Can You Make Calls On Gear S2

A new feature in most major smartwatches is the capability to make phone calls via the device’s speaker. This is a great feature to have as most people are connected to a phone every day, and demand for making phone calls on smartwatches is increasing everyday.

Many brands offer their watches with a mobile app, but it is always difficult to hear the other person due to the sound being lowered or absent on the watch. With soundless phones, you can at least talk without being overly concerned about hearing you due to background noise!

Some watches do not have the speaker because they are not intended for making phone calls and did not need one.

Settings to use the call feature

When using the call feature on a Samsung Galaxy S2, you have a few settings to use it. These include Making a Call, Reaching an Other via the Call Feature, and Using the Camera as a Phone Call Feature.

Making a call requires you to have a phone connected to the Samsung Network. This can be via speaker or phone connection. You will then need to specify who you are calling, and if you want to leave a message or send an email message.

If you want to send an image or video instead of a message, this needs to be done too! Once both people are ready, they can then connect their phones and start making calls.

Reaching an other via the call feature does not require any phones be connected.

Adjust volume

When cell phones are hands-free, you can lower or increase the volume by removing or adding a headset. Most people find that when driving or doing activities where you need to be aware of your surroundings, but also has its benefits!

When using the phone via a headset, the caller can adjust the volume for themselves. The main difference is that when speaking into the phone with the headset attached, it is amplified.

When talking directly with someone else on the phone, they can adjust the volume for themselves as well. Also, when listening to music through a headphones device, you can reduce or increase the volume by how hard you rock your head back!

Can You Make Calls on Gear S2? The answer is yes! There are several ways to make calls on your Gear S2, and both wired and wireless headsets work.

Select a ringtone

When you have a phone with no external speaker and only the line-out of your device, then the best way to make a call is to use a headset. While this is not percualy recommended due to static, noise, and voice quality, it can be fun to try.

Many phones now have feature-length calls which are perfect for trying this out. Many people enjoy making fun sounds when they talk and using very small headphones helps create some noise around you while you make the call.

Once you do that, you can always buy more headsets! There are many cheap ones that work just as well as high-end ones.

Add a number

Now let’s talk about making calls on your gear. Add a number, or a button! With the addition of the #, you can now make and receive calls on your phone!

Many brands offer the feature as standard, so long as your device can handle it. You can call from your phone using your Gear S2 device as a modem or router, allowing you to make calls using services such as Google Voice or mobile Skype.

Some devices do not support the feature yet, meaning that you will have to rely on a pre-paid plan for calling or very limited features with your gadget.

Make the call

If you are currently using a Bluetooth headset, try making the call on the S2. You can now dial and hold your device against the speaker on your headset to make a call.

This feature is a new one for the S2 and will not be available on all devices at first. You will need to install a free app for now to make the call on your device.

Once installed, you can use your standard number or have an assistant dial you for a phone call. You can also leave voice messages!

Answer a call

When you want to make a call, you need to connect your phone to your phone line. You can do this by using aIN2PhoneLine, which is available at Many cellular companies now offer the aIN2PhoneLine app as part of their lineup.

You can also use a speakerphone or an overlay such as Google Voice, but then you need to put your phone in audio playback mode in order for someone on the other end of the line to hear you.

If you are already on a phone call and want to take a break, you can just place your phone on silent or turn off the data connection.

Can You Make Calls on Gear S2The answer is yes! You can make calls on both the regular oldGear S2 and the newerGear S2 Plus. Both versions allow for voice recognition and calling via equipment.

Use the speakerphone feature

When your Samsung S2 is hooked up to a phone or headset, the only way to make a call is by using the built-in speakerphone feature. This feature allows you to listen to someone on your device without taking off your earpiece or headset.

This can be useful when you need to conference call with another person, but also when you do not want to take off your earpiece or headset, you can use the speakerphone feature.

You can also use the speakerphone feature when sending messages on your Samsung Gear S2. Just set the appropriate mode on your phone and go!

When using the speakerphone feature, be careful. You can get distracted by what you are saying and how loud you have to be.

Download the app for making calls on your smartwatch

The latest version of the Gear S2 app is version 2.0. This update includes support for making calls on your smartwatch via the phone or tablet device you are connected to.

This is a unique feature and not available on other smartwatches that don’t have voice activated features. You will still need a phone or tablet to use this feature, however.

Since the app now supports making calls on your watch, you should check it out! It took me a few tries to get the hang of doing this, but eventually I did it. Once I did, it was nice being able to make a call and answer the phone in public places without having to take my watch off!

There are some limitations to this feature. Only private conversations can be conducted on your watch using the phone or tablet device connected via Bluetooth. Also, only one call can be made per minute while using the app on your smartwatch.

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