Deer Hunting Gear Must Haves

Deer is one of the most popular big game animals to hunt in America. While it may be harder to find a wild deer in back-country or upland settings, there are ways to hunt them in waterside settings or in close-by forests.

For example, you can go hunting during autumn or winter season and find a deer anywhere. These times are usually from early September to early January as it takes about six months for a newborn baby deer to get comfortable with its surroundings.

Once the new born baby decides it wants to explore its surroundings, it looks for an area where there is some cover and good footing to settle down. You can then go after them!

The second way to hunt this animal is by boat. Many fishing guides offer boat hunts where you can catch a fish and take home your dinner! They teach you how to do this on land as well.


Quality hunting knife

A quality hunting knife is a must have item for any true outdoors enthusiast. While not directly related to hunting, having a quality knife for cutting and gardening can be very handy.

Many times while preparing food or doing any sort of cutting work, you will need a knife. With the proper size knife for the job, you will be more successful at your next hunt.

There are several features that look important but that may not be used all the time is able to maintain a good edge can buy cheap knives and make sure they are maintaining their sharpness. A poor choice of knife may prove costly in the long run.

The length of the blade is not the only thing to consider when buying your next knife.

Game bag

Your bag should be large enough to comfortably accommodate all your hunting needs. This is an essential piece of gear that you do not want to forget or underestimate.

Many times, hunters are worried about leaving anything behind when they go deer hunting. Because of this, the bigger the bag, the better. A medium-size bag is good enough for most situations.

It is also important that the bag be strong enough to hold what you put into it. You do not want to be carrying a light backpack that can easily break under the stress of hunting!

Some hunters prefer a small game bag instead of a large one. In this case, the small one can be able to fit only the most essential items, while the bigger one can hold more items without being needed in heavy weather or during aggressive prey defense.

Map of hunting grounds

A map is invaluable while hunting. While the rest of us may be able to figure out where a deer or any other animal is at during the winter, you can special order your map to show you where they are during the fall or winter break.

This helps immensely when trying to decide if it is a good area to hunt, as they can tell if it is snowing or whether it is winter weather. If it’s winter, then they do not hibernate and no hunting!

While traditional maps are helpful, computerized maps are even more so. It gives you the ability to see all of your potential hunting sites in case one of them does not show up on the first pass, which is so helpful.

These also help in deciding what weapons you need for deer hunting. Heavier rifles and shotguns than pistols and rifles are needed for most situations, making buying new gear for deer hunting does not need to be that expensive.


Having a compass is an important piece of hunting gear. They aren’t just for map reading, anyway. A compass can be used for finding your north, or finding your way in the woods!

A compass is a tool that has many different styles and brands. Some use them regularly, while others learn how to use one, but the end result is the same- finding your way in the woods!

The trick to having a good compass is choosing one that works well. You want one that feels solid and that you can hold comfortably. You also want one that is easy to read and understand.


Having binoculars is an essential part of any deer hunting gear list. They can help you find theattoosehcly in the thick brush or open spaces that indicate a whitetail buck is close by.

Binoculars are also useful for stalking a whitetail buck. You can sit in a tree trunk and look down at the ground, which is how you stalk a deer. By sitting on one side of the buck and standing on the other, you can easily shift your focus from what looks like one big body to individual spots on it.

While most people buy theirs with standard size lenses, there are ways to use them if you need to. If you need to see more details or hide if he moves, then get smaller lenses so they do not hinder your vision.

Blood trail markers

A blood trail marker is an important part of hunting gear. They are typically small pieces of paper or plastic where you can write the date you hunt and the game you hunted, called a blood trail marker.

These are great for showing proof of animal status such as a kill ticket or spraysplash! They are also useful if you have to travel long distances to hunt, since you can mark your location during the hunt to show others that you killed an animal.

Many hunters take advantage of their blood trail markers on social media and at hunts, so they become part of your personal network. Having people know that you were successful in killing an animal is key in gaining recognition and getting invitations to upcoming hunts.

Reflective gear

Having the right gear can make the difference between a successful night’s hunting and a frustrating one for you and your prey. Some say that certain brands of hunting gear are better than others, but none are absolute bests.

If you are going to be outdoors in the winter, then getting a pair of wool or leather pants is a must. These will help keep you warm and prevent wet clothes and clothing ruining your hunt.

A heavy shirt or sweatshirt will help keep you warm as well, so do not spend all of your money on a thermal shirt that is insulated only against heat!

For your jacket, get one with lots of pockets so you can put everything away. Your pants should have lots of leg room so that you do not feel confined in them, and do not cost very much that way if they have lots of liner inside of them.

Cold weather gear

If you are going out in winter weather, then you should consider some winter gear must have’s. These things will help you stay warm and prevent the weathering out (fleeing or hiding during heat stress) that other people recommend using.

A chest coat or thermal shirt is a must have. This helps to keep your body warm by insulating it. A heavy jacket is next to essential as it prevents heat loss and helps to be more comfortable than a shirt. A heavy pantsuit may be necessary if going hunting in colder weather conditions.

Lastly, a lightweight pair of socks are needed to keep up the warmth of the feet and prevent cold feet soles from freezing.

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