Why Is Snowboarding So Expensive

Snowboarding is an extremely fun way to get into skating. There are many snowboarding schools, resorts, and competitions where you can start or join as aSnowboarder.

There are many companies that manufacture snowboards for all skill levels and features, so you do not have to be the best at snowboarding to buy a product! Most of these products are at least semi-competent at what snowboard you are using, making it a great way to start learning.

Starting out is hard because there is always something new to learn about snowboarding. There are always new tricks, new places to ride, and new looks that people create.



Gear is a big factor in why snowboarding gear is expensive. Most high-end snowboards have several sets of gloves, boots, and other gear attached to them via brands such as Burton or Wego.

Many companies offer significant discounts for buying equipment together, which makes it easier to save money!

When looking into purchasing snowboard equipment, it is best to buy cheap snowboard shoes and the Snow Sport Package at checkout as these may be more cost effective.

If you are looking for more advanced training or riding skills, then wood or plastic skis are your best bet. If you are looking for more durable equipment that will last you through many seasons, metal products are your bet.


While snowboarding is a great way to get your feet wet, it is not the only sport that requires equipment. There are many competitions where you must use snowboards, skis, and/or ski gear in order to be successful.

Snowboarding is a very expensive sport due to the travel involved. Nationals are held every year so there is always room for new talent. Travel to nationals is costly, making it difficult to see how hard you can snowboard.

Another cost-effective sport is skateboarding. You can skate at your own neighborhood park or in front of your house but there are no national or international tournaments for this sport.


While snowboarding is a fun way to get some extra exercise, it can be expensive. There are many companies that offer snowboard lessons, so you can begin training at a lower level for less!

Like with all forms of exercise, it is best to start out at a lower level and work your way up. Doing more advanced moves on a board or having more experience riding the mountain style snowboard will mean you will pay more for a beginner board and rider package.

This is true even with rental boards, because you want to save yourself from getting hurt on something that is not very sturdy. Also, more experienced riders may require different sized boards and/or riders to get better quality rides!

Try your local shop or online Snow School if you do not have one nearby. They are highly trained in snowboarding and able to give you good advice about size, board quality, and other tips.

Snowboard shops

While snowboarding is a fun hobby, it can be expensive. You will need to buy your snowboard and gear from a ski or snow shop which charges money for services!

For instance, a beginner board would cost around $100, a few dozen rides on that board would cost $100 + $5 per ride, and if you were really good at it then it might be $150+ because you would get so much fun out of it.

The person riding this board was probably paying between $10-15 an hour at the least, which is how much they enjoy doing it.

A big reason people spend money on snowboards is because of the competitiveness on the market.


As the name implies, mountains snowboarding is expensive. There are few ways to do it for cheap!

Most traditional ways to snowboard are on long boards with narrow decks. This means that you must be careful as you ride as some board brands offer both long and short boards which is nice!

The cost of a board can vary from brand to brand but most cost between S$70 and S$150. A good quality long board can range from S$70 to S$150!

Long boards can be tricky to rideset as your leverage and release the jump requires you to have to have a clear path for your foot.


When people talk about how cold winter sports are, they are usually talking about snowboarding. While riding a snowboard or ski lift is ticketed and regulated, being weather dependent for snow boarding is widespread.

Weather dependent sports such as ice skating and skiing require special equipment or ways to enhance the temperature of the rink or hill. Certain costumes are required for participating in either ice skating or skiing, such as long pants/leggings, a jacket, and a hat.

These costumes are expensive! A full-length coat can be around $50+ depending where you buy it. A hat can be around $10+. Together these cost money!

There are also very specific ways to practice ice skating or skiing techniques so that you do not have to wear any special clothing! These include having training partners, getting help from experts, and practicing on public skates/slides.


There are a few things you need to know about snowboarding equipment. Most Important is the right size helmet!

Most people find that between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, your head grows a little and you need a new headband or helmet. Once you get past that, it is important that you buy a quality helmet.

Another thing that can be expensive is the boots. While they may be cheap looking at first, they can save you some serious time in the snow!

The pants can be useful for keeping your chest warm or killing some bloat in winter sports such as snowboarding or ski racing.


Clothing is a big expense even for just starting out. There are manySnowboarder-focussed retailers that offer you free or very little clothing until you buy a board. Pro ski and snowboarding clothing companies produce quality products that are fit for purpose.

Most of these companies have representatives at board shops looking over their boards to make sure they are functional and in good condition. Once you put on the board outfit and functional shoes, you are ready to go!

You will need to keep going outfitting yourself with new clothes as your body gets bigger and bigger because they lose function with size. Most sellers will ship you new clothes within a week of ordering them!

Another expense is snowboard accessories such as leashes,HUDs (headband-like devices),and/or pants with warmer covers.

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