Galaxy S6 Edge Home Button Not Working

The button located on the left side of the phone that activates your notifications and alerts, also known as the power button or back button, is called the home button.

When you press it, it sends a signal to your phone to re-engage the N915 anyway. This action makes you feel more secure as it reminds you of your home screen and back functionality.

However, this feature can be removed at any time by going to Settings > Display & Sound > Home Button Removal. You can also turn it off in Settings > Display & Sound if you do not want it present.

This feature is not available on any other Samsung smartphone except for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. Some people feel that it adds unnecessary weight to the device and decreases its battery life, so they choose not to have it installed.


Reboot your phone

If your button is failing, you must do something about it soon!

The only way to access and replace the button is by doing a hard-reset, which means turning off your phone completely. This requires taking apart the phone to get to the reset button!

Then, you have to wait for it to cycle through its re-programming process and then tap on the wake up sound to wake up your phone. You will have to do this a few times until it works!
Whether you choose an easier or more complex method, having a hard-reset can be beneficial in some situations.

Broken buttons can be tough to replace. There are some places that will substitute new buttons but not all of them.

Factory reset your phone

If you are having trouble registering or turning on the side button, or seeing the gavel as the term suggests, please read this next article.

Switch on tap unlock and lock settings

If you are having trouble switching on and off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, try these tips.

The first fix is to tap on the lock button several times to enter theSettings menu. This helps enter the correct passcode when requiring access to the phone settings.

The second fix is to use a computer or other device that has been connected to your phone via USB as a workaround. Try this first, but if it does not work, then you will need to remove the battery and reset the phone by holding down both power button and volume up at the same time for at least five seconds. Then try again.

Contact Samsung for repair

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 is already a year or older, you should talk to Samsung about the Home Button.

The Home Button was a very prominent feature of the Galaxy line up until recently. It used to be an easy way to go back and forth between home screen and lock screen.

However, with new features like multiuser account support and expanded notifications, this has become more of a challenge to fix. Newer phones have had newer problems with the buttons which is why this article is so important.

If you have recently bought your phone and it has issues with the Home Button, do not risk being unable to go back into the phone’s settings or locking/unlocking it. Contact Samsung’s flagship repair center for Galaxy S6 Edge repairs.

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