Why Is Xbox So Expensive

Virtual reality (VR) is a new way to experience the world around you. With the aid of a headset, you can step into another world and feel truly connected to it.

With the introduction of the high-end VR device, the Oculus Rift, prices have been dropping dramatically. Recent reports state that the price of the Rift has dropped even more due to increased popularity.

Why is Xbox Such an Expensive Device?

The average gamer does not need an expensive device to enjoy virtual reality (VR). However, for those who love gaming but don’t want to run out of money anytime soon, then VR is for you!

With devices like the Oculus Rift costing hundreds of dollars, only very serious gamers will ever purchase one.


Microsoft profits

While the average person does not profit from buying an Xbox, there are many who do. For $499 you get a one-year subscription to Xbox Live, which allows you to connect your Windows 10 or Android device to your home network and play online games and simu lation device.

You also get a controller and limited software applications such as gaming goodsion, which allows you to stream games to your computer. Plus, with each new console release, you can get additional yearn of Live.

At each new sale date, you can buy yourself a little more access than before.

Hardware costs

While software and consoles cost money to purchase, hardware costs money to use. DVRs, wireless routers, monitors, PCs have high cost that need to be maintained.

Hardware costs include buying the device itself, going into store to get it installed, and operating costs such as power bills when installed. These numbers are estimates as many do not know these details in their devices.

Most people do not take care of their hardware which is why it goes bad faster. Take your PC or DVR for example and clean them out regularly!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about bronze review companies and why Xbox 360 is a good buy if you are looking at cheap consoles.

Xbox Live

With Xbox Live, you can connect your computer or phone to the network and play games with other people. It is the largest network for gaming, making it cheaper to join than other networks.

To be a member of Xbox Live, you must first purchase a premium account. These accounts cost $4 per month or $12 per year, giving you more features and access to more games!

Some features of premium account include: being able to create an online store where you can sell goods by auction or regular payment, being able to see friends’ recently played games and having the ability to organize top wins and losses in those games.


Games are a big part of living as an Xbox owner. There are thousands of games available for your Xbox, and they’re always being updated and new ones coming out!

Most games cost money depending on how long you play it and how well you perform. Some games are free-to-play, but that does not mean you will get good quality gameplay if you do not spend money on it.

You can download games onto your Xbox and then play them on your device, or you can purchase the game to use on your Xbox. Either way, it is worth paying for the game because it is better quality than something you could download off of Amazon or Google Play.

You can also buy digital copies of games if you do not want to buy them in print form.

Marketing campaign

An important part of gaming is marketing campaign. You can’t just throw games into stores and expect them to sell themselves. They need to be promoted through advertisements and campaign.

For example, if you’re shopping for a new phone, you’d see various advertisements for different phones at the store display and on the website. You would then have to choose which one meets your needs and takes your money.

In contrast, when someone purchases a game they are more focused than ever before on social media, forums, message boards, etc., to get feedback and/or announcement of new games. This is why console lifespans are so long!

With all this attention paid to games, they have no choice but to use their best marketing techniques to get more people onto their platform (aka “marketingcampaign!).

Brand recognition

A well-known fact is that brands create more sales opportunities for products associated with them.

That is how you know McDonalds makes tasty, yet expensive McRiches and Starbucks has so many Frappuccino and Caffe latte customers.

consoles are very well-known, even to people who have never played a video game before. This is because they are very expensive! Many people do not realize that a $400 console can be less expensive than a $200 console.

This is true even for Nintendo consoles, which are more cost-friendly than Sony ones.

Sony Playstation 4

Similar to the appeal of Xbox, the desire to play games and be entertained by them is big business.

Like other major gaming consoles, the Playstation 4 comes with many games available for purchase. These include popular games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty Black Ops III, and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

However, these games are not for free! They cost real money depending on whether you download them or not. This is how you pay for them- you pay for access to the game rather than receive a full game copy upon purchase.

The Playstation 4 is expensive because you are buying more content than your standard console would offer. A typical set would consist of PlayStation 3 DualShock controller ($60), DualShock 4 controller ($70), and Vita lead battery pack ($20) – totaling $300 in additional cost.

4K support

4K support is becoming more and more common as we move forward. More and more devices are supporting 4K, making it more accessible every day.

With 4K support comes a new term: 4K resolution. A resolution of 3840 pixels by 7280 pixels, which is a higher resolution than standard 1080p.

While standard 1080p resolutions are still available, they are becoming less and less common as time goes on. 4K is the next step for video quality, so when it becomes available at a lower price point, people will rush to get it.

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