of decorations- they can get very messy! Some people may need help keeping track of what goes where because it is so beautiful.

Coat in sugar mixture

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

Next, coat the styrofoam pieces with sugar mixture. You can use regular white sugar or light/dark brown sugar depending on the color of your mixture. Make sure to coat all of the styrofoam pieces evenly to prevent squareshaped cavities during baking!

Paragraph continue to add your chocolate chips and top with cinnamon chips. Now, let them sit until set. This will take about an hour or so depending on how fast you mix the chocolate and Styrofoam.

Now, cut up your candy and enjoy! These are beautiful decorations that look great even after being cut up and stored. They last a while if stored in a cool, dry place.

Let dry

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

Once the Styrofoam has been cooked, it can be laid out to cool down. If you are making several candy decorations with the same Styrofoam, give each one a different time to cool down so they do not break down.

It is important to let the candy decorations completely dry before storing or using. This will prevent any water from breaking down the plastic and making it difficult to make your decorations stick.

Once they have dried, cut them into whatever size pieces you want and wrap them in something airy to keep them warm.

Melt chocolate

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

When baking chocolate cookies or the like, what kind of chocolate you use and what temperature chocolate you use in candy makes a big difference.

Chocolate contains lactose, an important carbohydrate that your body cannot process without milk to help with the process. This means that there is a special bowl of milk powder you need to use to make chocolate!

Lactose is not an absorbable carbohydrate, so while your body can slightly cook it, it cannot completely digest it. This means that while your body can handle the lactose in the food, you must also have the right temperature chocolate to contain it.

Dical diving paper or mailing tape works well as a substitute for milk in baking. You can even use regular tape if those do not work for you.

Coat candy in chocolate

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

When baking chocolate candy, you need to coat it in a process called rolling. This process creates smooth and uniform chocolate throughout the candy.

Rolling involves taking a small piece of candy and rolling it out until you have an even surface. Then, you need to put some chocolate on top of the roll and roll away!

This process takes a few times to get the hang of, but once you do, you can create different types of candy decorations. You can roll coconut wheels, crescent moons, or even sprinkle them with cocoa powder.

Sprinkle with decorations

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

Once your Styrofoam is cool, the best part to do with it is sprinkle with decorations. You can use paper chains, scrapbooking glue, and more.

Using scrapbooking glue will work well to stick your decorations on. If you use a large quantity of decorations, you can save some of these in storage.

Using paper chains can be fun and easy way to make candy decorations. Just find a long, thin piece of paper that will fit inside your Styrofoam container, and then create your chain. It works the same way if you use plastic or vinyl material.

Then just put them all in the oven and let them cool before trying to assemble your display.

Place in airtight container until ready to use

how to make candy decorations with styrofoam

Once you cut the styrofoam into the desired shapes and sizes, it is time to put them together. You can either place one piece in the center of another or drape a sheet over them and let the steam release them.

Both ways work however and you will find that some pieces do fall off as the containers cool. This is not a problem as they can just re-adhere once heated!

We suggest draping a few sheets over each one to ensure they are completely covered. Once hot, these hard toys will stay warm longer! Try making some fun lube dispensers or something similar and see how many people have fun designs to put on them.

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