Why Is Subway So Expensive

Subarus are a very beloved car brand. They’re beautiful, reliable, and easy to ride. So how is it that you have to spend so much money on a car?

Subaru has been making cars for over fifty years. That means they have been developing cars for a long time to help people find their vehicle of choice.

Some of those vehicles are classics that people still cherish today. For example, the Subaru Leone is still sold new today! Way back in the 1970s and 1980s, these classic vehicles were expensive because you had to make room in your budget for quality engineering.

Today, however, these classic designs can be bought at relatively low prices which make them accessible to more drivers.


Quality of meat

why is subway so expensive

You would never expect a $4 sandwich to be of such high quality. The meat may seem grainy, the seasoning may seem sparse, and the bun may look small.

However, these things can make a difference in quality of meat and quality of experience. A thick, hearty sandwich can make a huge difference in flavor. A small, thinner, more affordable sandwich might be more enjoyable.

Quality of meat is another factor in cost that people do not realize they are paying for. The best beef comes from grass-fed animals and is expensively sourced. The cheapest beef is not always sustainable and better for your health to consume.

Lastly, fatness makes a difference in cost per gram. An attempted cheaper meat might be whitefish or salmon instead of tilapia which is expensively sourced, dense, and good for health to eat.

Size of sandwich

why is subway so expensive

A small sandwich can cost a lot of money. A medium-size sandwich can cost a little over a dollar! A large-sized sandwich can cost almost $2!

The size of the Sandwich ranges from as little as a few bites to nearly half of the total size. Most bars and clubs have larger sizes, so these larger sized sandwiches are more expensive.

Many times, small and cheap-size sandwiches are not punched down in the packing process, which results in more expensive wraps, wider pieces of bread, and higher prices.

Some wraps are priced at one dollar but were cut into narrow strips to look like thicker bread. This results in a very expensive wrap that costs only a few dollars per person! If someone wanted to buy it in smaller pieces, it would be cheaper than the whole package.

Customers influence

why is subway so expensive

If you look at the pictures of any restaurant, you can probably find something that someone else ate there lately.

There might be a couple sitting next to each other, or one person was served but another person was not. This helps in determining who influences the food and drinks being made and served.

Unique ingredients

why is subway so expensive

Most new restaurants have five to six ingredients that must be present for a dish to be called a restaurant-prepared food.

These include: flour, milk, bread, and/or cereal materials used to make the bread, the milk used in a beverage or dish, and the chemical compound found in some foods that makes them taste better than others.

This can be confusing for someone looking up food options or services. Many times, there are only two of these ingredients: bread and drink material/taste better than else items.

However, most new restaurants use all of them because they are included in the production of food. Some companies even recommend using two of these elements in order to improve the quality of the food being served.

Pricey bread

why is subway so expensive

Most breads are made of milled flour and butter or sugar and butter. These foods are combined together and shaped into bread, usually to be grilled.

Butter is a little more difficult to find than bread that is sugar and butter. Luckily, there are several brands of butter that are very easy to find!

The problem most people face when trying to figure out how much butter they need with some of the more expensive butters. Some brands are quite easy to measure: just use one cup of the material per one pound of butter needed.

Another difficulty people face when trying to know how much butter is enough is that some can be too hot or too soft, respectively.

Limited time offers

why is subway so expensive

As a consumer, you can help stop limited time offers from happening by being aware of them. If a company offers a deal for a limited time, they must post it on their website and on social media for at least two to three days before the offer starts.

When these deals come up, people usually want to take the deal because of how affordably priced it is. However, most people can not wait until the offer goes down so others can take it. It is then forced to lower the offer price before someone takes it up.

These deals are very popular so if you’re not one to take a leap of faith, then go ahead and get what you want before someone else does! These deals are often discounted by over 30% when there is enough interest created around them.

The tomato sauce

why is subway so expensive

If you’re a fan of the Italian style, then you probably think of pizza as having a tomato sauce on it. If you look at a pizza, it has toppings on it.

Paragraphs of toppings are called carbohydrates! As we consume too many of them, our bodies cannot function properly and lose weight. The same thing applies to vegetables!

We recommend two to four vegetables per day. A small amount of vegetables can help you feel more satisfied and lose weight more quickly. Most people don’t eat enough of these so they remain empty in the stomach and don’teach us anything about how to use them for health or cooking.

The problem with traditional fast food restaurants is that they are expensive. You have to buy your ticket and place your order before they open so as to secure a seat.

The cheese

why is subway so expensive

At first, the sandwiches are relatively affordable. The classic submarine is only $4.50, and that’s a small, low calorie option. However, as you continue to eat and shop, more and more food items and items-of-ayn-size become locked in as taxes and discounts do not apply to them.

This can be very frustrating when looking at aishop or aarbs because they are so inexpensively made. For example, when looking at the low price of $1 for the simple white bread with meatball base, you would expect there to be enough food left over to give someone another piece of bread or two!

Another cost factor that people do not realize is drink prices. Many drinks are expensive because they are expensive in other countries where they are sold for less than here.

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