Why Is Hulu So Expensive

Hulu is an internet-based streaming service that offers over 1,000+ TV shows and movies for $6 a month. This is a very low cost way to access so many great TV shows and movies!

You do not need a reliable internet connection or a fast download speed to use Hulu. You can get started immediately by entering your email address and creating a username and password via an easy-to-use web interface.

Once you are connected, you can search for anything or type in the name of a TV show or movies you want to watch. You can also browse through the titles by length (short films, short videos, long videos) or genre (crime, crime drama, police procedural).


Hulu is an expensive way to watch television. However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, we have some tips below!

If you are already a Hulu subscriber, then it is easy to just pay the monthly fee and have access to all of their shows and YouTube TV networks. It is free to sign up for Hulu however!

The key here is to choose your services wisely. For example, if you want more live TV channels, then get more of the local channels as opposed to national channels. Or if you want the streaming services but not the price higher than a monthly subscription would require, get less storage and streaming rights!

Keep in mind that with these cheaper alternatives, you will be losing some of the features found on Hulu such as on-demand access and full episodes available so make sure you are happy with those before deciding whether or not to upgrade.

Limited Content

Another major issue that hulu faces is limited content. Currently, you can watch a total of six shows on Hulu, with the next addition being The Handmaid’s Tale next month.

This is a big problem for an organization like hulu, which wants to offer more content than six shows! Luckily, you can purchase episodes of the new The Handmaid’s Tale online or from Hulu, but how many people will?

Most people who watch television are looking for at least one new show and one re-watch of an old show each month, so having more content that comes out every month is helpful.

Unfortunately, most TV networks these days don’t release new material until the new season arrives. Then they have to shell out money for advertising and re-runs to get on air! This is very frustrating for those who want to keep track of what is going on.

As far as re-caps go, there aren’t too many this year for some major events like the Olympics or National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs.

Price Increase Risk

The increased cost of Hulu is a risk to companies like yours that offer Hulu at a lower price. Customers who know they can get a similar product for less may be more likely to purchase it.

If you look at competing streaming services like Amazon’s streaming offering or iTunes, you will see that both are priced lower than Hulu.

In fact, you can buy two identical products on iTunes for different prices!

With increased costs coming back as price increases, people may be more hesitant to switch services because they feel the need to keep paying them up until they get what they want.

Millennials Are Saving Money

For many, the cable TV package has become a way to keep up with the latest and greatest shows. With so many channels available, you can save money by subscribing to aitional channels such as HBO and Cinemax.

However, with so many subscriptions out in the market, it can be difficult to find the best deal. Luckily, smart phones have made this process very easy. By going into iTunes on your phone and looking for the app you need, you can purchase it right away!

This is also helpful when watching content on your phone.

Competition Is Getting Stronger

Competition is pretty strong these days. There are so many streaming and cable TV channels, and so little room at the middle class breakfast, that every little bit counts.

If you don’t pay attention to the bill, you’ll never know how much you spent. And if you do pay attention, you’ll be more inclined to do something nice for others because of the guilt factor.

This is why companies like Hulu are so expensive. You have to buy both sides of the fence- you get paid by HBO and FX, but you also get treated like a paying customer by having access to their shows on your own account.

However, this isn’t a problem for everyone; it just makes companies rake in money for only a small group of people. This is why Hulu is so expensive- they need enough customers to make money off of them.

Doesn’t Work With Subscription Models

Recent years have seen a surge in popularity for streaming services. As the term suggests, they allow you to access content without signing up for a full-fledged subscription service.

Many of these providers offer free trial versions of their services which can be used on a limited-time basis for you to determine if you want to continue with them however if you do this service is strictly on you at that time and your pay will come when it is needed.

If you are looking to test the service out or use it as a pre-order incentive then Hulu is the way to go.

The Future Of Hulu?

The future of Hulu is very bright! Currently, they offer both commercial-free and package-based options.

Package-based offers include an ad-free version, a one-time payment option, or a monthly payment option. The one time pay option allows you to watch it once, whereas the two week paid plan allows you to watch it multiple times.

The one time pay option is great for those that don’t want to miss any of the shows they love. The monthly payment offers more consistency in costs, plus you can decide when and how much you want to watch it.

Both options are great! You can choose whether or not you want to pay per episode or per season, respectively.

Conventional TV Is Not Dying

With technology continuing to advance, TV is still a very popular form of entertainment. People are finding that they do not need to have a large TV screen to enjoy them

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There are many options for TV viewing, from streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV to traditional cable and satellite television networks. Even if you don’t have a high-definitionTV, you may still be able to enjoy some of the same content as you did before. Many of these networks offer new shows that are made for television released as series, so you can start your collection soon.