Why Is Pokemon White 2 So Expensive

The new generation of Pokémon games features a series of new species, histories, and challenges for players to overcome. Known as”gens” or “new generations”, these new challenges are for players who have already played the previous generations.

These challenges are called “regions” and are divided into two types: Normal and Hard. The regions differ in how they reproduce their Pokémon, where they live, and what challenges they face.

Normal regions typically have fewer opportunities to earn rewards than Hard regions, but there is a greater chance to find higher quality Pokémon.


High demand

Even though the popularity of Pokemon has declined in recent years, people are still willing to pay substantial sums of money for them. This is surprising as more people do not want to play the game, but it is expensive!

Many people have bought the White 2 Version due to its high cost. You can start your collection at around $40 dollars at upper end stores, making it very affordable.

However, you can go up to several hundred dollars if you find a good deal on Amazon or from sellers who have higher quality Pokemon.

This is one of the reasons why it is such a popular game: It is easy to get hooked and buy you want! It also helps that there are always new ones coming out every month.

Ghost type legendary

A ghost type is a type of mythical creature that can be portrayed as a specter that walks the night, without a plan in mind but then again, that is what legends say they do.

Legendary Pokémon are one of the higher status symbols in Pokémon GO. You can purchase them for around $40 USD at the moment, making them one of the more expensive legendary types.

This is due to the fact that only few Legendary Pokémon have ever been released in their entirety. The ones that have been released have mostly been raid bosses or special event starters.

As we stated before, legendary types do not appear in every game, making availability limited. With this in mind, people rush to get their hands on these elusive creatures because they are rare and expensive.

This causes trouble as people try to mass-buy these creatures and end up with none or less than the original group due to them being shared Account.

New features

In addition to the familiar, main features of the game include new maps, new routes or ways to complete missions, new houses to visit and join in parties, new missions and content to complete.

New maps are a nice feature as they add another level of complexity to the game. With so many places to explore and missions to complete, it can get quite tedious at times.

Routes add depth to the game as they connect locations, providing a path from one place to another. Having access to new routes will help spread out your leveling up a little more, making it more enjoyable and challenging for you.

New features can be annoying or take away from some of the old ones. For example, having new mounts or units that are harder to level up with is something that old players will miss out on.

Generation 4 compatibility

Generation 4 is the latest generation of Pokemon. Like previous generations, there are a set of basic rules to how you play.

Like previous generations, you can gain new Pokemon by selling or buying them in Day-To-Day transactions or via the In Game Trade feature.

But unlike previous generations where this was easy and common, it is an intricate process that requires knowledge of each Pokémon’s characteristics and slot in the team.

To take advantage of this, you must trade your newly generated Pokémon into another player to increase their popularity and gain some money from them.

Online play

As of this article’s publication, Pokemon White 2 is the most expensive game in America to purchase on store and/or Amazon. This may be a coincidence, but it definitely isn’t!

With the high cost of this game, it is no surprise that it’s very limited availability has caused some people to struggle with paying for it. While Nintendo allows free accounts to download White 2, you must pay for the second version in order for online play to function.

In order to play online with other people, you must also have an active internet connection and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as they are. These features are not included on free accounts! This adds up over time as people start making connections and taking advantage of the feature.

Trade anytime anywhere using the Poke Transporter feature

The feature gives you the ability to trade or purchase Pokemon between your local region and other regions around the world. This feature is very helpful as it allows you to complete your collection.

When using the Poke Transporter feature, you have to enter your Nintendo Network ID and then select Trade or Purchase. Once this is done, you can access your Pokémon any time and anywhere in our region!

The cost can be expensive at times. Some people say it takes a while to get used to how much money you need to spend, but after a while you will want to spend everything that is in your wallet!

You can use the Transporter anytime, even when your Pokemon are out of circulation.

Very few bugs found

So far, there have been two bug reports about Pokémon WHITE 2. The first one was when the game launched, and the second one was when White 2 came out.

The first bug report came after Black and White were released, saying that they were not compatible with each other. This meant that you could not trade or evolve your Pokémon between Black and White.

This bug was reported to Nintendo around a month after the games were released so it must have been resolved pretty quickly!

The second bug report came after White 2 was released saying that it was not compatible with Black 2. This meant that you could not transfer any of your Pokémon between both games!

Once again, this bug had to be reported as soon as it happened so it did not take long for Nintendo to resolve it.

Sinnoh nostalgia

Pokémon White and Blue were two of the first Pokémon games to feature a region-specific starter. In White, you chose a Legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region to be your guide.

In Blue, you chose a Mythical Pokémon from the Unova Region to be your guide. Neither of these creatures were found in real life, making their selection challenging and exciting for players.

These special starters were a nice way for developers to show support for fans by creating new starters that were similar to the ones you loved but in different colors.

Now, after years of anticipation, players are able to catch their new starters in Pokémon Sun and Moon. These starters are Phione and Pidgey, respectively. Both of these creatures are unique as they do not look or behave like other Pokémon.

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