Boot Inserts To Keep Shape

If you are looking to keep your shape while removing the need for high heels, then boot inserts are for you. Boot insertions can add extra length to your feet, keeping the shape that you want without having to wear heels.

You can buy them at many beauty supply stores and online. They are also available in some places such as Target and Amazon.

How they work and how long they last is dependent on who makes them and what they mix them with. Some material mixes better than others does matter, but all of them can be worn day-to-day.

We will not talk about health effects or maintenance of wear here, since this is specifically for those looking to add a few days to their shoe wear or hiding flat shoes.

Uses for boot inserts

boot inserts to keep shape

Despite being a non-essential part of gym goers, foot inserts can be a valuable tool in your arsenal. The right ones can keep your shape even when you walk or run, keeping you comfortable and allowing you to increase your distance walked per day.

Many people use them to help maintain shape on the body that has been overweight. Because they add so much volume to the feet, this is a way to keep the weight around the legs and feet.

In fact, one study conducted on lean muscle mass found that adding 5% to 10% of body weight in shoes was enough of an improvement in shape that it was worth it. Heavier shoes contribute more volume overall, making this extra effort well worth it.

Leather boot inserts

boot inserts to keep shape

Choosing a leather insert is a process of discovery. There are many ways to prepare the leather for insertion, how to remove the boot from the insert, and how to maintain the shape of the insert.

Some tools you need for this process: A boot press, stapler, scissors, tape measurer, ruler, computer software to create your shape, and tips and tricks.

General recommendations: Pressing the leather with a stapler before cutting can help keep your boot shape. Using a tape measurer can help keep one from overtingching or undertingching a boot. Using a sharp knife rather than one with heavier padding can help keep movement and sharpness in your boot.

To maintain integrity of the leather versus having it break down or stretch during inserting or removing the boot (or being able to wear it), use only water soluble glue instead of traditional epoxy.

Polyester boot inserts

boot inserts to keep shape

If you do not want to wear leather boot inserts, polyester boot inserts are an option. These are easier to come by as they are a lesser material than leather and vinyl.

Unlike leather, which requires tanning before use, vinyl and freezer paper can be used for this. With both of these alternatives, the material has to be laminated before placing it into the foot. This must be done in order to ensure it stays in place.

Additionally, some brands use foam as an insert instead of plastic. This may help keep shape to the foot if it is a natural shape. If it is a round or square shape, then there may not be enough space for the insert to stay in place.

Then there are boot surfaces that do not have edges or places where one foot meets the other. These require padding in order for them to hold shape and keep their edge down.

Help keep your boots shaped

boot inserts to keep shape

If you find that your boot is already shapely, then there are a few things you can do to keep the shape. For instance, if you attach a scuff insert to the sole of your boot, it can add some structure to the boot. If you put down some pebbles or sand in the boots, that too will help add shape.

Another tip is to press down the leather with your finger after waterproofing it. This will help lock in any moisture and water that escapes during use.

Prevent creasing

boot inserts to keep shape

If you ever find your jeans starting to crease, here are some tips to prevent creasing.

First, choose your jeans for their crease-proof property. Research suggests that tight jeans cause greater crease resistance, so look for those before purchasing new jeans. If you do have a Creponess gene, then buy local producer jeans!

Another tip is to buy Jeans with Abrasives on the Skin – these contains greater amounts of natural oils that help maintain the shape of the leg. If possible, look for ones with no00000 on the inside of the denim because this indicates they were produced in a factory where no production numbers were placed.

Keep them clean

boot inserts to keep shape

Most people don’t think about how their shoes clean, or how often. This can be a big problem!

Most people don’t think about cleaning their shoes except when it gets dirty. Most people just toss their shoes in with the other clothes in the washer and they come out clean.

But if you are like most people, then you should be careful about keeping your shoe lasts fresh. The last of a shoe is what holds its shape while you are walking in it!

When shopping for new shoes, look for lasts that are the same size as your current shoe or a little bit larger.

Avoid smearing your boots with dirt and grease

boot inserts to keep shape

If you want your boot inserts to keep their shape, then avoid washing your boots with grease and oil. If you wash them with these on, do so only when needed to keep the shape of the boot.

Washing the boots too frequently can cause them to lose their shape and feel, due to the amount of times they are immersed in water. When this happens, you will have to purchase new boots or shoes!

Instead, if you want to go outside for a while or train outside, take some warm socks and put them on before putting the boot ins on. You can also put some heat tape around the ins area of the boot to add some warmth if you need to stay out long.

Use waterproof insert materials

boot inserts to keep shape

If you are looking to keep the shape of your feet, opt for material that is water resistant. This means it can withstand some water pressure, but not all of it. You do not want your feet to get wet!

Some materials are more resistant to water than others. Some are oil and grease resistant, making them better choice for a waterproof insert. If you do not have any questions about which ones work, look for material that is breathable and soft.

You can also choose between lined and unlined inserts. A lined insert has paper or cloth used to hold it in place, whereas an unlined one does not.

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