How To Get Gear In Legion

Legion is the second expansion for World of Warcraft, released in January 2017. It introduces a new continent and new islands, as well as new weapons and armor types.

Legion is broken up into three parts: Magistrate’s Court, Dawning Point, and Epiphany. These areas focus on different aspects of gear, and together they create a full overview of what transmutation techniques offer and how to acquire them.

This overview is vital to knowing which transmutations are useful for your character build, as some nodes are very specific to certain builds. For example, the Aesthetic node for aesthetic appeal is very helpful for characters with strong facial features such as beauty or an attractive character!

There are three ways to get gear in Legion: from NPCs, through world quests, and through Transmutation Techniques (the only way to acquire all nodes now).

Buy it from another player

If you want new gear, you can go out and buy it yourself. It’s the more expensive option that comes with a account, though. You can also find new gear in the community, in-game markets, or through other players.

Some people trade new gear for old gear or complete sets to get new items. If you are looking to add some DPS to your account, this is a great way to do it.

To get new accounts into the game, you must send in your old account and purchase a Legionnaire’s Code from an authorized source. This code can be obtained by going up to a vendor and asking for one (if there is not one nearby), going to an official Legion event, or through an automated system on the website.

Run mythic dungeons

In order to gain gear in Legion, you will need to run mythic dungeons. These are difficult dungeon challenges that require you to use hard-earned stats and abilities in a specific order.

Mythic dungeons are set in a unique environment and have a unique difficulty curve. As a player, your score is used to determine if you can enter the Mythic Dungeon system, which allows you to run Mythic Dungeons more quickly than if you did not use the time bonus.

However, since your score is used for determining whether or not you can enter the Mythic Dungeon system, there is some leeway for players who do not meet the standard to get into the dungeon.

You can enter a mythic with as low of a failed challenge as taking two seconds! This is huge because it allows more players access to these challenging dungeons, which can help spread the gear deficit.

Run mythic trials

There are two mythic trials in Legion, the Shoo-Me Mythic Trial and the Dread Mythic Trial. Both trials are difficult and require you to be at the top of your ability.

If you are not yet level 80, you can still run these trials. You will need to complete a lower level trial first, then you can move on to the higher level trial.

Both trials have a champion that awaits your challenge. The champion allows you to enter an empowered state where your abilities do more damage and is much more difficult to beat.

Forge armor pieces

Once you have enough gear, it is time to craft! There are a few ways to craft armor pieces, but the most trusted way is through the forge.

In order to use the forge, you must first acquire the necessary materials. These include weapons, armor components, and raw material sheets.

Weapon parts can be crafted into darts, short swords, clubs, and staves. ArmoringComponent parts can be crafted into bracers and belts. Body armoringComponent parts can be crafted into shirts and pants.

Darts and short swords take up very little space in your inventory, making this the most preferred method of getting armoringComponent parts.

Get rewarded with loot drops

After you finish a mission, you will receive loot boxes called cohorts. These loot boxes contain various items such as mounts, wings, and emotes.

Every Legion cohort you receive will increase your chance to obtain new mounts and wings. So, if you are looking to obtain a new mount, try getting the mount that has the most rewards!

However, it is not enough to just get colts and sixes – you must do so after completing at least one mission! Colts and sixes can be spent in different ways so do not forget to get some reward money in the process.

If you are looking for new gear or want to up your current gear score, try scanning the loot boxes before hand to see if they have any legendary items or bundles inside of them.

Use artifact power to unlock upgrades

Upgrade your gear by finding and using artifact power nodes. These are the blue glowing areas on weapon or item descriptions, as well as in game.

By opening up the node system, you will be able to purchase new upgrades for your gear. There are six levels of power, with one being worth a set amount of gold per level.

At level two, you will get one additional enhancement, and at level four, you will have full enhancement support. You can buy these at vendors or through upgrading your current gear.

Some upgrades require you to complete a new quest or find another way to reach the same goal! This is how the game gives you feedback – it wants you to keep pressing forward to get the best upgrade.

Improve your gear with scoursable armor pieces

If you’re looking to improve your gear, then you should try trading or looting armor pieces from the PvP and PvE zones. In order to scrounge an item, you must first complete a quest.

These quests are usually rewarded by pieces of armor that are broken or destroyed. For example, if you were wearing a full set of heavy armor when it was destroyed, you could scrounge up one or more of the pieces.

Scoursable armor pieces can be worth their cost, as they will improve your damage or defense significantly. If you are struggling with any piece of gear, looking through the catalog may help find a new piece to add to your collection!

Another way to get better gear is by working for it. While playing with friends, try working together on quests or together on Scrying Tableplaces to see what other people have collected.

Reforge your items with spec gems

Once you have a high enough level to loot gear, the best way to get new gear is through the Reforge system. This can be done at any time, even when you are not level 100!

When you reach level 20 in Reforging mode, you can choose any item type: weapons, armor, jewelry, and accessories. Once made, you can return them to either a vendor or The Council for evaluation.

All five of your stats must be present on an item in order for it to be reworked. If one is removed, another one must be added to replace it. If one color is removed, another color must appear to match it.

If an item is too powerful for you right now, maybe with the new expansion coming soon, The Council will allow you to downgrade its power by changing some stats.

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