Why Is Kith So Expensive

Kith is a hip clothing brand focused on contemporary silhouettes and over-the-top attention to detail. Kith has been around since 1999, making it one of the oldest fashion labels in the game.

In recent years, Kith has expanded its offerings with new pieces and line extensions like the AFTAs, which launched in Fall 2018 and are released annually.

These lines are primarily fashion accessories like bags, jewelry, and clothes that go under the ‘jeans’ label. They are very popular on social media as people find ways to get some kith by wearing them out at events or just because they are expensive!

When looking at how expensive Kith pieces are, it is important to look at what they are buying you. Many times brands combine high cost with low quality materials or short production runs that make it difficult to keep up with inventory.

This article will discuss these two major points and give some tips for whether or not you should buy expensive clothing.

The stores are beautiful

why is kith so expensive

When you visit one of these flagship stores, you’re bound to walk around in a very concentrated wave of excitement. You can’t help but notice all of the details and how perfect they look together.

The interior is decorated with a soft, cozy feeling. The surfaces are smooth and stretchy, which makes for a nice fit when trying to estimate how much money you will spend. There are little touches here and there, like small bags or packaging materials that are helpful and special for the products you’re buying.

These stores feel like home to me, because I am always looking for little places that have good quality products at low prices.

Too many expensive products

why is kith so expensive

The main reason that the brands listed here are called Kith is because they’re expensive. Most of them cost around $65-75!

If you were to look at one of their products, and were told that it would last a few months or years of use, would you believe it? Most people wouldn’t, especially if it didn’t sound too fun or attractive.

When looking at a product and being told it will last a few months or years of use, this is what kind of lasts in them. The materials are expensive, which makes the products last longer.

Another reason these products are expensive is because people buy them for decoration or just for wearing, not usage. When someone buys a product like this, they must know that they will not be wearing it out before they get used to it.

Pricey ingredients

While some high-end companies offer very affordable makeup, many people find they cannot afford some of the more expensive products. While it may be difficult to not only purchase all of the Kith products, but to also afford the high pricepoint!

Many of the products in this lineup are priced at around $20-$25 dollars per piece. Some are even under $20! While this may seem like a lot of money for a collection of cosmetics, you will be able put away how helpful these apps and pieces can be for your beauty arsenal.

Try looking up some of these names on YouTube or from their websites to see if you have an equivalent person or person you can meet in person to try them out.

Too many celebrity endorsements

why is kith so expensive

Today, we have a lot of brand commercials and television shows featuring celebrities explaining how great their product is.

Celebrity endorsements has become a way for companies to gain more revenue off of those involved in the endorsement. Many times, they pay a premium price for their endorsement, which is great!

However, the people involved in the endorsement have a hard time watching the commercial and buying the product because they do not know the product and/or it is priced too high for them.

Are you tired of seeing people like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Kanye West, and Beyoncé on your buy box? We are! That is why they make so much money- because people are buying them products!

If you are also tired of seeing these high-profile individuals on your buy box, change it up! Use someone less known to promote your product or company. Letting an established person such as Michael Jordan or Tom Brady help sell your product seems silly but it does help.

You’re paying for the atmosphere

why is kith so expensive

If you’re looking at denim for the first time, then you should take a moment to learn a little about “copper” jeans. Copper jeans were once the norm, though now they are rare.

When made in the past, these jeans had a thin copper metal layer pressed onto the bottom of the jeans. This was for two reasons: to prevent rusting and corrosion of valuables or other assets, and to give the impression of more money in general.

Today, there is no real reason for these kinds of jeans to be expensive. If you find a pair on sale, buy them! But if you really want to add some coin to your pair, then go for a classic copper-colored jeepenese-type pair. They are very costly, coming out around $200-$250USD per pair.

These may not be worth it if you do not wear them often, because they require very long wearing periods to maintain their shiny copper surface.

It’s hard to get hold of

why is kith so expensive

Many brands have lowered the cost of Kith by introducingAvailability. There are currently three Availabilitys, each with its own set of limited-quantity products.

These Availabilitys are for Kith Ciroc, Kith Trucoat and Kith Supreme. Each of these has a limited number of products available, which is why they are so expensive.

However, if you want them, you must purchase them in full before they are sold out. If you do this, you will gain the full benefit of the product and its quality!

While these three may be hard to find, if you do manage to acquire them, then it is definitely worth it! The brand quality and quality is there for anyone to [email protected]

It’s deliciously exotic

why is kith so expensive

As the name implies, kith refers to a social gathering where you spend money on things that are typically expensive, like tokens, merchandise, and/or gear.

Metaphorically, it’s the “heap of stuff” you buy at these events to get affiliation with one of the organizations running them.

To keep your membership status active, you have to purchase pieces from time-to-time through the organizations. This is why Kith regularly releases new pairs of sneakers every season, as they need constant advertising and sponsorship support to maintain their status.

These popularity rankings play a big role in keeping prices high at Kith launches and events. People are willing to spend because they feel associated with the organization and gained from the product or service they purchased being theirs.

As seen with other high-end fashion brands who release exclusive pairs of footwear only to certain events or launch seasons, price is kept high at these launches and seasons to keep popularity rankings high.

The packaging is beautiful again

why is kith so expensive

Kith, like most high-end brands, uses expensive materials. Most of them are vegan and/or eco-friendly. Some are certified fair trade.

Yet, none of them cost a fortune to produce. All of them are priced at under $40!

Some of the more expensive leathers can cost more than some cheaper leathers. However, the quality difference is not significant enough to justify the higher price point.