Why Is Film So Expensive

Film is a medium that hasn’t quite evolved with society as far as standards for quality or popularity. While most people enjoy the quality of film every now and then, most don’t buy the film they take out because it is expensive!

Usually, a box office hit cost $65,000-$75,000! This price matched the quality of film directors wanted to work with and distributed today.

Now, with the advent of digital technology and affordable filming gear, directors have the freedom to really show their talent.


Distribution costs

Distribution charges are one of the biggest costs in film production. Due to its high cost, films usually get sold directly to distributors rather than theaters.

For instance, if you make a movie about hunting meat in Africa, then the meat industry can sell hundred of pounds of it! Thus, they can charge a lot for this product.

However, since it takes money to market a product, people usually don’t invest in it. Many times, they will buy branded meat because it is more expensive than what is made by individuals.

If you want to sell your product or service, then you should do some research on how much money someone needs for production.

Pricing models

Pricing is a broad, complex area that deserves a full article of its own. Luckily, for you, we have one!

These specialized products can be bags or packaging, speedlights or cables, filters or boxes. The list goes on and on!

Costs can be felt by the person buying film or film gear as well as the buyer. People who are not familiar with how much film costs may not purchase it due to the price alone.


Film is a long-term investment. It’s not something you can get in and out of quickly. It’s the same movie different times!

Parallel to TV, movies have become a part of our daily life. You can’t forget a movie you watched recently, but TV is more longer-lasting.

The ratio of screen to auditorium space is much smaller on a TV than it is on a film, making for more diversity in prices. With more options, people are more likely to spend money on films.


A large part of why film is so expensive is due to technology involved in making it. It is still very much a craft, where you have to know how to use software, computers, and printers in order topass this fairer market.

For example, while most printer manufacturers have a free version that includes only limited print capabilities, most modern computers and software packages have added features such as duplex printing, web hosting and management, automated shipments, and mailing services.

These features make film more cost effective as they allow for mass printing or automated shipment with websites or software apps.

Another factor that plays into the cost of film is its production. Due to the complexity of film production methods, it is hard to compare costs without more information.

However, due to automation being used, there should be no shortage of numbers to veritytells us that it costs between $20-$30 per 1-hour-long shoot.

Film is old media


Lack of advertising

Only a small percentage of movies are created to be watched. So, most movies don’t have the chance to be advertised or run expensive ads for products and services.

What makes more money film is their fan base. Film fans buy expensive tickets to watch popular films again and again. Since most films don’t have repeated success, it makes their finances difficult.

For example, after a film sells $60 million in tickets and profits reach $50 million, it is gone. The rest is spent on marketing, production, distribution, and sales. It took nearly five years for Changeling to break even!

film is difficult for people that do not have fortune’s to watch because they cannot afford it! If you are looking at whether or not you can afford the film that you want to watch, then say no to film because it is expensive.


One of the main reasons that films are expensive is because of their popularity. If a film were cheap by today’s standards, then it would lose some of its popularity and value.

How much people love a film tells how popular it was when it first came out. If a film is not popular now, then it will not have this value to people.

This value comes from the reputation that they have gained since release and from the way that people talk about it today. A film that is hard to find or cheaper online may still be worth buying due to this value.

Another reason that films are expensive is because of their production values. Many films of recent years were shot on very expensive equipment which shows in the quality of the film they produced.

Since many films nowadays are shot on digital devices, such as phones or computers, then they do not have this negative effect on quality.

Oscar nominations affect price

If a film is nominated for an Oscar, it will cost more than if same film was not nominated. Because of this, critics and directors pay more for tickets to see a selected film at the Academy Awards.

Many award ceremonies have a rule-out-the-spare-jeweler category, which is used to rank films. This typically does not affect the price of tickets as they are given out throughout the year, but it does affect how many people will attend the event.

If a jeweller wants to give a gift, then they charge more because they know people will receive something of value from it. With more people attending awards ceremonies this way, there is no loss in revenue for the organisers, so there is no financial benefit to giving away awards at no cost.

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